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You have 60 minutes to complete the test.

English Test
A. Choose the correct words for the blanks by encircling the letter of your choice.

    1. Are there _______ operators in the plant?

    a.   a
    b.   an
    c.   much
    d.   many

    2. Borouge is ______ very good company.

    a.   the
    b.   some
    c.   much
    d.   a

    3. My boss went ______ to his country last week.

    a.   go
    b.   back
    c.   to
    d.   on

    4. What ____ the name of your city?

    a.   are
    b.   am
    c.   is
    d.   does

    5. Right now Somkid is _______ the instruction.

    a.   eating
    b.   working
    c.   driving
    d.   reading
6. _______ you going to work today?

a.   Do
b.   Are
c.   Is
d.   Will

7. Rayong is located in the ________ of Thailand?

a.   north
b.   south
c.   west
d.   east

8. My friends and I ____ to play football together.

a.   go
b.   goes
c.   will
d.   eat

9. Do Thai students _________ English in college?

a.   studying
b.   study
c.   studies
d.   studied

10. I forgot to fix the heat exchanger _________.

a.   at the moment
b.   tomorrow
c.   yesterday
d.   now

11. The engineer told the technician ______ the pipe.

a.   checking
b.   checks
c.   to check
d.   checked

12. My family ____________ our vacation in Europe next month.

a.   are to be looking forward
b.   is looking forward to
c.   will be looked forward
d.   are looking forward to
13. The operators learned _________ lessons during the training course.

a.   a
b.   a much
c.   many
d.   a many

14. How _____ will it take to go to Dubai from Abu Dhabi?

a.   many
b.   long
c.   much
d.   does

15. Currently, the chief engineer is ________ in his office.

a.   works
b.   working
c.   work
d.   worked

16. ________ me, what is your name?

a.   Thank you
b.   Sorry
c.   Excuse
d.   Hello

17. ________ is he doing now?

a.   What
b.   Where
c.   When
d.   Whose

18. What car are you ________ at present time?

a.   drive
b.   drives
c.   will drive
d.   driving

19. Do you _________ knowledge about petrochemical safety standard?

a.   has
b.   have
c.   having
d.   had
    20. The operator was assigned ___________ the boiler every hour.

    a.   checking
    b.   to do
    c.   to check
    d.   to watched

B. Place the following words in order to create a useful sentence

    1. IS       TEMPERATURE              VERY         THE           HIGH .

    2. TOMORROW                  WILL            GO      WORK              TO    I      .


    3. IS       TIME             IT      WHAT            ?


    4. CAR      ON      ROAD             IS      A       THE        .


    5. MACHINE          OPERATING                NOW                IS     THE   .


    6. FROM              THAILAND                 HE                IS     .

    7. WANT              IN      TO      WORK            I          ABU DHABI    .

    8. VERY             MY               LOVE            I          WIFE         MUCH       .

    9. TECHNICIAN WEAR THE                    DOES       HAT        A      SAFETY       ?

    10. MANY            THERE            IN      ARE     ENGINEERS         BOROUGE .
C. Use the following words in a complete sentence.

   1. Easy

   2. Very

   3. Measure

   4. Immediately

   5. Damage

D. Underline the incorrect word and write the correct word in the blank

   1. The engineer was read the report when his manager called. _____________

   2. I studied in Rayong College of Technology much years ago. ____________

   3. The control room was lock before the supervisor came. _______________

   4. People at Thailand like to live near the beach. ______________________

   5. These test is very easy. ________________

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