EMPLOYER AGREEMENT

This learning agreement is not intended to form the basis of any legal contract between you and any other party, but is
                      intended to be useful to you to refer to as your programme progresses.

                                    This Employer Agreement was made between:

                                                                     (Training Officer)
                                                     On behalf of:
                               Strode College, Church Road, Street (Training Provider)





   1. Provide a Safe and Healthy working environment for the Learner, and complete any health and safety
      improvements suggested by the Strode College representative.
   2. Provide the Learner with Health and Safety training (as applicable) and provide the correct personal protective
      clothing and equipment (as applicable).
   3. Will provide a working environment which does not discriminate against anyone and provide appropriate equal
      opportunities training to the Learner.
   4. Provide the Learner with terms and conditions of employment, and issue a contract of employment within 13
      weeks of commencement of employment.
   5. Pay the Learner the appropriate rate for the job (minimum employed Learner allowance of £95.00per week)
   6. Release the Learner for any “off the job” training as required by the learning programme and the Individual
      Learning Plan (ILP).
   7. Provide the Learner with the appropriate holiday entitlement as set out within the company policies.
   8. Inform the Placement Officer/Assessor of any accidents, illnesses or near misses concerning the learner whilst
      they are on programme.
   9. Hold the appropriate Insurance policies as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act and provide
      information of these policies to the Strode College Placement Officer/Assessor when required.
   10. Ensure that company Insurance companies are aware of the Learner being employed and ensure that the
       Insurance Policies cover the Learner.
   11. Inform the Placement Officer/Assessor of any problems with the learners’ employment prior to termination of
       the Learners contract of employment.
   12. Agree to release the Learner for Interviews and Guidance where continued employment with the company is
       not an option at the end of the programme.
   13. Allow the learner to follow the grievance procedure as operated by the college.
   14. Provide information, advice and guidance to the Learner throughout the programme and actively contribute to
       the review and assessment process.
   15. Provide information as requested about the Learners attendance record within the placement
                                      EMPLOYER AGREEMENT
   1. Provide information, advice and guidance throughout the learner’s programme.
   2. Provide adequate Initial Assessment Activities to ensure that the learner is enrolled onto the correct
      programme and provided with adequate support to provide a successful outcome to the programme.
   3. Review the progress being made towards completion on a regular basis and provide the learner and
      employer/mentor to provide input into any goals and targets agreed.
   4. Provide regular support and guidance to the learner at assessment and tutorial visits or lessons (once every four
      weeks as a minimum).
   5. Provide fair and supportive assessment methods and provide full, clear and supportive feedback to the
   6. Provide a clear route for appeals and complaints and ensure that the learner and employer is aware of how to
      access these processes.
   7. Provide you with the quality of service as outlined within the Strode College – Student Charter.
   8. Monitor the workplace’s Health and Safety to ensure that the placement is a healthy and safe environment for
      the learner.
   9. Provide Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities support and information within the induction and ensure
      that the learner has an adequate knowledge of these legislations at regular review meetings.
   10. Regularly review the progress of the learner and ensure that progress is being made towards a successful
       outcome to the learning programme, and help to set SMART targets and goals for continued progression
       towards completion.
   11. Provide additional support and guidance to learners who require Additional Learning or Social Needs.
   12. Provide a clear referral process for people who wish to access student support or learning resources within the

I confirm that I have read the Employer Agreement and agree to ensure that I work towards keeping my
commitments to the learning programme.
I am happy to support the learner through their learning programme and can confirm that the learner has had a full
induction into the workplace including Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities. I also confirm that the learner
has/will have a contract of employment.

Employer NAME:

Employer ADDRESS:

Employer SIGNATURE:                                                                             DATE:

I confirm that Strode College will work with both the employer and the learner to ensure that we meet the
agreements set out within this document and ensure that the learner and the workplace is kept informed and
consulted with progress, achievements and plans for the Programme.


REPRESENTATIVE SIGNATURE:                                                                       DATE:

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