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What does Lincoln cost?
Although ‘big expenses’ like tuition fees and rent are usually pretty easily discoverable, it’s often
more difficult to find out just how much the ‘little things’ around college cost – but these can add
up! The following is meant to be a helpful breakdown of the minor costs that you will encounter
around college. If you would like to see something added to this list, contact a member of the JCR


Hall Prices                                                       Deep Hall Food Prices

Breakfast                                                         Standard Baguette               £1.60
Continental Breakfast:      Tea / Coffee            £0.55         Large Baguette                  £1.95
                            Toast                   £0.60         - extra filling                 £0.30
Optional breakfast
items:                      Cereals/Porridge        £0.50         Pizzas                          £1.50
                            Cooked Breakfast        £1.25         Cornish Pasties                 £1.15
                            Fruit Juices            £0.45         Sausage Rolls                   £1.00
                            Yoghurt / Fruit         £0.45         Jacket Potato (incl. filling)   £1.40
                                                                  Pies (Chicken & Mushroom,
                                                                  Steak & Kidney, or Minced
Lunch                       Main Course             £1.95         Beef & Onion)                   £1.40
                            Side Course (Salad
                            etc)                    £1.20         Baps (5'' floured)              £1.40
                            Potatoes                £0.50         Beef / Cheese Burgers           £1.30
                            Vegetables              £0.50         Soup (bowl or mug)              £0.90
                            Sweet                   £0.65          - with bread                   £1.10
                            Fruit                   £0.45         Salads (choice of 4)            £1.95
                            Cheese & Biscuits       £0.60          - plus meat or falafel         £2.30
                                                                  Fruit (apples & bananas)        £0.45
Dinner                                              £4.30         Crisps                          £0.70
                                                                  Peanuts (dry roasted and
                            Saturday Dinner         £7.75         salted)                         £0.75
Dinner Guests               Sunday – Friday         £6.75         Regular chocolate bars          £0.80
                            Saturday               £10.25         Dairy Milk / Yorkie             £0.85
Brunch                                              £2.30

Deep Hall Drinks Prices:

Some basic prices for Deep Hall drinks are as follows. A full list is available in the bar:

Stella / Staropramen - £2.20 per pint; £1.10 half pint
Becks / Cider / Boddingtons / guest ales - £1.90 per pint; £0.95 half pint
House white / red / rosé - £2.00 per glass
Spirits - £1.90 single shot
Soft drinks - £0.65 per can; various prices for draught, from £0.25.
Printing Costs (per side):

B/W:                           Colour (available from the new library printer):
A4 – 5p                        A4 – 20p
A4 duplex – 4p                 A4 duplex – 16 p

A3 prices are double those for A4

For comparison, equivalent print costs at the Bodleian are:

B/W:                           Colour:
A4 – 6p                        A4 – 38p
A4 duplex – 4.5p               A4 duplex – 28.5p
A3 – 10 p                      A3 – 76p
A3 duplex – 7.5p               A3 – 57p


Each washing or drying load costs £1.25. Laundry cards can be purchased / topped up in the lodge.

JCR Battel Costs:

Several charges are levied by the JCR through your college battels. They cover a range of projects
and services that are operated by the JCR. Any queries, or requests to opt-out of a charge, should be
made directly to the JCR Treasurer, and not to the Accounts office.

The Charges:

Overseas Scholarship - Provides for one student for one academic year - £9.00
Charities Fund - Forms the JCR Charity Budget, spent by members in meetings - £8.00
Finalists’ Celebration - Pays for a bottle of Pimm’s for each finalist - £3.00
Punt Scheme - Pays for a punt to be used during Trinity Term - £4.00
Vacation Project - A contribution to the college’s student run charity - £5.00
Freshers’ T-Shirts - Paid by Freshers ONLY - £5.00

Opting Out

Should you wish to opt out of any of the above charges, or have any questions, please contact the
JCR Treasurer by the end of Friday of 2nd Week in Michelmas Term. The consequences of opting
out, where they exist, are listed below.

Overseas Scholarship - You cannot opt out
Charities Fund - You cannot propose or second charities motions in the JCR
Finalists’ Celebration - You cannot collect any Pimm’s in your final year

Punt Scheme - You cannot book or be a guest on the JCR Punt
Vacation Project - You will not have contributed to the Vacation Project
Freshers’ T-Shirt - You cannot collect a Freshers’ T-Shirt

                           -- This information is accurate as of 2011-12 --

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