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               SUMMER 2009 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES
Class Description: Vivan Hoxbro is a master of modular knitting. In her “Knit To Be
Square” book she has brought new meaning to the mitered square! This scarf or shawl is
made by connecting open squares and then “fulling” to soften the look. You may make
the size that you like, and pick from the wonderful color selection of Harrisville Shetland
Materials: “Knit To Be Square” by Vivian Hoxbro, Harrisville Shetland yarn: Scarf-3
skeins of Main Color and one each of two contrasting colors. Shawl-3 skeins each of two
colors and two skeins each of two colors and 1 skein of a fifth color. Size 4-6or 8” double
points with a good point. (You may use a shorter straight regular needle if you insist, but
the dpns work great for this project.) DO NOT try to use a circular needle! Your tool kit
with a tapestry needle included. No Homework.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Instructor: Carol Puntel

Class Description: Learn to make a basic beanie style hat using double point needles
and circulars. You will be making hats for everyone you know this year AND learn how
to use double point needles!
Materials: 1 skein of worsted weight yarn, Size 7-16” and 7-6” dpn’s, markers
Level: Beginner
Instructor: Ruth Rich

Class Description: Learn how to crochet basic stitches (ch, sc,dc) and how to read
patterns. A simple dc scarf project is our choice for this class. (You must take the class to
find out just what ch, sc, and dc are!)
Materials: 200 yards of worsted weight yarn, size H (5.0mm) crochet hook
Instructor: Celeste Young

Class Description: Kick it up a notch! This lovely adult lace sweater designed by
Pamela Wynne ( is so swingy and stylish! Knit from the top-down
with simple garter stitch accents, and designed to be completely seamless! Sized to fit
35” – 52.5” bust sizes; sleeve and body length adjustable.
Level: Intermediate
Materials: 750-1400 yds Cascade 220 Paints (depending upon size chosen); size 8 29”
circular needle (or size needed to obtain gauge); size 10 needle for bind off; three 1”
buttons; 4 split-ring markers (or 8 solid-ring markers); pattern provided.
HOMEWORK Required: Swatch to obtain gauge of 18 sts / 4” in garter stitch (knit every
Instructor: Celeste Young

Class Description: This class is becoming a perennial favorite. Do you spend a lot of
time ripping out all of your knitting because you make a mistake? Can you identify it,
but don’t know what to do about it? You will learn how to recognize and undo unsightly
stitches, how to use a crochet hook to pick up “dropped” stitches; and how to align your
stitches on the needle to avoid “crossed” stitches. Best of all, you will only undo a few
stitches, not rows upon rows, to undo an error missed several rows ago.
HOMEWORK Required: to be completed before the class. Bring a stockinette swatch
about 4 inches square still on the needles to recreate some of these situations.
Materials: Use worsted weight yarn and appropriate needles, and an “F” or “G” crochet
Instructor: Kim Jackson

Class Description: This is a technique class. You will learn how to knit these stitches on a
swatch to master the technique. Upon completion of the class, you will be on your own to
make the scarf. This is an amazing transition of fiber that actually appears woven instead
of knitted. The design is by Mareike Sattler and shown at Come find
out what it is all about!
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: For Technique class--- Fingering weight yarn such as Jojoland’s Melody or
any other sock-weight yarn; size 2, 3 needles (can be straights); small amount of smooth
waste yarn for provisional cast on, tapestry needle. For the scarf ---at least 4 skeins of
Jojoland’s Melody. Size 2, 3 circular needles 32” length for making the scarf., small
amount of smooth waste yarn for provisional cast on, tapestry needle.
HOMEWORK REQUIRED: Do a provisional cast on of 20 stitches.
Instructor: Ralph Cohn


Class Description: Even if your sewing skills are not on your top ten you can learn to
line those knit, crochet or felted bags. Various closures will be explained---buttons, snaps
or zippers---and how to sturdy up that bottom!
Level: All
Materials: You can either watch and learn or bring a completed bag for hints and
Instructor: Carol “Cookie” Hornung

Class Description: Learn to cast on, knit, purl, do ribbing and bind off while making a
“Seaman’s Scarf” which is a perfect style for men, women and children with a snug
ribbed neck to ward off the winter chill.
Materials: 2 skeins worsted weight yarn, size 8 single pointed needles.
Instructor: Ruth Rich or Nancy Massaroni

Class Description: Don’t let the word “lace” scare you! We really do want you try this
time-honored form of knitting. With only a small commitment of time and materials,
learn the very basics of lace knitting and produce a lovely heirloom-like bookmark.
Level: Beginner, must know how to knit and purl.
Materials: One skein Cotton Classic, size 6 knitting needles; pattern included.
Instructor: Ruth Rich

Class Description: Berroco has done it again! A felted shibori-like needle holder for
your circular needles. What a great idea for holiday gifts for knitters.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: 200 yds of worsted weight wool such as Berroco's Jasper, size 9 knitting
needles, 2 skeins of Jasper, small amount of leather or raffia for hanger, beads, needle &
thread for finishing touches, plastic grocery bags for stuffing.
Instructor: Kim Jackson

Class Description: Another way to knit socks is using the Magic Loop method. In this
class you will learn how to cast on a TOE UP sock, do a bunch of homework and for the
second session learn how to finish off the sock. Be open-minded to this technique. It is
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: Sock yarn to make a pair of socks, Size 1,2,or whatever needle necessary to
get gauge in the 40” length; pattern provided.
Instructor: Carolyn Malloch

Class Description: A unique way to shape your mittens! Learn an i-cord cast-on, miters
and the afterthought thumb. Great gifts.

Materials: 200 yds. worsted weight yarn such as Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden, Jojoland
Rhythm, Poems, or Berroco’s Pure Merino, size 6 double points (set of five)
Level: Advanced Beginner
Homework: Come to class with a 3 stitch i-cord for 48 rows.
Instructor: Cookie Hornung

Class Description: Love the bunny and sheep? Check out this adorable monkey! Girl or
boy monkey is knit with cute clothes to match. Learn to shape the head in class, and
you’re on your way!
Level: Intermediate; must know how to knit, purl, make one, mattress stitch taught.
Materials: Plymouth Encore Worsted: 1 skein dark brown (#0599), 1 skein camel
(#1203), 1 skein red or other “overalls” color; size 6 straight needles; stuffing; eyeballs
provided; pattern is $3.75 download from
monkey-knitting-pattern/912929 **Please call if you have any trouble downloading, as
the pattern is required for the class!**
Instructor: Celeste Young

Class Description: Learn the mystical, magical, moebius cast on technique of Cat
Bordhi. Once you master this cast on your world of mystical, magical knits will unfold!
Others will remain mystified….
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: Worsted weight yarn of your choice, size 8 or 9 needles depending on yarn,
markers, tapestry needle, pattern included.
Instructor: Carolyn Malloch

Class Description: Why not try a “home” project for a change? This pillow would be
wonderful for your own home or as a gift (think holidays, house warmings, college
dorms and apartments). The front is a fun and interesting mosaic pattern in which we use
slip stitches to create the colorwork design. Many knitters enjoy this technique as you are
only working each row with one color and only working the pattern with two colors at a
time. The back is a textured stitch which looks nice and is so much less boring than the
usual stockinette or garter. The pillow is seamed using a simple crochet technique. The
sample is Pillow#2 from the Berroco's Comfort Home Booklet #278, but you could pick
any of the three pillows.
Materials: Berroco's Booklet #278 Comfort Home---there is an important correction
sheet available from, two balls of a main color and one ball each of 4 colors
of a worsted weight yarn (sample in Comfort), straight knitting needles size 8 or size to
obtain gauge, crochet hook size G, square pillow form 14” for pillows 1&2, 16” for
pillow 3.
Homework: Follow the booklet instructions for casting on and knitting the first two rows
of your selected pillow in your choice of color.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Instructor: Carol Puntel

Class Description: Get out all of your leftover sock yarn and have some fun putting
together this adorable sweater---baby jacket in garter stitch. Interesting construction with
only one seam---the sleeves! Designed by Phazelia from Ravelry.
Level: All levels
Materials: Size 3-6months, 460 yds. sock yarn; Size 6-9 months, about 500 yds. sock
yarn, needles per gauge and pattern (available here at TH).
Instructor: Pat Cumiskey

Class Description: Come learn this great knitting trick and your friends will be amazed.
You’ll be making a scarf with horizontal stripes on one side and vertical stripes on the
other using two colors. This scarf will make a great holiday gift this season.
Level: All levels welcome
Materials: A self-striping yarn (i.e. Noro) with a complementary solid color (200 yards
of each), size 8 or 9 circular needle (24” works well)
Instructor: Iryth Ferrandino

Class Description: A spiraling, frilly, short-row scarf, peppered with picots for pizzazz.
Naturally folds or can be worn open. Choose a beautifully colored fingering weight yarn.
We’ll make our own needles for perfect knitting ease! A fun, take-along project.
Materials: Multi-striping or hand-dyed sock yarn, Sea Lettuce Scarf pattern.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Instructor: Cookie Hornung

Class Description: A lovely sweater perfect for those summer events! Made from the top
down using just about any kind of yarn, this is the ideal class for choices. You will learn
how to pick up stitches to make a button band and a neckline.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: Pattern, yardage of yarn according to size, needles according to gauge of
chosen yarns, markers, tapestry needle, tape measure. Sample in Berocco’s Comfort
worsted weight.
Homework: Choose your yarn and get gauge, read Knitting Pure &Simple Pattern,
know what size you wish to make.
Instructor: Kim Jackson


Class Description: Learn the technique of making short rows in this beautiful ruffled
scarf which have the scarf lay flat and offer a ruffle. This is a just exquisite neck warmer
in just about any yarn of your choice.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: 2 skeins of Berroco's Seduce size 7 needle, markers, tapestry needle, pattern
Instructor: Ruth Rich
Class Description: Have you always wanted to create your own sweater and not have to
worry about reading all the confusing instructions? Here’s your chance. You will knit a
side to side vest or cardigan in the yarns of your choice based on your own gauge swatch.
You will use a sweater you like to wear for your measurements and on the needles you
go! You will create a kimono-like cardigan or vest.
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: About 1200 yds. of yarns with one for a base yarn, needles to size of
gauge/yarn label, sense of humor and lots of spirit.
Instructor: Kim Jackson

Description: Learn to knit top-down socks on double point needles. Selection of yarn,
fitting, the long-tail cast on, ssk, k2tog and the kitchener stitch will be taught. This is a
wonderful, portable project that takes the angst out of waiting. Oh—by the way---it is,
also, addictive!
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: One or two skeins (depending on yarn chosen) sock yarn; size 2 dpns;
Instructor: Pat Cumiskey

Class Description: Create this fan-shaped swing shawl which sits just right on the
shoulders. Be dazzling at that Holiday party or celebration as you make this in Lumina or
Seduce by Berroco with it’s metallic show. You will have great fun in this class! A
Level: Advanced Beginner
Materials: 8 skeins of Lumina or 800 yds.your choice, size 7 needles or size to gauge,
Instructor: Carol Puntel

Class Description: Get on the bandwagon and create this beautiful swirl scarf or shawl.
Learn this modular knitting technique to swirl and swirl into a kaleidoscope of color.
These modular lace pinwheels are constructed one at a time and connected as you go.
Three rows (and 3 balls) make a scarf; five make a shawl.
Level: Intermediate---must have experience knitting in the round on dpn’s.

Materials: Jojoland Melody yarn: 3 balls for scarf, 5 balls for shawl. #6 double pointed
needles (5 or 6 inch are best), pattern.
Instructor: Carol Puntel

Class Description: Lace, lace, lace. This is a beautiful Estonian lace shawl pattern
taught by the Blue Ribbon Winner at the NYS Sheep&Wool Festival in Rhinebeck for
Best Lace Knitting AND Best of Show---our own Ruth Rich! Make this for that special
day or for that special someone in your life…or yourself!
Level: Intermediate Advanced---must be willing/able to read charts and had some lace
Materials: 1400 yds., lace weight yarns such as Berroco's UltraAlpacaFine, Malabrigo
Lace weight or any fine merino, merino silk, alpaca or alpaca silk; smooth cotton waste
yarn, crochet hooks G/6; size 3 straights or 36” circulars or size to get gauge, tapestry
needle, stitch markers, book—Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush.
Instructor: Ruth Rich


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