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					Mohammed Alsohaibani
Mobile: (+966) 55 544-1930

Address: PO Box 361154, Riyadh, 11313 Saudi Arabia

1980–1987, KSU, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, BA in Mass Communication.



      German at the German Language Center, in association with the German Embassy in
       Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1989-1992).
      French at the Saudi French Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1992-1996) (Delf and
       Dalf-8 units).
      Swedish, self- tutoring with FSI language courses


      Diploma in Islamic Shari’a Law, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da‘wah
       and Guidance, Islamic Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2000-2004.
      General Course on Intellectual Property", offered by the WIPO Academy, online,
       October 1 to November 15, 2006.
      Advanced Course on Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property, offered by the
       WIPO Academy, online, September 28 to November 9, 2007.


      I had my first opportunity to making use of computers in 1998. I took up Windows,
       Office, OCR, Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Translation Memories and
       other tools. Learning methods included experiment, subscription to computer
       magazines, study of Microsoft publications and reviewing products user guides and
       help files, and finally taking any available examinations and hands on tests to put my
       abilities in black and white.


      Translated many publications and medical education circulars, took part in
       simultaneous translation of seminars and conferences, contributed and still contribute
       to local newspapers and magazines.
      Worked for local radio and newspapers as a local correspondent for two years. My
       duties included editing my own stories. I still contribute to local papers, magazines
       and societies by searching, translating and writing variety of articles.
      Over the past five years, translated scores of patent applications, edited a similar
       number and proofread hundred others in both Arabic and English. Wrote short travel
       stories and poems in English (only few published for personal reasons), and Arabic
       stories and prose.
      The most recent achievement is translation of several informational articles for
       international audience.

       1988 – 1998: Worked for King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:
        When I first joined, I worked as an interpreter in ER, OR and OPC. Meanwhile, I
        attended patient-care training courses organized by the hospital and continued taking
        language courses after hours. Later in my employment, I worked in translation of
        medical reports, circulars, medical supplies, patient education material and
        administrative communications beside my contribution to translating annual reports.

       1998– : Worked for Patent Office, Gulf Cooperation Council, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
        The office was just starting and setting up the translation department was entrusted to
        me. I started with translation of the Regulations and Bylaws, official forms and
        applications, useful instructions and educational material in the field as well as
        international communications and documents. I also planned translation workflow
        and set up translation records, designed translation forms and searched the technology
        market for hardware and software and recommended procurement. Soon after that, I
        had my hands-full with translation, editing and proofreading patent applications in
        various subjects as well as translating technical, legal and administrative documents.


Hardware: I use Dell Pentium IV 3.2, Arabic/English US keyboard, Windows XP Pro and
Office 2003, Officejet All in One, Lenovo Dual Core Laptop, Wireless 3.5G Internet

Software: Speech recognition, Arabic/English OCR, SYSTRAN, Al-Mutarjim Al-Arabey,
Trados, several electronic specialized Arabic<>English dictionaries that include Legal,
Technical, Medical and Economic to name but a few. Finally, I have the Worldwide Web
with its wonderful search tools and so much personal dedication and persistence.


I will provide you with an English<>Arabic accurate and faithful translation, proofreading,
search and editing of your projects, yet I will be more than happy to do as many revisions as
reasonably possible to ensure your satisfaction. I enjoy the challenge of finding the latest,
fastest and most reliable ways to deliver my translations and putting all that into your
projects. I am committed to deadlines, and customer satisfaction is my objective. My
objectives also include quality work, reasonable rates, timely deliveries and excellent

Translation rates depend on various criteria: current and potential volume, quality of the
source files (hard copy or electronic), turnaround time, file format and size involved.
Therefore, rates are always negotiable around the average rates.

Translation: 2500 words/day; 15000 words/week.
Editing/Proofreading: 5000 words/day, 25000 words/week.
Sworn Translator in Saudi Arabia.

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