STATE FFA NURSERY/LANDSCAPE CONTEST
                              General Knowledge Section 1986

Directions: Select the best answer and mark your selection on the separate answer sheet provided.
Black out completely the letter that corresponds to the answer for each question. Use only a #2
pencil to mark your answers.

1. John discovered that the pH reading for his soil was much too
   low. He decides he needs to add lime and change the type of
   fertilizer he uses to reduce the acidity of the soil. He should
   change to                     .
   A. ammonium phosphate.           C. urea
   B. calcium nitrate.            D. ammonium nitrate

2. A solenoid valve . . .
   A. is a good supplemental light source.
   B. is a single node on a stem.
   C. is a type of switch often used for controlling water flow.
   D. regulates the heating and cooling system in a greenhouse.

3. Which plant(s) below grows best in an acidic soil (pH 5.0-6.0)?
   A. azaleas                     C. camellias
   B. centipede grass             D. all the above

4. Bulbs are dug and separated . . .
   A. after the foliage dies back
   B. when the plant is in a dormant state
   C. in the early winter
   D. all of the above

5. The response when plants bend in the direction of more intense
   light is termed                    .
   A. photoperiodism              C. photo response
   B. phototropism                D. photosynthesis
6. Which of the following is true for good designs
   A. Fences are preferred over a hedge.
   B. Hedges are preferred over fences.
   C. Hedges should always cover the lower portion of a fence.
   D. None of the above.
7. How often a nursery crop needs water depends on . . .
   A. the type of plant.
   B. how much light the plant receives.
   C. the type of soil it is planted in.
   D. all the above.
8. A common problem with azaleas is . . .
   A. iron chlorosis              C. lace bugs
   B. all the above               D. none of the above
9. Suzie examined the soil mix she had just purchased. She
   recognized one of the ingredients as pine bark. This was a good
   nursery growing mix and there were two other ingredients.
   Select the two other likely ingredients from the list below.
   A. perlite and sawdust
   B. vermiculite and sand
   C. wheat straw and sand
   D. either B or C

10. Wilber Wilt found several insects and pests on his juniper
  crop and asked you for your thoughts on the seriousness of the
  problem. Mr. Wilt should be most concerned about the

  A. spider mites               C. house flies
  B. lady bugs                  D. saw bugs

11. A very effective insecticide but one that is also highly
  lethal to humans is                     .
  A. temik                      C. benlate
  B. pentac                     D. captan

12. Which material would you have the least need for in producing
  A. 20-20-20 fertilizer          C. peatmoss
  B. lime                       D. insecticide

13. Which of the following plants should not be planted in full
  A. camellia                   C. live oak
  B. yucca                      D. sweet gum

14. Which grass below has the coarsest texture?
  A. Bermuda 419                C. Common Bermuda
  B. Centipede                  D. There is very little
                                difference in the texture of any
                                of these.
15.  To avoid violating the principle of scale, you might choose a
                        as a tree for a very small house.
  A. sycamore                     C. sweet gum
  B. flowering crabapple            D. japanese fatsia
16. Which plant listed below could be shipped cheaper than the
  others because it could be sold bare root (assume the plants are
  of sufficient size for landscape purposes)?
  A. foster holly                C. border forsythia
  B. kurume azalea               D. helleri holly
17. Two types of mowers used on lawns are?
  A. reel and rotary            C. reel and flail
  B. rotary and flail           D. suction and rotary

18. A cold frame is 20 ft. x 100 ft. If each pot occupies a
  space 18 inches x 18 inches and a walk 3 ft. wide runs the full
  length of the house, how many pots can be placed in the house?
  A. 755                         C. 7555
  B. 6491                        D. 649
19. Which date listed below would be the closest to the test
  frost date for middle Georgia?
  A. January 1                   C. April 1
  B. March 1                     D. February 1

20. Which pH reading is the most alkaline?
  A. 5.5                        C. 7.7
  B. 6.0                        D. 4.9

21. Which of the materials listed below is suitable for landscape
  construction if the material will be in close contact with
  landscape plants?
  A. new cross ties              C. creosoted lumber
  B. old cross ties              D. all are suitable

22. Which statement is true about landscape architects?
  A. They are often concerned with traffic flow and the lay out of
  B. They are often responsible for designing walks and patios.
  C. They are concerned with elevations, drainage and with
  designing drainage systems.
  D. all the above are true.

23.  Many nurseries in Georgia use the area under
      as their growing areas for certain plants because of the
  shade they provide.
  A. Pine trees                  C. Oak trees
  B. Sweet gum trees             D. Red maple trees

24. Ammonium nitrate contains no                       .
  A. nitrogen                    C. phosphorus or potassium
  B. nitrogen or potassium         D. nitrogen or phosphorus

25. One of the most common mulches for commercial landscape
  plantings in Georgia is?
  A. pine straw                 C. peat moss
  B. wheat straw                D. compost

26. When a small engine will not start, one of   the first things
  to do is . . .
  A. Clean the breather           C. check for   ignition spark at
                                     the spark   plug
  B. check the blade for binding. D. reset the   fly wheel.

27. If you need a turfgrass for a site that has both shady and
  sunny areas, then                      would be the best choice
  of those listed below.
  A. common bermuda             C. hybrid Bermuda
  B. zoysia                     D. none of the above

28. Choose the combination below that most nearly approximates
  the minimum widths for residential walks and drives.
  A. walks 3 ft., drives 15 ft.              C. walks 3 ft.,
                                 drives 10 ft.
  B. walks 2 ft., drives 8 ft.          D. walks 2 ft., drives 10
29. Permission to ship plants from state to state may be denied
  by the Department of Agriculture for all the following reasons
  except                     .
  A. fire ants                   C. aphids
  B. fire blight                 D. increment borers

30. High pH levels of soil is associated with
  A. iron chlorosis in azaleas         C. ricketts in camellias
  B. canker in oaks             D. all the above

31. In Georgia, most of the nursery crops are grown in containers
  in the field and are protected (or should be) in
      during the winter.
  A. cold frames                 C. greenhouses
  B. sheds                       D. shade houses

32. The word Ahorticulture@ is a latin word that means . . .
  A. ''grower of crops."          C. Alover of plants@
  B. Agarden cultivation@         D. APlant cultivator@

33.    Seeds are composed of . . .
  A.   seed coat, endosperm, and an embryo
  B.   endosperm, a root, and a stem
  C.   an eye, starch, and seed coat
  D.   an embryo, starch and endosperm

34.  The best temperature for the germination of most seeds is
  A. 50 to 60 degrees F            C. 85 to 9O degrees F
  B. 65 to 75 degrees F            D. 80 to 85 degrees F
35. Why are hybrid seed so much more expensive than non-hybrids?
  A. More labor is involved in the production of hybrids.
  B. A lot of expensive research has gone into tbe development of
  C. Hybrids are superior to non-hybribs and demand for them is
  D. All the above

36. The first part of the new plant to emerge from the seed is
  A. root                       C. stem
  B. leaves                     D. endosperm

37. Azaleas are propagated commercially by                         .
  A. seeds in the fall            C. cuttings in spring and
  B. seeds in the spring          D. cuttings after the last

38.    When sawdust is used in the soil . . .
  A.   it tends to pack too tightly.
  B.   weed control may be a problem.
  C.   extra nitrogen must be applied to the soil.
  D.   the soil becomes too alkaline.

39. Which material is rarely used in modern culture of potted
  horticultural crops at the commercial level?
  A. manure                      C. topsoil
  B. compost                     D. al1 of these

40.  To mix a cubic yard of 1:1:1 soil you would add
          cubic feet of each ingredient.
  A.9                            C. 12
  B. 27                          D. none of these

41.    Simple layering can be used to propagate
  A. forsythia                     C. liriope
  B. loblolly pine                 D. red bud

42. All the following nutrients are needed by plants except:
  A. N,P,K,Ca,Ma                B. Fh,Mn,Cl,Lm
  C. C,H,O,P,K                  D. Ca,Mg,S,Fe

43.  The process of hardening off plants can be accomplished by
  A. decreasing fertilizer                      C. decreasing water
  B. exposing plants to cooler temperatures     D. al1 the above

44 Which of the following is true for good design?     A. Fences
   are preferred over a hedge.
  B. Hedges are preferred over fences.
  C. Hedges should always cover the lower portion of a fence.
  D. None of the above.
45. Rex and Richard were in business growing garden mums and
  delivering them to retailers. Their fixed cost of production
  was $.30 per pot and the total variable cost was $.90 per pot.
  Due to uncontrollable circumstances they were able to get only
  $1.10 per pot bid for their plants. There is no alternative use
  for their crop so Richard said . . .
  A. we should get a larger truck.
  B. we should sell because we expect the price to go up for the
  next crop and we can recover solve of our fixed cost.
  C. we should not sell, it never makes good sense to sell for
  less than it cost to grow the crop.
  D. none of the above is the best alternative.

46. Which of the following horticultural businesses is not
  plagued by seasonal busy and slack times that among other things
  make keeping good employees in productive work a problem?
  A. garden centers              C. landscape services
  B. nurseries                   D. all the above have this

47. A pine tree is classified as a                      .
  A. coniferous evergreen          C. deciduous conifer
  B. crown conifer              D. quanset evergreen

48.    When pruning a large tree limb                    cut should
  be   made first.
  A.   an undercut                 C. a pinch cut
  B.   an overcut                  D. drop cut

49.    Overhead watering system; are most successful when . . .
  A.   the plants are the same species and are the same size.
  B.   the plants are in the same size pots.
  C.   the same soil mix is used for all the plants.
  D.   all the above.

50. Clipped hedges should be . . .
  A. widest at the bottom.                    C. widest at the tap.
  B. widest at the ends of the hedge row.     D. it does not

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