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									Neoliberalismens Rum
En uafhængig studiekreds i Studenterhuset
              Foråret 2003

   oplæg/ide af Alex K. Tonnesen og Søren Svendsen
Oplægets opbygning:
• Jeg vil i dette oplæg gøre rede for følgende:
  – Studiegruppens værktøj (et særnummer af tidsskriftet
  – Indholdet i nummeret, summarisk
  – Formen, herunder korrespondancen med Neil Brenner,
    en af redaktørerne
  – Indholdet i lidt nærmere detaljer
  – Styrken i / målet med, projektet som sådan
  – En række forventede spørgsmål/kommentarer
  – Nogle afsluttende praktiske og visionære
    bemærkninger til hele projektet

                   Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT           2
Antipode - A Radical Journal of
 • Et af de ældste og bedste kritisk-geografiske
 • Angelsaksisk, men favner verden
 • Juli 2002, vol. 34, no. 3
 • Særnummeret:
    – Spaces of Neoliberalism: Urban Restructuring in
      North America and Western Europe, Guest Edited
      by Neil Brenner and Nik Theodore
 • Indeholder 11 originale artikler af bl. a.:
    – Jessop, Swyngedouw, Brenner, Peck og Moulaert
                   Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT            3
Indhold – For kicks
• The Urbanization of Neoliberalism:
  Theoretical Debates

• Cities and State Restructuring: Pathways
  and Contradictions

• New Geographies of Power, Exclusion and

                Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT    4
Form / indledende praktiske bem.
                                       • Møde hver mandag i
 Teori                    Empiri
                                         kl. 20-22. Start 10/2
                                       • Pensum: En artikel
          Studie-                      • En person:
                                            – Læser den grundigt
                                            – Relaterer den til
                                              tidligere/anden teori
            Viden                           – Relaterer den til (sin
         Inspiration                          egen) danske empiri
                                            – Holder oplæg
         Publikation                        – Skriver evt. et
                                              resumé/stykke papir
                       Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                       5
Korrespondance med Neil Brenner, NYU
 Citat Alex K. Tonnesen:            Citat Neil Brenner:
 • We are setting up a study           • I'm delighted to hear that
   group ... discuss the                   you found our Antipode
   article ... shed light on the           project useful and it's
   specific Danish situation               great to hear you want to
                                           use this material for your
   ... heighten our theoretical            reading group. I certainly
   and analytical capacities.              have no objection to your
 • Form some sort of a                     dissemination of this
   synthesis ... write an                  material--just glad to hear
   article on:                             that someone is reading it!
                                           Please do keep me
 • Neoliberalism, urban                    posted on how the
   theory and the Danish and               reading group goes; Nik
   European planning                       and I would warmly
   discourse.                              appreciate the feedback
                                           of you
                        Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT and your               6
                                            • Paradoxically, much of the
Indhold – For real 1                          contemporary political appeal to
                                              the “local” actually rests upon
                                              arguments regarding allegedly
 • Starter med et                             uncontrollable supralocal
   opgør med:                                 transformations, such as
                                              globalization, the financialization
      – ”New Localism”                        of capital, the erosion of the
 •   In a geoeconomic context                 national state, and the
     defined by massive upheavals             intensification of interspatial
     of entrenched interscalar                competition. (s. 1, txt. 1)
     relations, local (and regional)
     spaces are now increasingly            • Under these conditions, in the
     being viewed as key institutional        absence of a sustainable
     arenas for a wide range of               regulatory fix at global,
     policy experiments and political         supranational or national scales,
     strategies. (s. 1, txt. 1)               localities are increasingly being
                                              viewed as the only remaining
          See: Jessop and the                 institutional arenas in which a
          concept of the spatio-              negotiated form of capitalist
          temperal fix                        regulation might be forged. (s.
                                              1, txt. 1)
                            Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                               7
                                         This multifaceted, multiscalar
Indhold – For real 2                   •
                                         dynamic of neoliberalization has
                                         entailed the loosening or
                                         dismantling of the various
 • Fortsætter med en                     institutional constraints upon
   definition af:                        marketization, commodification, the
                                         hyperexploitation of workers and
     – ”Actually Existing                the discretionary power of private
       Neoliberalism”                    capital that had been established
 • Neoliberalism and its evolving        through popular struggles prior to
   political-economic geographies        and during the postwar period (s. 2,
   (s. 2, txt. 1)                        txt. 1)
 • Since the crisis of the Fordist-    • Deregulation, liberalization, and
   Keynesian accumulation regime
   and the breakdown of the              state retrenchment – the linchpins
   Bretton Woods monetary                of the neoliberal policy repertoire –
   system in the early 1970’s, (due      have been imposed at a range of
   to the halt of productivity           spatial scales, from the global and
   growth, [my remark]) the global       the continental to the national and
   capitalist system has become          the local, albeit always in context-,
   increasingly neoliberalized. (s.      territory-, and/or place-specific
   2, txt. 1)                            forms (s. 3, txt. 1) [my emphasis's]
                          Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                          8
                                           {This is a} collection on Spaces of
Indhold – For real 3                       Neoliberalism (s. 2, txt. 1)
                                           [original emphasis]
• Herefter en undren:                    • First ... {we will} examine the role
   – ”The socio-spatial                    of neoliberal political projects since
                                           the late 1970s in shaping the
      effects of neoliberalism”            dynamics of urban change in North
• Rarely theorized explicitly at the       America and Western Europe. (s. 3,
  urban scale in the older                 txt. 1)
  industrialized world. (s. 3, txt. 1)
  [original emphasis]                    • Second, by exploring the role of
• Even though discussions of the rise,     neoliberal politics in molding urban
  consolidation, and diffusion of          spaces and, more generally, in
  neoliberalism generally contain any      reproducing and intensifying
  number of implicit geographical          uneven spatial development within
  assumptions, the complex                 and between cities, this collection
  spatialities of these developments       seeks to illuminate some of the
  have yet to be examined and              broader geographical contours,
  theorized systematically, whether        dynamics, and trajectories of
  with reference to cities, regions,
                                           neoliberalism itself as a multiscalar
  national territories, or supranational
  spaces. (s. 3, txt. 1)                   geoeconomic and geopolitical
                                           project. (s. 3, txt. 1)
                             Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                         9
Indhold – For clarity
• The Urbanization of Neoliberalism:
  Theoretical Debates
  – Developing theoretical frameworks through which to explore the
    intersection between neoliberalism and urban development

• Cities and State Restructuring: Pathways
  and Contradictions
  – Analyzing the logics, dynamics, and contradictions of state
    intervention in neoliberalizing urban spaces

• New Geographies of Power, Exclusion and
  – Examining the divisive sociospatial effects of neoliberal urban
    policies           Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                      10
Styrken ved / målet med projektet!
            Vores multidisci-
           plinære empiriske,
              analytiske og
            teoretiske viden
            Vores fælles og
             teoretiske og
            Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                 11
Frequently Asked Questions 1
 • Hvorfor skal byplanlæggere beskæftige sig
   med det her?
   – Fordi neoliberalismen er en groft overset, meget
     nyttig vinkel på analysen af det urbane!
 • Hvorfor skal progressive mennesker
   beskæftige sig med det her?
   – Fordi det urbane er en groft overset, meget nyttig
     vinkel på analysen af neoliberalismen!
 • Hvorfor skal erklærede neoliberalister
   beskæftige sig med det her?
   – Det skal de heller ikke!

                    Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT             12
Frequently Asked Questions 2
• Hvad skal al denne snak om neoliberalismen til
  for? Der er mange andre spændende vinkler!
  – 1. Man kan også kalde det ”samfunds-udviklingen”,
    ”den ny verdensorden” el. lign. pointen er at vi her
    har med en meget spændende og meget
    betydningsfuld vinkel at gøre
  – 2. Hvis det hele ikke skal ende i ren postmoderne
    kultur-relativistisk small-talk hvor man aldrig
    kommer ud af hullerne, fordi ingen er i stand til at
    forstå hvad nogen som helst siger, da alle taler ud
    fra privat udgangspunkt, så er det nødvendigt med
    en art fælles reference-ramme hvorudfra
    diskussionen kan starte. Det her er et bud på en
                    Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT              13
Afsluttende praktiske bemærkninger
•   Start mandag d. 10 februar 2003
•   Kører alle mandage fra 20 – 22 i Studenterhuset
•   Offentlige møder; dog med mest mulig kontinuitet
•   Der laves offentlig tilgængelig site:
    – På www.akira.ruc.dk/~akt/ indeholdende:
       • Alle artiklerne, supplerende materiale, egne tekster, links og
         hvad vi ellers kan finde på
• Søren og jeg vil gerne påtage os at holde:
    – Oplæg 1 (d. 10/2): Generel introduktion til
      studiekredsen samt: ”det teoretiske fundament for
      analysen af den ”faktisk eksisterende neoliberalisme””

                          Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT                       14
Afsluttende visionær bemærkning

 •Studiegruppen kunne
  ideelt set munde ud i
  publikationen af et
  værk af en art
             Neoliberalismens Rum; AKT   15

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