Week of 10-16-06 by 9nbFubn


									            College Biology Assignments for October 16-20
                         Mrs. Amoroso Amoros@ufrsd.net
                          Mrs. Hallahan Hallam@ufrsd.net
                         Mrs. Chiappetta Chiapel@ufrsd.net

Monday 10/16
Review for test                           Study for Test 9 tomorrow
                                          DO STUDY CARDS FOR EXTRA

Tuesday 10/17                             Do all vocab. defs . Make studycards for
Test on 9                                 extra credit on test
Ch. 17 vocab. Classification              Quiz on Thursday
                                          Read 17:1 pages 453-451, answer
                                          questions 1-5 on p. 451

Wednesday 10/18                           Read sec. 17-2 pages 464-473
Notes 17:1                                Answer quest. 1-5 on page 473
Work in groups for presentations          Study for vocab quiz tomorrow

Thursday 10/19                            Complete Chapter Review (worksheet)
Vocab. quiz                               complete guided notes (outline) for class
Group presentations.                      on Friday

Friday 10/20                              Test Tuesday
Notes 17:2

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