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									                         Letters of Recommendation
                     Check-list to turn into your Counselor
This check-list has been created to help you put your materials together for your counselor letters of
recommendation. All tasks listed on the checklist must be completed and checked off before you turn in
your materials. This completed check-list should be returned in the envelope when you bring it to the
counselor to complete your letters.

Materials due: circle date October 1- Early Decision/ Action
                              November 1- Regular Decision
     “My Colleges” Naviance : move colleges to apply list—be aware of deadlines
     Sign FERPA Agreement: stating you agree NOT to see your document file
     “My Resume” Naviance
     “My Game Plan” Naviance
     List of ten adjectives that describe you the best
     Letter from your parents about you[optional-but very helpful]
     Any other supplemental information you need to provide
     A copy of a signed Early Decision Statement if you are applying Early Decision [1 only]
     Official transcript on order from registrar
     Print and include all the above in large envelope given to you by your counselor.

If you are mailing your school documents you will need the following:

o One large envelope for each school you are applying to:
     Return address is: Your Counselor’s Name
                        MVHS, 3535 Truman Ave.
                         Mountain View, CA 94040
     College address: Usually to the Admissions Office of the university. It must be complete!
     3 first class stamps

      You must repeat the above process in February for Mid-year Report if mailing

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