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									Library services for
placement students
If you are a student on clinical placement within the Gloucestershire health community you can
use the Gloucestershire NHS library service in addition to your university or college libraries.

To join the library, please visit either Gloucestershire Royal or Cheltenham General library and
complete a membership form. You will to need to bring your student ID.

Library services and facilities
As a student you are entitled to use the following facilities / resources

   Books – you may borrow up to 5 books at any one time, late books are charged at 10p a
    day. You may renew books twice, in person, by phone or online at

   Library catalogue - the online catalogue is available at and can be
    accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. The catalogue includes details of
    the collections available in all NHS libraries in the South West.

   Print journals – these can be read or photocopied within the library.

   Photocopying – photocopying cards can be purchased from Library staff and cost £2.00 for
    20 copies, £3.00 for 40 copies and £7.00 for 100 copies.

   Inter library loans – we can obtain books or journal articles from other NHS libraries in the
    South West for free. If other locations are used charges may be incurred.

   Electronic books, journals and databases – when you are on placement you can access
    electronic resources available to NHS employees. To register for an NHS Athens account,
    go to and complete the online form using an NHS computer.

   Computers – you can use the computers in the library, please ask staff if you need a
    username and password. To save documents you will need a memory stick. Printing is
    charged at 5p per sheet.

   Information skills and library training –The system used at GRH/CGH to access
    databases and e-journals is different to your university system, however we do provide
    training. Please contact the library if you wish to book a session.
    University of the West of England students
    Currently it is not possible to access the UWE external Access System (myXA) from
    the library computers, however you can access myuwe and UWE library resources
    using your UWE username and password.

    If you require any help accessing UWE resources whilst you are on placement,
    please contact the UWE NHS Liaison Librarian Philip O’Shaughnessy on 0117
    3288592 or email Philip.O’

    UWE library web pages

    How to access resources at a distance or on a placement

    University of Bristol students
    You can access the University of Bristol portal via the library computers, you will
    need a Trust log in or library computer log in and your University of Bristol username
    and password. Printing or saving is not possible when using the portal therefore you
    will need a memory stick to save work

    University of Bristol library web pages

    Additional library support service for students on placement

Contact details and opening times
CGH Library                                 GRH Library
Alexandra House                             Redwood Education Centre
Cheltenham General Hospital                 Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
Sandford Road                               Great Western Road
Cheltenham GL53 7AN                         Gloucester GL1 3NN
Tel: 08454 223036                           Tel: 08454 226495
Fax: 08454 223060                           Fax: 08454 226170
Email:               Email:

Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm         Monday – Thursday 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Friday – 8.30 am – 4.00 pm                  Friday – 8.30 am – 4.00 pm

                                                                               LJR April 2009
                                                                              Updated June 11

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