The Concluding Sentence by aA6Pu80B


									     The Concluding
Is the last sentence in the paragraph
Is your opportunity to leave your
readers with a strong impression of the
topic and its focus
Indicates to the readers that no more
discussion will occur on the main idea
       Techniques I
Sums up the main idea and major
supporting details
May offer an opinion
Confirm the results of a process
State an outcome of an event
Challenge the reader to respond
       Techniques II
Summarizes the material in the
Offers a solution to the problem stated
in the paragraph
Predicts a situation that will result or
occur from the statements made in the
       Techniques III
Makes a recommendation concerning
material presented in the paragraph
States a conclusion to information given
in the paragraph
      Things to Avoid
Rewrite the topic sentence
Introduce a new topic or point of view

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