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By Tamar Bogatikov
Look at the texts below and answer:
         which one is a list?
     1           2           3

     4           5           6
             What is a list?

- A series of names, words, or other items
written, printed, or imagined one after the

        List may be long.

        List may be short.
If you go to the shop, write a shopping                    list to
              remember what to buy.

It’s especially important when you prepare for a party and invite your

                          Usually a list has a title. In this case the title
                          is “Shopping list.”

                          Every item is written on another line. Why?
                          It’s easy to see what we have already
                          bought and what not.

                         In the list you can see not only the names of
                         items for purchase but also drawings. Why
                         not? They create good atmosphere!
  Do you like to travel?

       A travelling list can help.
THINGS TO TAKE   Don’t forget to take everything you need
                               on your trip.

                 Here you can see numbers of things
                  someone wants to take on a trip.
Use a list to organize your day.

           It may be “To Do List”.

           This list contains all important activities
           of the day. Usually every line starts with a
           verb- pay, post, clean, etc.
     On New Year's Eve many people
      want to improve their lives.
They make “New Year’s Resolutions”- a list of promises that are supposed
                    to be fulfilled in a new year.

                          Thus, some kids decide to lose weight,
                          to quit smoking, to help parents about the
                          house, not to quarrel with sisters and
                          brothers, to learn better at school, etc.
               Other Kinds Of Lists
List of ingredients for a cake

List of students in a class journal

List of friends I invite to my Bar Mitzvah

List of my hobbies

List of telephone numbers important for me
          Check Yourself
      What is a list?

What kinds of lists do you

 What can a list contain?

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