ARTS, BASIC SKILLS, COMMUNICATIONS, Division Faculty Brochure by Oi74C5


									              ARTS, COMMUNICATIONS, &
                  Transmountain Campus

Dean_____________________________________ Jan Eveler. . . . . .      Ex. 5202
                                                                     Rm 1006

Academic Assistant_________________________ Belia Ramirez. . . . . . Ex. 5204

Academic Office Assistant___________________ Beatriz Quiroz. . . . . . Ex. 5062

Work-study________________________________________________           Ex. 5205
                                                                     Fax 5206


Speech & Music____________________________ Dr. Linda Brown. . . . 831-5841
                                                                  Rm 1234

English & Drama___________________________ Grace Haddox. . . . . . 831-5138
                                                  &                 Rm 1106
                                           David Henry. . . . . . . 831-5028
                                                                    Rm 1110

Foreign Language, Art, ______________________ Jesus De Leon. . . . . 831-5007
                                                                     Rm 1114

READ / ESOL _____________________________ Michael Coulehan . . 831-5054
                                                               Rm 1107

Economics, Government _____________________Gabriel Camacho . . . 831-5220
History, Philosophy                           &                     Rm 1534
Psychology & Sociology                     Jason Moses . . . .. . . 831-5140
                                                                    Rm 1219

Counselor’s Coordinator______________________ Lolo Mercado. . . . . . 831-5144

Additional Staffing

 ESAL Lab                                     Beverly Roberts                         831-5128
 Rm 1807                                      Academic Tutor

 ESOL Lab                                    Carlos Armendariz                        831-5192
 Rm 1134/1135                                    Lab Assistant

 Language Lab                                 Martha Treviño                          831-5099
 Rm 1704                                         Lab Assistant

 Writing Center                              Christina Morales                        831-5125
 Rm 1606                                         Lab Assistant

 Reading Lab                                    Cecilia Olan                          831-5193
 Rm 1132/1133                                    Lab Assistant

 Transmountain                                                                 Mon.-Thurs 5:00-9:00
 Evening Campus Monitor                        Rosa Gutierrez                  Saturday 9:00-12:00

 Fort Bliss                                     Maria Torres                        562-4004
 Evening Campus Monitor                                                       (Emergencies: 568-0886)
 Rm 91, Building 639

Faculty’s Information Card
Faculty are required to provide the Division office with the following information:
    Complete name
    ID number
    Current address
    Home and work phone number
    Campus where you will receive your college mail - FB, RG, VV, TM, MDP, NWC
    Office Hours

Personnel Requirements for New Faculty
Prior to the first scheduled day of class, all new faculty are credentialed and the following documents are
on file at Human Resources office:
      □ A current application of employment
      □ Post-Employment Data form
      □ W-4 Form
      □ EEO Form
      □ Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form
         (Must be on file prior to the first day you are scheduled to teach)
      □ Official Transcripts
      □ Verification of teaching experience for remedial/ESL courses

Any questions regarding these requirements may be directed to Human Resources at 831-6325.

Division Meetings
Full-time faculty are expected to attend all Division and Discipline meetings during the year. Adjunct faculty
are encouraged to attend. Division meetings are usually held once each semester, on Thursday night of Faculty
Development Week.

Admittance to Class
The only students who should be attending your class are those who have officially enrolled in your course and
section. The student may remain in the class if the receipt shows the proper course and section number.
Students cannot just “sit-in” on classes. Please go online and check your enrollment summary often for
students who are officially registered for your course/section.

Attendance Policy
If you have an attendance policy be sure to state it in your syllabus and then abide by it. To increase retention,
I suggest you establish some attendance policy. If you miss the deadline for dropping a student and the student
has stopped coming to class you will have to give the student an “F”. You generally cannot change an “F” to a

Withdrawing/Reinstating Students
Reinstatement and withdrawal forms can be obtained from the Division Office or Registrar’s office.
Reinstatements must be submitted to the Dean’s office.

Remember to fill in all parts of the withdrawal form (Address is optional. If you have it, please fill it in).
Submit the form in person or by mail. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your Coordinator or
the Dean.

Students dropped from your certified roster as having never attended cannot be reinstated. Students dropped
on the certified roster who have attended some class meetings can be reinstated.

If you withdraw a student due to disruptive behavior, contact your Dean prior to completing the form. If a
student appeals the withdrawal, the instructor will be asked to submit his/her attendance record. Every effort
will be made to expeditiously complete the appeals process. Students dropped from a class cannot remain in
the class if the drop is upheld in the appeals process. Students withdrawing from a class cannot continue to
attend. If you are unsure about dropping a student, discuss the situation with your Coordinator or the Dean.

Change of Grade

Requests for change of grade (including incomplete) must be accompanied by a copy of the Grade Record
showing the change, supporting documentation and a memo to the Registrar. A change of grade cannot be
made after the semester has ended because of late work submitted unless the student received an “I”. Change
of grade forms must be submitted to the Dean. Deadline to turn in a Change of Grade is 45 days after
completion of the semester.
Course Syllabus - Addendum
The course syllabus is an official statement to the student of the nature and objectives of the course. The
syllabus should be distributed to all students during the first week of class. Be sure to go over the syllabus with
the class. It is especially important that you discuss the attendance, course pursuit, reinstatement policies and
procedures, and any other special rules with the students. What you state in your syllabus protects you. A
copy of your course syllabus for each of your classes MUST be submitted to the division office and one
copy to your Coordinator by the end of the 1st week of school. You can also email your syllabi to Syllabi will be evaluated and revisions need to be resubmitted.

Update Human Resource Record
Be sure that all of your records at the Human Resources Office are up-to-date. If you have completed
additional college course work, be sure to send an official copy of the transcript to the Human Resources
Department. In addition, notify the Division Office that an updated or additional transcript is being submitted
to the College. Notify the Division Office and Human Resources Department if your address or phone number

Final Exams
Institutional policy requires that classes must meet during the scheduled final exam period. Instructors not
holding classes during the designated final exam class time will have their pay adjusted accordingly.

Final Grades

Final grades must be submitted through Banner system AND a hardcopy of the Grade Record must be
submitted to the Registrar’s office by the due date.

Office Hours

Full Time Faculty: Full-time instructors must hold ten office hours each week. Please spread the office hours
over five days (Monday through Friday), and include both morning and afternoon times. If you are teaching
an evening or weekend class, consider holding office hours before or after these classes. In addition, faculty
teaching an overload will be required to keep an extra office hour weekly for each overload. Please be sure
your office hours are posted outside your office, as well as printed in your syllabi. If you are not in your office
during the scheduled time, please post your whereabouts on your office door. Also, let the division office
know where you can be reached.

Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct faculty should hold one office hour per week for each class taught. The hour can
be held on campus, such as thirty minutes before and/or after your class. It can also include time you are
available to consult with students by phone. The Adjunct faculty office at TM is located in room 1120
ext.5214 & ext 5213.

Faculty Mailboxes
All Adjunct Faculty must request a mailbox at the Instructional Service Center (ISC). If you teach at more
than one campus, request a mailbox at only one campus. Let the Division Office know which campus you will
be receiving your mail and please check your mailbox once a week.

It is requested that whenever possible, copies be duplexed. Duplicating jobs are monitored through the
Division Office. If you are teaching at another campus, use the ORG number for that campus. Any duplicating
requests over $7.50 must be justified by writing on the duplicating ticket if it is for syllabi or exams. Any other
requests over $7.50 must have prior approval of the Dean. Please use the Division’s Discipline ORG number
at the campus you are teaching the course. Ask the Division Office for your discipline’s ORG number.

   Supplies – Adjunct faculty’s requests for classroom supplies should be made through the appropriate
    Faculty Coordinator. Full-time instructors should requisition supplies through the Division Office.

   Typing - The Instructional Service Centers (ISC) type instructional materials. To obtain this service,
    complete an ISC Work Request form and three working days turnaround is required for each job.

        If you are unable to meet a class as scheduled, follow these guidelines:

Full-Time Faculty:
     Notify the Division Office.
     If the class meets after 5pm, call the division office at 831-5204 and leave a message.
     Contact the Security Office for classes meeting before 8:00 am.
     Discuss the anticipated length of absence with the Dean. Attempt to locate a full-time faculty to
       cover your class(es). Full-time faculty are expected to assist in covering other full-time faculty’s
       classes on occasion. Such practice is considered a professional courtesy.
     Do not discuss payment for covering your class(es) with substitutes. These arrangements will be
       made through the Division Office.
     Provide the Dean with lesson plans. In most cases this can be done over the phone. If the absence
       is known several days in advance, submit the lesson plans in writing to the Division Office.
     A leave form should be submitted to the Division Office within 24 hours of your return to work. If
       an absence is anticipated in advance, a leave form should be submitted prior to the day(s) of

Adjunct Faculty:
    Notify the Division Office and your Coordinator.
    If the class meets after 5pm, call the division office at 831-5204 and leave a message.
    Contact the Security Office for classes meeting before 8:00 a.m.
    Discuss the anticipated length of absence with the Dean.
    Assist the Division or your coordinator office in locating a substitute, if the length of absence

    Regardless of who substitutes for the class(es), the part-time instructor’s salary will be pro-rated
     (deduction from salary amount equal to the time missed).
    Arrangements to pay substitutes will be made only by the Dean. Instructors are not to offer
     substitutes any compensation (monetary or in-kind).
    Provide the Dean/Faculty Coordinator with lesson plans. In most cases, this can be done over the
     phone. If the absence is known several days in advance, submit the lesson plans in writing to the
     Division Office.

Substitute Pay

   ► All Adjunct Faculty have a one day sick leave per semester (Fall & Spring only) and one day for
     jury duty for which they will not be docked.

   ► Your pay will be reduced when you are absent under all circumstances after your leave is

   ► Your pay will be reduced if a member of the exchange pool subs for you or if a full-time instructor
     subs for you.

   ► If you are not available for class, as required each week, your pay will be reduced accordingly.

   ► Full-time faculty may sub for each other as a professional courtesy. Adjunct faculty will be paid
     for substituting for full-time faculty.

   ► All faculty must report all absences and/or class cancellations to the Dean’s office prior to (if
     possible) the designated class meeting time.


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