GEORGETOWN COLLEGE
                                                      Department of Music 160
                                        Applied Music (1 hour), Syllabus, Fall/Spring 2011-12
                                                 Dr. Sonny Burnette; Office: NMB 12
                                                     Office phone: 502-863-8112

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Applied saxophone instruction for Electives. To study
    privately, applied students must participate in a primary ensemble (Symphonic Band).

TEXTBOOK: See repertoire syllabus for a breakdown of literature/etudes to be studied during
     the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. You will be expected to purchase (or
     borrow) music as assigned by the professor. Anything borrowed from me must be turned
     in at the end of the semester, unless other arrangements have been made, or your grade
     will be withheld. For scale studies, the following should be obtained from The Store:
     (The above collections are designed to span a four-year period of study.)
     Also available at The Store (and required): Schirmer Pronouncing Pocket Manual of
     Musical Terms, 5th ed., Ed. Theodore Baker (ISBN: 0-8256-9390-X). (optional)

COURSE OBJECTIVES and LEARING OUTCOMES: (1) To provide a foundation for musical
    development through the study of scales and other technical patterns. (2) To stimulate
    technical development through the study of etudes. (3) To encourage the maturation of
    musicianship via the in-depth study of a broad range of representative literature. (4) To
    develop sight reading and interpretive skills via the performance of duets. Specifically,
    the student will be able to: (5) research information about the works and composers
    studied, (6) define Italian performance terminology and other musical symbols, (7)
    provide a brief oral synopsis of the history of the saxophone, (8) produce a good tone
    quality on the instrument, (9) sight-read music at an appropriate skill level for the

REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURSE: (1) Come to each lesson prepared, with equipment in
     working order. (2) Practice a minimum of one hour per day (6 hrs./wk.). (3) First-year
     students maintain an accurate log of practice time, which may be checked at any lesson.

COURSE OUTLINE: Assigned material from repertoire syllabus.

EVALUATION: Practice Habits 15%, Technical Progress (scales & etudes) 20%, Tone
    Quality & Intonation 20%, Literature 20%, Attendance at Lessons 5%, Recital
    Attendance 10%, Jury Grade 10%. You are expected to attend every lesson. In the event
    of illness, please notify me in advance if you are unable to attend and a make-up will be
    scheduled. In the event of a no-show, a make-up will not be scheduled and you will
    receive a zero for the week in each category! Various saxophone journals are available in
    the library. Please read them! First-semester students will be asked to maintain a weekly
    practice log.

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