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College of Education by Oi74C5


									                                  College of Education

                              Department Course Syllabus

                                       ADE 7947

                         Advanced Internship: Adult Education

1. Course Prefix and Number: ADE 7947

2. Course Title: Advanced Internship: Adult Education

3. Regular Instructors: Drs. Waynne James and William Young

4. Course Prerequisites: Advanced Graduate Level Standing or Instructor Approval

5. Course Description: This is a supervised field experiences in an approved adult
education, continuing education or human resource development setting.

6. Course Goals and Objectives: Upon completion of this experience, the participant
will be able to:

      Describe many of the competencies required for professionals in adult continuing
       education and/or human resource development
      Describe many of the procedures and techniques that can be used to develop,
       implement, and/or evaluate adult education, continuing education, and/or human
       resource development programs.
      Broaden the student’s knowledge and understanding of adult continuing education
       and human resource development.
      Enhance a specific competency or set of competencies.

7. Content Outline/Topics: The student will:

      Observe, assist with, and/or evaluate a specific area or program
      Prepare and present a plan for carrying out the observation, assistance and/or
       evaluation of a program
      Prepare and present a final report on the internship

8. Evaluation of Student Outcomes: The student will register for the credits for the term
when the internship ha been completed. The student will submit a detailed plan for
carrying out the internship. The plan should include:

      Goals
      Procedures
      Evaluation
      Approvals
The student will keep a log or diary of all hours involved in the internship. A final
meeting will be help with the major professor when the internship is complete. A final
report must be submitted by the student.

9. Grading Criteria: This is a pass/fail experience and the field supervisor and major
professor agree on the student’s grade. Successful completion is based upon:
     The quality of the original internship plan
     An evaluation of the performance by the field supervisor
     The quality of the final report
     The major professor’s assessment

10. Textbook(s) and other Readings: As Appropriate and based upon the experience

                                       Attachment I

1. Rationale for Setting Goals and Objectives: Instructor knowledge and experience;
research on theory to practice; and dialogue with colleagues in other disciplines that offer
internship experiences.

2. List the competencies addressed from the relevant national guidelines. N/A

3. Are there field-based experiences in this course? This course is a field based
experience for advanced graduate students in adult education programs

4. Is Technology Used? Regular email communications take place among the students,
field supervisors, and major professors. Students may choose to use computer software
in completing their projects and may need to access and download reports, data, and
documents from national and state web sites.

5. List the competencies addressed from the Florida Adopted Subject Area
Competencies. N/A

6. Are there any components of this course designed to prepare teacher candidates to
help K-12 students achieve the Sunshine State Standards? N/A

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