2011 2012Senior Year Planning Sheet by 0DgXu2U


									                           SENIOR YEAR PLANNING SHEET
September                                                          reduce the processing to three days
 Register for the Fall SAT.                                       (www.FAFSA.ed.qov). Once you have completed
 Check your ePEP at www.facts.org to make sure                    the FAFSA, you will receive your SAR (Student Aid
   you are on track for graduation and Florida Bright              Report). Review it for accuracy.
   Futures.                                                       Do any of your colleges require the CSS/Financial
 Make an appointment to see your counselor and                    Aid Profile? If so, you can submit an application at
   finalize your college list. Bring that list to your             www.colleqeboard.com.
   appointment. Keep your parents informed.                       Mid-Year grades get sent to the colleges that
 Meet with the college representatives that visit                 request them. Colleges like to see strong second
   throughout the fall.                                            semester grades, so avoid senioritis. Give the
 Check college requirements and deadlines. Mark                   requests and stamped addressed envelopes to
   your calendar with important dates and deadlines                your guidance counselor. They will be sent as soon
   for the year.                                                   as second marking period grades are available.
 Email or call colleges to request information and
   applications. Applications can be completed and           February
   submitted on-line or downloaded and printed off            If you have not done so already, complete your
   your computer.                                               financial aid forms.
 Get started on your applications right away and             Stay on top of admission deadlines. If you haven't
   inform your counselor if you plan to apply through           applied anywhere yet, you need to move on it
   Early Decision or Early Action Programs.                     quickly.
   Determine if a college interview is required.              Send SAT and AP scores to colleges you applied,
 Check for local college fairs.                                if they don't already have them.

October                                                      March - April
 Stay on top of admissions deadlines!                        You will begin hearing from colleges regarding
 Guidance begins to accept Transcript                          acceptances. Make sure you tell your counselor.
 Requests.                                                   If you have not yet visited the schools - Visit before
 Plan college visits and interviews.                           making your final decision.
 Get a head start on your application essays.
 Apply for a pin number for financial aid
   www.FAFSA.ed.gov                                               Make a final decision.
 Register for November SAT.                                      Notify colleges of acceptance/rejection. Make sure
 Ask teachers for recommendations.                                you send your reply and deposit by the deadline.
                                                                   DON’T BE LATE
November - December                                               Keep your counselor informed of decisions and
 Community service hours are due November 1st.                    scholarships.
 Check deadlines for early decision college                      If you are wait listed by a college, contact
   applications.                                                   admissions to reiterate your interest in the school.
 SAT tests are given in November, December, and                  Take AP exams. Have your scores sent to your
   January. Watch for registration deadlines to avoid              final-choice college.
   late fees.
 Send all applications with January 1 deadlines
                                          st                 June
   before December 10.                                        Request to have a final transcript sent to your
January                                                       Send thank you notes to scholarship programs that
 Some regular decision applications are due in                 have given you aid and the teachers who wrote
   January or February.                                         letters of recommendation
 January SAT – registration in December.                     If you have completed dual enrollment courses,
 Financial Aid season opens. Submit the FAFSA as               request a transcript from the appropriate college to
   soon as possible after January 1St. Remember                 be sent to the school you will attend.
   FAFSA processing takes 4-6 weeks. Early
   application is critical! The fastest way to apply is by
   using the Internet. By using the Web you can

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