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                               Activity 1   Activity 6    Activity 11
Functional Skills: Transport

                               Activity 2   Activity 7    Activity 12

                               Activity 3   Activity 8    Activity 13

                               Activity 4   Activity 9    Activity 14

                               Activity 5   Activity 10   Activity 15
                                                      Which of the following bikes would you prefer and why?
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Functional Skills: Transport

                                                               Drag and drop the rosettes to indicate your choice

                               Activity 1 - Cycling

                                                      What kind of person might want to buy the bike below? Why would the bike
                                                      be suitable for them?
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 2 - Cycling

                                                      What kind of person might want to buy the bike below? Why would the bike
                                                      be suitable for them?
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 2 - Cycling

                                                      What kind of person might want to buy the bike below? Why would the bike
                                                      be suitable for them?
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 2 - Cycling

                                                      Summarise the similarities and differences of the three different models of
                                                      bikes below:
Functional Skills: Transport

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                                                      Similarities                                           Differences
                               Activity 3 - Cycling

                                                      1 Imagine you own one of these bikes and you want to sell it. Write an
                                                        advertisement to go in the local paper. An advertisement for up to 20
                                                        words costs £12.50 and you will be charged £2.15 for every additional
                                                        word over that total. Try to make your advertisement sound appealing.
                                                        Share your advertisement with your partner/group and discuss what
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                        makes an effective advertisement given the constraints of the word limit.
                               Activity 4 - Cycling

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                                                      2   Now write an advertisement for one of the other bikes that would be
                                                          found in a specialist bike magazine where money is no object.    Help

                                                      3   Design your advertisement and evaluate how it is effective in
                                                          persuading the reader to buy the bike.
                                                      To help you plan your advertisement, complete the table below listing
                                                      persuasive techniques by writing what will be used in your advertisement.

                                                       Persuasive feature           Example to be used in advertisement

Functional Skills: Transport

                                                        Rhetorical question


                               Activity 4 - Cycling

                                                        Emotive language


                                                          Use of colour

                                                        Other information

                                                      Read the following webpage and rate the
                                                      reasons given for cycling on a scale of 1-12 (1
                                                      being the best reason, 12 the worst reason).
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 5 - Cycling

       Functional Skills: Transport
       Activity 5 - Cycling


                                                      Organise the reasons given into categories in the Venn diagram below:
                                                                                                                                                              Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness
                                                        Health                                                                  Environment                   level equal to that of a person
                                                                                                                                                              ten years younger.

                                                                                                                                                              Cycling at least twenty miles a
                                                                                                                                                              week reduces the risk of heart

                                                                                                                                                              National heart disease rates
                                                                                                                                                              would fall by between 5 and 10

                                                                                                                                                              During rush-hour, a bicycle is
                                                                                                                                                              about twice as fast as a car.
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                                                                                                               Bicycles require no road tax,
                                                                                                                                                               no MOT, no insurance, no
                                                                                                                                                               licensing, no breakdown
                                                                                                                                                               recovery services, and above
                                                                                                                                                               all no fuel bills.

                                                                                                                                                                A good bicycle will last for

                                                                                                                                                               A bicycle can be parked just
                                                                                                                                                               about anywhere.
                               Activity 6 - Cycling

                                                                                                                                                              Twenty bicycles can be parked
                                                                                                                                                              in the same space taken up by
                                                                                                                                                              one car.

                                                                                                                                                              To make a bicycle requires
                                                                                                                                                              only a fraction of the materials
                                                                                                                                                              and energy needed to make a
                                                                                                                                                              To make a bicycle requires
                                                                                                                                                              only a fraction of the materials
                                                                                                                                                              and energy needed to make a
                                                            A good bicycle needs at most   Bicycles produce absolutely no   Cars kill and maim thousands
                                                            about £50-worth of             pollution - they are a lot       of people every year - bicycles
                                                            maintenance a year.            quieter too.                     don't.
                                                      You have been asked to write a report for your school/college/local council
                                                      about students cycling to school/college.
                                                                                                               Most appropriate

                                                      Before you
                                                      begin, think
                                                      carefully about
                                                      the kind of
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                      language to be
                                                      used in a
                                                      Sort the
                                                      phrases and
                                                      features of
                               Activity 7 - Cycling

                                                      style, showing
                                                      those that are
                                                      appropriate for
                                                      a report and
                                                      those that are
                                                                                                             Least appropriate
                                                             Click here for more
                                                        information on ACTIVE and        Discuss with you partner why these
                                                              PASSIVE VOICE           features/phrases are / are not appropriate.   Next
                                                           Using Active and Passive – Identify whether the following sentences are
                                                           written in the active or the passive voice and then try to rewrite them so all
                                                           the active sentences are written in the passive and all the passive
                                                           sentences are written in the active.

                                                                    Origional                 A/P                   Rewrite
                               ACTIVE and PASSIVE VOICE

                                                                                                        Click the boxes; once to choose
                                                          We all climbed into the car.
                                                                                                A       Passive ‘P’ and twice to choose
                                                                                                                    Active ‘A’
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                          The essay was written on time
                                                          by Frank.
                                                          The mouse was eaten by the
                                                          Cheryl lit the fire.                  P
                                                          The police car was driven the
                               More information on

                                                          wrong way down the road.
                                                          His sister was tickling Jim.
                                                          Jim was tickled by his sister.        P
                                                          The lion broke out of its cage.       P
                                                      Remember to set out your report appropriately using titles, sub-
                                                      headings, bullet points, advantages/disadvantages,
                                                      problems/solutions and overall recommendations. Use some of
                                                      the reasons given on the webpage to help you think about the
                                                      issues but you will need to think about possible problems too.
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                             Click here if you want to remind yourself of the report
                                                             format you used in the Personal Safety unit of work.
                               Activity 7 - Cycling

          Functional Skills: Transport
          Features of a Report

                                         Identify the features of a report

                                                                Private Transport
                                                                Your Headteacher/Principal is concerned about the number of students using
                                                                cars/private transport in the morning, particularly about the congestion,
                                                                inconvenience to local residents and added danger to pedestrians. Listen to the
                                                                following comments from a range of people with views on this issue, making
                                                                notes on what they say.
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 8 - Private Transport

                                                                        Resident              Headteacher / Principal    Student 1     Student 2

                                                                                            (Click the icon to play)

                                                                Use your notes to help you write a discursive speech on the issue of
                                                                students using private transport to travel to school/college. To prepare,
                                                                complete the tasks in Activities 9 and 10.
                                                                Identify the job of each of the following connectives and with your partner
                                                                sort them using the table:

                                                                          Contrast and Balance                      Cause and Effect
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                                  Addition                             Comparison
                               Activity 9 - Private Transport

                                                                       but            equally          too             yet           again

                                                                       also          moreover      nevertheless    consequently   comparatively

                                                                     because            and          instead       furthermore      likewise

                                                                       until         inevitably    alternatively   consequently     similarly

                                                                    as a result      in addition   in contrast                                    Back
                                                               Topic Sentences
                                                               On the next slide is an argument outlining the benefits of
                                                               school uniform. Read through with your partner and identify
                                                               the topic sentences and the connectives used to link points.
                                                               Remember, a new paragraph will be taken whenever there is
                                                               a change in TIME, PERSON, TOPIC or PLACE (TiP ToP).
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                               Also work out why the writer as taken a new paragraph when
                                                               they do.
                               Activity 10 - Topic Sentences

                                                               Topic Sentences
                                                               School uniform is undeniably beneficial in schools today. Pupils look
                                                               smarter than if they wore their own clothes. However, some people claim that
                                                                                    Having read wear in the text, scan back
                                                               dictating what children should throughschools denies them the right to self-
                                                                                     fashion. Yet, this argument does not
                                                               expression through through to look again at the counter- acknowledge that
                                                               schools are preparing young people for the work place where they will have to
                                                               look smart and many of them will be required to wear a uniform of some
                                                                                 • How do they follow the initial point
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                                    raised in each paragraph?
                                                               In addition, school uniform is an efficient method of clothing a child on a
                                                                                 • Does this argument use fact or
                                                               daily basis. Whilst some may argue that purchasing uniform at the
                               Activity 10 - Topic Sentences

                                                               beginning of each school year is expensive the reality is that school clothes are
                                                                                 • Are there examples of both here, or
                                                               cheaper to replace than some of the costlier items children would wear if they
                                                               had a free choice. does the writer make his or her
                                                                                    opinions seem like facts?
                                                               Moreover, there might well be cases of bullying if pupils wore their own
                                                                                 • How have done?
                                                               clothes. If a child did notis thisthe money to buy fashionable items then they
                                                               could easily be victimised whereas enforcing school uniform ensures that all
                                                               pupils look equal.

                                                                           (Remember that the or excursions, pupils be
                                                               Furthermore, when on school tripshighlighting tool can are more easily
                                                               identifiable if they are wearing a uniform. Although children would argue
                                                                              comfortable you – own clothes, different colours?)
                                                               they are moreused to helpin theirwhy not use surely safety is a more
                                                               important consideration?       Show Task       Hide Task                      Next
                                                               Topic Sentences
                                                               To help you compile your thoughts on these features of argument writing,
                                                               complete the table below.

                                                                             Subject of          Topic                               Connective(s) Used
                                                                Paragraph    Paragraph          Sentence
                                                                                                                                          To Link

                                                                            Being smart   “pupils look smarter   “denies them the      “However…”
                                                                                            than if they wore       right to self-       “Yet…”
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                    1                     their own clothes…”      expression..”
                               Activity 10 - Topic Sentences




                                             Topic Sentences
                                             Now plan your speech on the issue of students using private transport to
                                             travel to school/ college, outlining both positive and negative arguments. Use
                                             the table below to help you plan.

                                                      Subject of            Topic                              Connective(s)
                                                      Paragraph            Sentence                            Used To Link
Functional Skills: Transport



                               Activity 10


                                                                  Persuasive Writing
                                                                  Read the webpage below and explain how it persuades the reader that rail travel is
                                                                  a safe mode of transportation.

                                                                                                                                                         Highlight in RED where rail
                                                                                                                                                         travel is compared to other
                                                                                 Rail continues to be the safest form of land transport. Despite a
                                                                                                                                                         forms of transport;
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                                 handful of high-profile accidents in recent years, rail is getting      Highlight in BLUE where
                                                                                 safer, and the chances of surviving a crash in a rail vehicle are far
                                                                                 greater than in any other vehicle.
                                                                                                                                                         language has been used;
                               Activity 11 - Persuasive Writing

                                                                                 Travelling by train is 15 times safer than going by car and five
                                                                                 times safer than going by bus or coach. You are far more likely to      Highlight in YELLOW
                                                                                 be involved in an accident whilst walking, cycling or driving to the    where facts are given;
                                                                                 station than when you are on the train.
                                                                                                                                                         Highlight in GREEN where
                                                                                 Every year 3,500 people are killed on Britain's roads and 300,000       opinions are stated;
                                                                                 people are injured. There was a 25% increase in car occupant
                                                                                 fatalities in greater London in the first nine months of 2000
                                                                                                                                                         Circle in black any
                                                                                 compared to the same period in 1999. Lorries make up 7% of road         statistics that have been
                                                                                 traffic yet they cause over 20% of road fatalities.                     used.

                                                                                 Railfuture believes proper enforcement of existing road traffic
                                                                                 laws - on speed, drivers' hours, vehicle maintenance and
                                                                                 overloading for example - would be a good start, Speed cameras
                                                                                 are supported by sensible, law-abiding motorists.

                                                                                 The majority of fatalities on the railways are, sadly, a result of
                                                                                 trespass and suicides - not lack of train safety. Currently the
                                                                                 primary cause of rail incidents, 55%, is vandalism - obstructions
                                                                                 on the track and missiles aimed at trains. You are far more likely
                                                                                 to injure yourself walking up and down steps at the station (or
                                                                                 anywhere else) than while you are on the train.
                                             Facts or Opinions?
                                             Organise these statements into facts and opinions:

                                                              FACTS                                  OPINIONS
Functional Skills: Transport

                                             Tom is the worst      Picasso is the     85% of weather         A dictionary is a
                                             poet in the school.   world’s greatest   forecasts are          useful tool.
                               Activity 12

                                                                   painter.           accurate.

                                             My bedroom is the                        A dictionary           O is the chemical
                                             best room in your     Painting is fun.   contains definitions   symbol for oxygen.
                                             house.                                   of words.

                                             Facts or Opinions?
                                             Hopefully you can see the difference between facts and opinions. Just to
                                             check, write one fact and one opinion for each of the following topics:

                                                TOPIC                  FACT                        OPINION

Functional Skills: Transport

                                              Your House


                               Activity 12


                                                     Discuss with your partner what makes the facts
                                                     different from the opinions you have written.                      Back
                                             Argument Writing
                                             Complete the table explaining the effect these features have on the reader.
                                                Feature           Example                           Effect

Functional Skills: Transport





                               Activity 13



                                                                  Persuasive Speech
                                                                  Write a speech to persuade the rest of your group that your favourite way to
                                                                  travel is the best way (e.g. train, flying, walking, cycling, driving, horse-riding,
                                                                  motorbiking, skating, etc.).
                                                                  Persuasive Feature           Example to be used in speech

                                                                  Unity/Uniting the Audience
 Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                     Emotive Language
                                Activity 14 - Persuasive Speech


                                                                    Rhetorical Questions

                                                                       Expert Opinion

                                                                     Metaphors / Similes



  Click for
    more                                                            Conditional Sentences                                                       Next
                                                                     Conditional Sentences
                                                                     Conditional sentences are ones that do exactly what their names suggests
                                                                     – gives conditions! These are generally sentences that contain two or more
                                                                     clauses, one giving the condition and the other stating what will happen as
                                                                     a consequence, e.g.
                                                                       When you have tidied your room, then you can go out to play.
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 14 - Conditional Sentences

                                                                                     Condition                       Consequence

                                                                                             Comma separating the clauses

                                                                        The clauses in the sentence can be reversed so the consequence
                                                                        comes before the condition:

                                                                        When you have tidied your room , then you can go out to play.
                                                                          You can go out to play when you have tidied your room.

                                                                     Conditional sentences
                                                                     Finish the following sentences so they all contain a consequence after the
                                                                     condition. Then rewrite all of the sentences so that the two clauses are

                                                                      1. If you eat all of your dinner, …
Functional Skills: Transport
                               Activity 14 - Conditional Sentences

                                                                      2. When the washing machine has stopped, …

                                                                      3. If the coast is clear, …

                                                                      4. When the school bell rings, …

                                                                      5. If the dog bites you, …

                                                              Formal Writing
                                                              Read the article below on carbon dioxide emissions from air travel:

                                                               Aeroplanes burn kerosene; a non-renewable fossil fuel. This releases
                                                               carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,
                                                               which contribute to global warming and climate change.
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                               On a per-passenger kilometre basis, long haul flights are more fuel-
                                                               efficient than short haul flights. This is because take-off and landing require
                               Activity 15 – Formal Writing

                                                               more fuel than cruising. On a short-haul flight, the landing and take-off
                                                               cycle accounts for a greater proportion of the total flight than on a long-
                                                               haul flight. However, the additional miles flown on a long-haul flight yield a
                                                               greater overall greenhouse gas impact.

                                                               Given this information, and using ideas of your own, write a letter to your
                                                               Member of Parliament outlining what you think the Government should do
                                                               about this issue – if anything!

                                                              Formal Writing
                                                              To ensure you use an appropriate tone in your letter, practice formal writing
                                                              by giving alternatives to the informal phrases below:

                                                                          INFORMAL                                 FORMAL

                                                                 Alright mate, how you doing?
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                        I reckon that …
                               Activity 15 – Formal Writing

                                                                    You see, the thing is …

                                                               I think you should get this sorted.

                                                                     Thanks for listening.

                                                              Remember how a formal letter should be set out. If you have any difficulties with
                                                              the letter’s layout or the tone/language expected, then use the writing frame on
                                                              the next page to help you construct your argument.
                                                              Formal Letter – writing frame
                                                                                                                         13, Cliff Street,
                                                                                                                               NT1 8NB
                                                                                                                          12th February
                                                                  The House of Parliament,
                                                                  SW1 1AA
Functional Skills: Transport

                                                                  Dear Sir/Madam,

                                                                  I am writing to you in order to express my views about …
                               Activity 15 – Formal Writing

                                                                  I believe that …

                                                                  Whilst some people feel … I think …

                                                                  It is argued that … yet …

                                                                  Despite the fact that … it is clear …

                                                                  Although many in society think … I strongly believe …

                                                                  As the political representative for my area, I feel you should …

                                                                               Thank you for your time and consideration.

                                                                                              Yours faithfully,


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