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									                                  Professional Growth Plan

Name Amanda Valdez                                                Date 11/29/09

School/Department Kyrene Middle School

Kyrene’s vision is to prepare all students to meet future educational and life
challenges in order to make positive contributions to society.

To realize our vision, Kyrene seeks to inspire and engage our diverse community
of students, staff, families and citizens to ensure continuous academic
achievement and personal growth for every student.

Student Impact Statement
Provide a statement that answers the following questions.
   1) What are the learning needs of my students?
   2) What do I need to learn to assist them in their learning?
   3) What are the resources available to help me meet my
      Professional/Personal Learning goal?

Place statement here:
1. The learning needs of my students are for all students to increase their
reading comprehension skills and writing skills.
2. To assist my students in their learning I will need to incorporate various
materials and strategies to bring out and build on their own knowledge and
interests and be aware of my students linguistic and instructional needs in order
to extend their understanding.
3. The resources available to help me meet my Profession/Personal Learning
goals are classes that are available through the district, professional books, and
workshops either provided in or out of the district.

Personal and Professional Goal                Annual        Multi-year
Over the course of two years, I will learn more about brain based research
pertaining to learning and use this information to implement strategies into my
classroom which will assist all my students in their own learning, with a result at
the end of the two years being all students will show positive growth in their
reading comprehension (lexile score) and writing skills (6 trait rubric). This year I
will focus on acquiring knowledge on a brain based approach to learning by
reading books and attending workshops and start to implement them into the

T-drive/districtoffice/career/tsween/PGP/PGP_revised template/111809
Identify the Quality Teaching Standard(s) for the goal.
Standard 1: The teacher designs instruction that develops students' abilities to
meet Kyrene and Arizona academic standards, including school and district
Standard 2: The teacher creates and maintains a learning climate that supports
the development of students abilities to meet Kyrene and Arizona academic
standards, including district and school assessment goals.
Standard 3: The teacher implements and manages instruction that develop
students' abilities to meet Kyrene and Arizona academic standards, including
school and district assessment goals.

Learning Opportunities and Colleague Sharing
Some of the learning opportunities that will support the achievement of my
personal/professional goal will be to take Impact training and Love and Logic
workshops provided by the district. I will share information from these trainings
with the Language Arts department at our school and with other teachers on my
team so they can also implement some of the strategies within their classroom to
improve reading comprehension and writing skills for all students.

Reflection and Analysis of the Goal
The information I studied and learned during the course of the year through
reading, taking the Impact training and Love and Logic workshops was
overwhelming at first. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the
strategies I already used in the classroom were part of the brain based research I
learned about. I also realized there were many other strategies that I could
easily incorporate into my classroom. I am pleased to say that all of my students
did show positive growth in their reading (lexile scores) and 75% of my students
showed positive growth in the writing abilities (6 trait rubric).

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