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Foundation of the Initiative

• Ohio TRIO steeped in a magnificent history.
• Progress and contributions challenged by a context of federal
  activity and emerging college access programs.
• There is a desire to position the organization above ‘marginal’ status
  across regional, state, and federal levels.

Recommended strategy:

    Develop your association into a powerful and recognizable brand.

Enable the brand to stand for something unique and ownable in the
minds of your target.

•   It provides focus
•   It’s a consistent promise
•   It sets expectations
•   It simplifies decision making

Creating Value:
When your brand stands for something that is unique enough that
  people can’t get that specific promise anywhere else.

     The more unique, the more valuable.
    Why is positioning important to Ohio TRIO?

Because your context determines your value.

•   Macro Level
     – US Department of Education vs. ……
     – Policy Seminar

•   Micro Level
     – Flat funded for a number of years
     – STEM focus (emerging approaches and organizations)
     – Necessity of expanding resources

•   In an age of competing interests, sustainability will depend on
    your attractiveness, notoriety, publicity and promotion.
The Approach


        Discover                Inspire             Activate

   Strategic Brand Platform    Marketing Platform    Integration
Process Overview

    Client                       Segmentation


  Consumer                         Inspire             Activate

   Brand          •Relevance
  Dynamics        •Performance

     Strategic Brand Platform     Marketing Platform    Integration
Step 1: Ohio TRIO Brand Offerings (Professionals)

•   There are both functional and emotional needs met through Ohio TRIO.
     –   Functional: Financial aid, academic prep, college access information, collegiate navigation.
     –   Emotional: Believing in the future, confidence, encouragement, support.

•   Identified points of difference:
     –   Longevity
     –   Breadth in the range of services
     –   Organizational professionals that balance “hands-on” experience and advocacy.
     –   Focus on professional development.

•   Ohio TRIO as an association delivers:
     –   Networking for professionals
     –   Share best practices
     –   Common goals
     –   Access to information and a path to decision makers
Step 1: Ohio TRIO Brand Offerings (Students)

•   More than 70% of the students said that they were introduced to the program through
    school either by a representative of the program or a student administrator.

•   Where did they see themselves in 10 years?
     –   Working in their desired profession (or finishing a graduate degree)
     –   Understood that education was key to success

•   Open to the idea on being supported throughout the journey, but there is a low level
    of synergy across the full range of TRIO or college access offerings.

•   Perception that certain programs are very specialized
     –   Some programs are perceived to focus on just one thing (tutoring, disabilities, etc.)
     –   Limits enrollment among those that might be eligible to participate
Step 2: Comparative offerings

All associations explored have similar
    areas of coverage under the
    umbrella of college access, but
    vary in levels of involvement and
    area of expertise.

•   Financial aid advising
•   Scholarship assistance
•   Academic preparation
•   College access information (i.e.
    application, visitation)
•   Collegiate support and navigation
Step 3: Relative Impact


•   Sameness - An overlapping in coverage areas (financial aid, college access
    counseling, academic prep) create funding competition
•   Blurring - Several programs belonging to different college access initiatives,
    creating a confusing landscape.
•   Efficacy of programs comes into question at the same time that regulations
    are tightening. (who can claim what results?)
•   Without awareness, support of programs could be directly related to who is
    in office (familiarity)

One option “seems” as good as another.
Step 4: Ownable Positioning

TOP 5 Considerations for Ohio TRIO Positioning:
1. Consider your identity:
    –   Membership driven professional organization
    –   College opportunities initiative

2. Define your target: Students, college access professionals, State legislatures
    –   the best positioning is rooted in identified needs.

3. Leverage longevity of Ohio TRIO

4. Highlight the Journey!
    –   Use your scope as a competitive strength. Actively cross-sell Ohio TRIO offerings within
        association and to external parties.

5. Consider categorizing program offerings in a manner considers the breath of
   Ohio TRIO offerings (6th grade through adulthood).
Evaluating Consistency. Communicate Promise.


• Be compelling to the target audience
• Be recognizable and proprietary
• Express the desired brand character of the

• EXAMPLE: You compare McDonalds and
 STEP 4: Positioning
 Ohio TRIO Brand Assessment Profile

   •Connectedness                                            •Compassionate
   •Solidarity                                               •Professional
   •Security                                                 •Resourceful
   •Spirit of collaboration

What the Brand Offers                   Professionals                 Who the Brand is
                                   Directly engaged in the               (Identity)
  (Utility/Benefits)               Journey of opportunity

  •In-touch with student interests                            •“Implementer”
  •Depth in program perspectives                              •Stewardship
  •Shared experiences/best practices                          •Professional
  •Professional development                                   •Established
  •Leverage scale                                             •Connecting

What’s Next


        Discover                Inspire             Activate

   Strategic Brand Platform    Marketing Platform    Integration
Process Overview



        Discover                Platform
                                                 Verbal       Activate
                                Big Idea

                                Share of       •Internal
                                 Voice         •External

   Strategic Brand Platform    Marketing Platform          Integration
Brand Identity:


                        Ohio     Message

Brand Identity:

                              Verbal Messaging
                                 – Collateral and information
           Naming                  review

                                 – Propose communication
                                   strategy and hierarchy (how
           Ohio                    the organization will speak
Vehicles            Message
           TRIO                    consistently across all

Brand Identity:

                  Visual Identity

                  • First review
                         (2-4 different brand marks)
                  • Second review
                         (2 brand marks refined with
                             design themes added)
Brand Identity:

                  Collateral Development

                     • Brochure
                     • Web Design
                     • PR (TBD)
• Thank you

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