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					                                                                                                                                March 2006
                                                                                                                            Vol ume 2, Issue 7

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                           Human Resources               H/R BULLETIN                                                   the Human Resources
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                                                        FROM YOUR HUMAN                                        

    Employee Health Fair Scheduled for May 11th from 1pm – 5pm – look for more info in the April newsletter
                                                         RESOURCES DEPT.
                                                                               New Hampshire Retirement System Funding:
                                                                                 How the System Pays Lifetime Pensions
Congratulations Melissa Blanchard!                                            by Kim France, Public Information Officer New Hampshire Retirement System

    Annual Slice Of Life Sweepstakes Winner                               (CONCORD, NH) The New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS,
                                                                          “the System”) is a public employee pension plan, which offers
In honor of her successful participation in the Slice of Life             secure lifetime benefits to its eligible members.                As a defined
program she has won a $500 gift certificate through the AAA
Travel Agency from NH Local Government Center (Health Trust).             benefit plan that is statutorily governed (NH RSA 100-A), benefits
                                                                          are based on salary and service credit. Funding for those benefits
Melissa will be recognized for her participation in the Slice of          is derived from member contributions, employer contributions and
Life Sweepstakes at a reception held at the NH Local
Government Center at the end of this month.                               trust fund assets.      The status of funding is impacted by many
                                                                          factors including the expected (“targeted”) annual rate of return
The Slice of Life quarterly and annual sweepstakes is an                  of NHRS investments versus the actual rate of return, as well as
incentive program that includes quarterly drawings for
merchandise and an annual drawing for cash, coupons and                   demographic assumptions versus actual demographics.
vacations.                                                                          The current targeted rate of return as set forth by the
                                                                          NHRS Board of Trustees is 9.0%; however, at the November 2005
To learn more sweepstakes details or access the Local
Government Center Quarterly Entry Form and Prize list visit the           monthly board meeting, the Board of Trustees upon the
health trust website at .                       recommendation of the System’s investment consultant voted to
                                                                          change the targeted rate of return to 8.5% effective July 1, 2007.
Click on the “Member” button and then the Slice Of Life link.
                                                                                    In order to guarantee future benefits to NHRS members,

       WAY-TO-GO MELISSA!!!!!
                                                                          the System’s consulting actuary performs a biennial actuarial
                                                                          valuation to determine the amount of funds needed to pay for
                                                                          future benefits. The actuary considers many variables such as the
                                                                          value of trust fund assets, the number of active members

           New Wellness Facility Opened in                                (members contributing to NHRS), the number of members in

                    Londonderry                                           receipt of benefits, salary amounts and life expectancy.                    The
                                                                          actuary then makes projections of such variables (what those
  Women’s Health News Bulletin: Finally a practical solution to fat       amounts and numbers are likely to be in the future) to determine
  loss and weight management. Integrity Health Enhancement for
  Women located in Londonderry, NH next to Whippersnappers                how much NHRS will need to fund future benefits, referred to as
  Restaurant is offering all Derry School District employees and family   “benefit obligations” or “pension liabilities”).
  members free enrollment and discounted pricing. Integrity is a
  facility that combines nutrition, exercise and counseling in a clean              Pursuant to statute, the employer contribution rates
  non-intimidating health club like environment. They specialize in all   shall change, as necessary, to maintain the funded ratio of assets
  health related concerns including diabetes, obesity, hormonal issues,
  high cholesterol and blood pressure, etc. If you have been struggling   to liabilities, to ensure that NHRS may pay future benefits. Based
  to lose weight and want to regain your health and energy levels,        on the most recent actuarial valuation, and assuming a targeted
  Integrity has the answer. All enrollment fees ($119.00) will be
  waived and monthly dues will be discounted. Derry School District       rate of return of 8.5%, the employer normal contribution rates are
  employees will receive a complete exercise and nutrition plan           likely to change.      NHRS issued an email notice and newsletter
  customized to their individual needs. Periodic follow-ups are done to
  insure progress and customer satisfaction. Blue Cross, Anthem,          regarding projected rates for the next biennium beginning July 1,
  H a r v a r d Pilgrim accepted.    Just call 603-421-2811 for an        2007 to all of its participating employers.
  appointment or see more of the facility at
  Please have Derry School District identification available to receive             For more information, please contact the NHRS Public
  discounts. Offer expires April 15, 2006.                                Information Officer at, or by phone at 1-877-
                                                                          917-6477 x252.
   H/R Bulletin March 2006                                        Page 2                                Vol. 2 Iss. 7

                                                                                           Wellness Wisdom
                                                                       March is national nutrition and colorectal screening month and
 Tri-Town_Electric offers a 10% discount on labor charges for all      spring is a perfect time to renew your commitment to personal
 your electrical needs. No job too small! Free Estimates. Flexible     health and wellbeing by adopting a sensible, nutritious
                                                                       approach to your diet. The ageless truth is that you are what
 hours without overtime. Insured. Licensed in MA & NH. Call Frank
                                                                       you eat. The food we consume, the water we drink and the
 Wereska of Tri-Town Electric at 603-548-3312 or email at tri-
                                                                       way we live our lives are key elements in the overall health of                                             our bodies.      Incorporating fresh raw foods and eating
                                                                       organically, of course, is most beneficial. Organic fruits and
 Liberty Mutual Home and Auto insurance discounts: 10% off Auto,       vegetables are great detoxifiers, cleansing the body of harmful
 5% off your home owners with a multi-policy discount of an            matter. Detoxification is a natural health-preserving strategy,
 additional 10% off the home insurance.     Contact Liberty Mutual     which helps remove harmful toxins from the cells and tissues,
                                                                       restoring their normal functions.
 603-432-8967 x200 (reference client #110627)

                                                                       Broadly speaking, holistic nutritionists believe there are three
 Postal Center USA in Londonderry Commons: 10% off all goods           major categories of “healing foods”. The first category is made
 and services. 603-421-0427                                            up of antioxidant-rich foods and drinks, e.g. oranges,
                                                                       cauliflower, peas, red wine and green tea. These foods are
 RS Design and Remodel: 20% discount on painting, windows,             known for their ability to prevent the unwanted oxidation
 siding, fencing, deck & patios, kitchens & drywall*attics &
                                                                       process in the early stages of diseases such as cardiovascular
 basements, finish carpentry 603-966-6626

                                                                       The second category is composed of foods that contain essential
 This program is set up to help employees with financing a             fatty acids, such as vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and fish. These
 computer for their home. Here is how it works: The employee           help protect our blood vessels from the effects of cholesterol,
 purchases computer and submits the receipt to the Superintendent’s    help lower blood pressure, nourish the brain, and protect the
 Office for reimbursement by purchase order. The employee has bi-      cardiovascular system.
 weekly deductions taken from his/her pay check for the remainder
 of the school year. (Deductions can not be taken from the very last
 pay check or balloon check.) Call either Toby or Kathy in the         The third category of foods that are very important for
 Human Resources Department if you have any questions, 432-            prevention, maintenance, and the re-establishment of health,
 1210.                                                                 consist of foods that are rich in fiber. These include whole
                                                                       grain breads, pastas, rice, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. High-
 Jesse’s Computer Repair located in Derry offers employees the
 Employee Computer Purchase & Repair Program. A complete
                                                                       fiber foods help protect our gastrointestinal tract, keep us
 description of the Discount Program is available by contacting        regular and ward off deadly diseases like colon cancer.
 Jesse’s Computer Repair at 603-425-1833.
                                                                       Nutrition is one of the most powerful ways to develop a health
 CURVES For Women -“30 Minute Fitness & Weight Loss Centers” is        body, mind and spirit. Take the power back into your own
 offering CORPORATE RATES - NO SERVICE FEE!                            hands and adopt a new approach to eating healthy. The
 $29 MONTHLY/CHECK DRAFT FOR MINIMUM 1 YEAR                            benefits are worth it!
 Derry 437-9988    Londonderry 965-1088
                                                                       This wellness tip is brought to you by the Derry Village School
       Making $en$e of Financial Planning                              Wellness Team Co-Chaired by Marilyn Bartnicki and Laura
                                                                       Wilburn RN NCS.
 For more information on IRAs and Tax-deferred
 savings plans contact Walter Jezak, Santo                                               2006 ANNUITY PLAN MAXIMUMS
                                                                                 You can tax defer up to $15,000 for 2006
 Insurance and Financial Services, Inc..                                         An additional amount may be deferred if you…
                                                                                     Are age 50 or older you can add $5,000
 224 Main Street Ste 2A Salem, NH 03079                                If you have 15 years or more in the field of education you can add
                                                                                               an additional $3,000
                                                                                 For a possible total of $23,000 of tax deferment
 Phone Number: 603-681-0447

Member Assistance Program: LifeResources Member Assistance - Counseling Services,
Information & Referrals, Professional Coaching - FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, Municipal/School Benefit
available 24 hours a day 7 days a week    1-800-759-8122

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