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									Club Leadership Plan Worksheet
Rotary Club of Kalispell
July1, 2010 – June 30, 2011

Last updated on June 15, 2010
Roy Beekman, President-Elect

Short Term (1-2 year goals)

Long Term (3-5 year goals)

Service Projects (Committee on Service Projects and Programs and affiliates):

      Have Service Projects Committee complete community survey with the goal of
       recommending local service project(s).

      Adopt local service project(s) that address unmet needs and have the potential to
       “include” large segments of the club and that will allow us to engage other area
       Rotary clubs.

      Conduct Club Assembly where club will designate both continued, new and One
       “major” local project that we will accomplish this year.

      Place emphasis on youth and families in need.

      International Service will include the completion of the South African Aids
       hospital project (3H grant) and continued work in Uganda.

      “New-Member” service project. Keep it simple, make it achievable, and keep it
       fun. Preferably a "hands on" project.

Membership (Membership Committee and affiliates):

      Complete membership/classification survey by July 1, 2010.

      Adopt membership retention plan by July 1, 2010.

      Engage/assist local Rotaract/Interact clubs.

      Review new member orientation plan by July 1, 2010

      Establish “potential member” list that includes local community and business
       leaders not already in Rotary. Conduct ongoing Rotary introduction and
       informational meetings.

      Establish new-member service project. This project will be completed by
       members with less than one year of tenure in the club.

      Assign specific Membership Committee members to engage members that have
       low attendance with the purpose of making recommendations for retention.

      Examine exist interviews at Board meetings to determine necessary modifications
       to improve retention.

      Goal for 2011 is net increase of two members.

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) (Committee on The Rotary Foundation and

      Provide monthly membership training. Use meetings, website and newsletter.
       Celebrate TRF successes.

      Have annual District Foundation Chair give program.

      Encourage members to attend spring District Foundation Dinner.

      Use visual aid at meeting (thermometer etc.) to track percentage of sustaining
       members in club. Track on web-site and in news letter.

      Annual Programs Fund goal for 2011 will be $15,000.00

      Continue goal of “100% Benefactor Club” by 2011. Track progress regularly and
       report on web site.

Leadership Development (Committee on Club Administration and affiliates):

      Recruit members for participation in District Leadership Academy to include
       Committee Chairs and board members.

      Recommend attendance at District Conference and District Assembly for
       President Elect and President Elect Nominee. Continue goal of at least 5
       members attending.

      Provide quarterly program on leadership.

      Host one meeting per year with all Committee Chairs and Board Members to
       discuss leadership role in local club.

      Identify long term project leaders and establish “succession plan” with each.

Communication Plan (Committee on Public Relations and Publications and

      Continue use of Clubrunner to facilitate email with members, District and RI.

      Continue to provide newsletter with President’s message, upcoming events,
       district information, goal tracking and other important notices. Provide copies to
       District 5390 officers.

      Update website as needed.

      Establish marketing plan to encourage the use of club’s website, District website
       and RI website by membership. (give away t-shirts with web addresses etc.)

      Encourage visitations to other clubs.

      Use PR Committee to publicize projects and special events.

      Correspond regularly with grant partners and publish information to club through
       meetings, website and newsletter.

      Continue use of “What’s Rotary” card distribution. Particularly in sponsored
       events like Rotary Basketball.

Fellowship Plan (Committee on Service Projects and Programs and affiliates):

      Continue practice of interesting programs.

      Continue Dinner for Eight program twice a year.

      Continue split the pot with deck of cards. Look for new wrinkle.

      Establish “Rotary Fellowship Events” prior to each quarter that can include
       groups of Rotarians. Events should encourage fellowship before, during and after
       event. (Christmas at Our House, lectures at college etc). Give make ups for

      Continue “Instant Wine Cellar” event.

      Continue annual Christmas party with caroling and entertainment.

      Continue Feb Fellowship dinner to celebrate Rotaries birthday.

      Renew acquaintances with Canadians through golf, curling trips.

Membership Retention Plan (Committee on Membership and affiliates):

Kalispell Rotary will continue our goal of insuring that members “Feel welcomed, feel
useful, feel there is an element of fun and that the feel proud of our club” through
adoption of the following “Retention Model and Termination Profile”. This plan was
established following the recent examination of the Kalispell Rotary statistical profile.

The following strategies will be directed to impact specific chronological periods to
maximize impact. The strategies are as follows:

       1) Members with Less than One Year
             Focus on formal induction process
             Assign mentor to new inductee
             Require specific goals related to service before end of 1st year
             Celebrate milestones above
             Provide formal training designed to educate inductee on Rotary
             Involve inductee in committees and projects
             Assign all new inductees to engage in a “new inductee” project with
             Continue program that requires specific participation by new members
               before they can trade their new member red badge for their tenured
               member blue badge. Celebrate their accomplishment. See criteria.
               Assign membership committee to track and report to board on
             Establish a “welcoming” environment.

       2) One to Two Years
             Focus on fellowship activities
             Involve inductee in programs
             Encourage project participation and active leadership
             Involve in club goal setting

       3) Two to Three Years
             Assist with mentoring new inductees
             Encourage Assembly attendance
             Assign as Committee Chair/Co-Chair
             Encourage Rotary Leadership Training
             Encourage board participation

       4) Three to Five Years
              Encourage participation in Club Officer Positions
              Develop projects
              Require new member mentorship
              Encourage project and committee participation
              Encourage Board Participation

          Require member engages in education of club on Rotary specific topic

5) Five to Ten Years
       Participate in District Activities
       Provide fellowship opportunities with like-tenured members
       Guide Regional Program
       Engage in goal setting

6) Over Ten Years
      Encourage mentorship of newer members
      Involve in District Leadership
      Provide reduced dues
      Provide like-tenured fellowship opportunities

    Improvement in the overall retention profile requires a comprehensive set of
strategies that address the needs of the members relative to the their tenure in the
club. There is no autopilot for Rotarians. Relentlessly engaging them in the
activities and fellowship that drew them to the club in their infancy is what will
provide the positive reinforcement they need to continue their journey in Rotary.


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