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					Sample Extended Orientation Syllabus

                         FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar, Section ???
                             Extended Orientation Component
                          Thursdays, 3:30-4:20 through October 9

Instructor:                                         Peer Leader:
Dr. Gus Eagle                                       <Pam Peer Leader>
<Email>                                             <Email>
<Office Phone>                                      <Phone>
<Home Phone>
Office hours: M-F, 8-9 a.m. and by appointment

The extended orientation portion of FYE 1220 is designed to help you take charge of your
education and be successful at Georgia Southern. While learning about yourself and your new
University, we expect that you will have fun in the process. Understand, though, that this is an
academic course, for which you will receive a grade. Like college more generally, you will have
to apply yourself in order to be successful.

Required Texts
The bulk of the required material is contained in WebCT Vista. We also strongly urge you to
use your Eagle Eye planner that you received at SOAR.

FYE 1220 Catalog Description
Thematic seminar designed to promote information literacy skills and support students' cognitive
and affective integration into the University community. Required during the first semester for
all students new to the University (except for transfer students with 30 hours or more); students
may not withdraw.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Extended Orientation Portion FYE 1220
Students will be able to . . .

   1. Examine societal rationales for supporting college education and their own personal
      motivations for attending college.
   2. Locate Georgia Southern resources and services necessary for their academic and
      personal success.
   3. Analyze their use of time in relation to their goals and either: 1) develop a plan to align
      their use of time more closely with their goals; or, 2) defend their use of time as
      appropriate for achieving their goals.
   4. Describe and explain academic expectations in relation to their course of study.
   5. Identify different learning styles, evaluate which learning styles are most effective for
      their academic success, and develop personal strategies for learning that take into account
      their preferred learning styles.
   6. Examine common college-student choices and relate them to their academic and personal
FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar, Sample Extended Orientation Syllabus
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Special Needs
If you have a special need (a physical or learning disability) that requires special assistance,
please let Dr. Eagle know during the first week of class. We will work with the SDRC (Student
Disability Resource Center) to meet your needs.

Classroom Decorum
As a member of the University community you are expected to treat faculty, staff and other
students with respect. You are expected to be engaged in the class discussions. It is
disrespectful for you to sleep, read a newspaper or book, or to work on another course project
during scheduled class time. If you do so, we will ask you to leave. During discussions, if you
disagree with an issue, you may express your disagreement but you may not attack the person
expressing the opinions.

Georgia Southern University Honor Code and Honor Pledge
“I will be academically honest in all of my course work and will not tolerate the academic
dishonesty of others.”

       The Georgia Southern University Honor Code was proposed and jointly adopted by the
       Student Government Association and the Faculty Senate in 1998 to enhance the
       University's academic integrity standards.

"On my honor, I will be academically honest in all of my course work and will not tolerate the
academic dishonesty of others. I also pledge to engage in ethical behavior on-campus and off-
campus, to live an honorable lifestyle, and to create a campus environment that is characterized
by individual responsibility, civility, and integrity."

       Georgia Southern University Campus Honor Pledge, an expansion of the Honor Code,
       approved by the Student Government Association in Spring 2006

Understand that we will treat cases of academic dishonesty seriously.

E-mail is an official means of communication from the University. You are required to use your
Georgia Southern e-mail address when submitting assignments or requesting assistance. It is
your responsibility to check your Georgia Southern e-mail address regularly and open e-mails
the University sends. It is not an excuse to say you did not receive the e-mail in time because
you do not check your account. Although we will use WebCT extensively, when emailing us,
use the Georgia Southern email address, not the email function in WebCT.


The assessment in this portion of the course counts for 25 percent of your total grade in
FYE 1220. These assignments ask you to investigate various aspects of the college experience
and to apply what you learn to your personal situation. This portion of the course is evaluated
primarily on whether or not you followed directions and answered the questions. Be warned,
however: not following directions, missing due dates and not turning in assignments will cause
you to fail FYE 1220.
FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar, Sample Extended Orientation Syllabus
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Reflection Papers
For each of the five assignments, you'll submit a 250-word (minimum) reaction assignment in
WebCT Vista after a reading assignment or participating in a specific event. The first reaction
assignment is the "Why College" module. You'll read the material in the module and complete
the assignment located there.

The other four reaction assignments involve attending events. You’ll receive a "proof of
attendance" for each; submit these to Pam during the class following the event. For more
information and to submit the assignments, see the "FYE Success Series" module. Specifically,
you'll attend:

      Three FYE Success Series Events: The Sex Signals presentation is required; you may
       choose two of the remaining four events to attend.
      One student organization meeting of your choice: This must be organized by an
       officially-recognized student group, not a University department.

WebCT Vista Modules
The balance of the orientation assessment is comprised of four WebCT Vista Modules that
contain a combination of reflection exercises, quizzes and other assignments. Georgia Southern:
Past and Present, Your Academic Future, Learning Styles, and Time Management.

                    Assessment                                                    Points
Syllabus Quiz                                                                     5 points
Reflection Assignments (5 @ 7 each)                           1, 6               35 points
WebCT Vista Modules
   Georgia Southern: Past and Present (quiz and
                                                               2                 10 points
   Your Academic Future (quiz and assignments)                4, 2               25 points
   Time Management (assignments)                               3                 15 points
   Learning Styles (quiz and reflection)                       5                 10 points
TOTAL                                                                           100 points

Grades are posted in WebCT Vista.

Attendance and Participation
The nature of the class makes participation essential. We will take attendance in each class, as
will the professor in seminar portion of FYE 1220. Together with the seminar portion, you may
miss two class meetings without penalty (although any assignment due in class should be turned
in early to avoid penalty). For a third and fourth absence, you will lose ½ letter grade for each
absence. Missing more than four classes sessions in FYE 1220 as a whole will result in
failure. If you become seriously ill or have a family emergency, it is your responsibility to
communicate with Dr. Eagle or Pam as soon as you are able, preferably before class. We reserve
the right to require documentation. Class begins promptly at 3:30. Each two time you are tardy
up to ten minutes counts as an absence. After ten minutes, we will mark you as absent for that
FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar, Sample Extended Orientation Syllabus
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                         Schedule of Class Meetings and Assignments

* Indicates activity outside of scheduled class time.

                                                           Assignment due this day (for
    Class       Material or Activity                       written assignments, in WebCT
                                                           by 3 p.m. unless stated otherwise)
R       8/21 Introductions, icebreakers                    Read and print copy of syllabus
* 8/26 or 8/27, Success Series: "Sex Signals" (required)
                                                           "Why College" WebCT module and
R       8/28    Syllabus Quiz; "Why College" discussion
                                                           reflection paper;
* 9/3, Success Series: "White Like Me" (with Tim Wise)
                                                            "Learning Styles" module; Sex
R       9/4     Ropes Course at CRI
                                                            Signals reflection
                                                            "Past and Present" module; "White
R       9/11 Past and Present; Georgia Southern online
                                                            Like Me" reflection (if attended)
* 9/15 or 9/16, Success Series: "Jumpstart Your Personal Finances"
                                                            "Your Academic Future" module
R       9/18 Academic Advising                              assignments and quiz; "Jump Start"
                                                            reflection (if attended)
NOTE: Begin tracking use of time in one hour increments from 9/18 after class through 9/25
* 9/24, Success Series: "Major in Success"
                                                            Bring Time Management time
R       9/25 Time Management                                tracking to class; student
                                                            organization activity reflection
* 9/30 or 10/1 Success Series: "Drink Think" with Rick Barnes
                                                            Time Management assignments
                                                            grids due in class; reflection in
R       10/2 Study Abroad
                                                            WebCT; "Major in Success"
                                                            reflection (if attended)
                                                            "Think Drink" reflection (if
R       10/9 Career Services; evaluations

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