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									      SAT Online

A Free SAT Preparation Tool
             Why Participate?
• Georgia students who registered and
  participated in the program scored :
  13 points higher on the critical reading section of
   the SAT
   19 points higher on the mathematics section of
   the SAT
  16 points higher on the writing section of the SAT
• Would you like a 48 point gain on the SAT?
• It is FREE!
PSAT Practice Means Higher SAT Scores
  Class of 2009 – State average-1460

• Average SAT score without PSAT          1302
• Average SAT score with PSAT as Junior   1386

• Average SAT score with PSAT as Sophomore or
  younger                               1439

• Average SAT score with PSAT as a Junior and
  Sophomore or younger                    1575
Academic Preparation and the SAT
• Students who participate in rigorous courses
  perform at higher levels on the SAT
• The chart on the next page shows how
  students who complete specific courses
  perform on the SAT
  Why Participate? Academic Preparation and SAT Scores*
Course/Years of Study               SAT Score
•English AP/Honors                  1638
•English more than 4 years          1560
•English 4 Years                    1471
•Math AP/Honors                     1667
•Calculus                           1675
•Math More than 4 Years             1625
•Math 4 Years                       1454
•Science AP/Honors                  1667
•Physics                            1526
•Science    4 Years                 1490
•Science more than 4 years          1638
•Social Studies AP/Honors           1635
•Social Studies 4 Years             1468
•Social studies more than 4 years   1601
   *2009 Georgia student data       State SAT average 1460
           Course Registration
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           The SAT Online Course
This course provides the following opportunities:
• 18 interactive lessons that focus on critical reading,
  math, and writing
• 600+ practice questions in critical reading,
  mathematics, writing
• Explanations of answers to practice test items
• Ten full-length timed practice tests for the SAT, plus a
  diagnostic test
• Personalized score reports on tests and quizzes
                   The following slides preview the course
The Course
The Course

             Start with the
             Getting Started
             Section and
             learn about
             the program.

             Take the
18 Interactive Lessons
             Immediate essay feedback
Students practice for the SAT
essay by responding to essay
questions and getting back
immediate scores.
Computer-generated scores for
all essay questions:
       in quizzes and tests of the SAT
          Online course
      in The Official SAT Study Guide
      in the SAT Preparation Booklet
      in PSAT/NMSQT Score Report
      in Score Write Booklet
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                plan your

                Take the
Getting Started: How to Use The
   Official SAT Online Course
   Explore the SAT Online Course
• Go to the Getting Started Tab
• Read over each section
• Now you are ready to start the course!

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