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									Learner Appeals – A Guide for Learners and Staff                                            CQ014

Learner Information

Occasionally learners think they have been treated unfairly.

Informal Appeals - If you feel this applies to you, you should always discuss the
matter informally with the person concerned. If not resolved, the next person to
contact is your Curriculum Leader, and then the Head of Department. If you still
feel that you have not been fairly treated, you can lodge a formal appeal (the
exceptions being Bursaries and possible refund of fees) – see below). A formal
appeal can be lodged about decisions on Admissions, Learner Behaviour, ICT
and Internal Assessment. The exception to this is that you cannot make an
appeal against not being offered a place on a course if you do not meet the
minimum entry requirements for that course.

        Bursaries - if you want to lodge an Appeal about Bursaries you should
        speak to the Bursaries Officer (see paragraph 3.0 below).
        Request for Refund of Fees (if you withdraw from your Course) - You
        should contact Finance to progress your request (see paragraph 4.0).

What do I do if I want to make a Formal Appeal?

You have to put your appeal in writing. You can do this by completing Form APP1
(see Appendix 1), attaching any additional relevant information. Forms are
available from the college website or Learner Services. It is important that you do
this within a week of receiving the decision, after having discussed it informally.
You will need to give your name, class and course and brief details of why you
think the decision was unfair.

Appeals against an Assessment Decision - will be considered by a subject
specialist who was not involved in the original decision and who is from the
department delivering the subject/unit. You should submit your completed Form
to your Assessor/Lecturer who will pass it on to the relevant member of staff.

Other types of Appeal - should be submitted to the Associate Director, Curriculum
and Academic Planning who will call together an Appeals Panel (e-mail:
learnerappeals@motherwell.co.uk). The panel will normally consist of a maximum of
3 people who will not have been involved in the original decision. You will get the
chance to explain why you think the decision is unfair. You can take a friend or a
relative or someone from the College Guidance team (located in Learner
Services) with you, if you want.

What Happens Next?

Once your completed form has been received, an acknowledgement will be
sent to you using your college e-mail address. Your appeal will be considered
and you will receive either a verbal or written response, within 7 working days.
Decisions made by the Learner Appeals Panel are final and cannot be changed.
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Learner Appeals – Policy and Procedures                                                     CQ014

Learner Appeals Policy And Procedures

1.0      Policy Statement

         Motherwell College allows all learners to appeal decisions made in the
         areas of admissions, learner discipline, internal assessment and ICT related
         issues. (Appeals about bursary decisions and requests for fee refunds are
         dealt with separately see Sections 3 and 4 respectively). The Learner
         Appeals procedure is designed to allow learners to have any decision
         which they consider unfair, reviewed.1

         All members of staff are responsible for operating and implementing the
         Learner Appeals policy and procedure by ensuring learners have the
         opportunity to discuss any problems informally. If problems reach the
         formal stage, staff should ensure that learners have access to the Appeals
         Policy and Procedures and any relevant forms.

2.0      Appeals Procedure

         2.1    In the first instance the learner should discuss any potential appeal,
                 with the person concerned and/or a member of the Learner Services
                 Guidance team to try to settle the issue in an informal way.

         2.2    If not resolved, and if not initially involved, the learner should bring the
                  matter to the attention of the Curriculum Leader.

         2.3    If not fully resolved, the Learner should discuss with the Head of
                  Department in a final attempt to settle the issue in an informal way.

         2.2    If after discussion, the learner wishes to submit a formal appeal this
               should be done in writing, using Form APP1 (available from the college
               website or from Learner Services)

         2.3   FORM APP1 should be sent to the Associate Director, Curriculum and
               Academic Planning (e-mail: learnerappeals@motherwell.co.uk)

    Examples of decisions which might be referred for appeal:
       A learner is not allowed to progress to Year 2 HND
       A learner fails a unit because of non-submission of assessments
       A learner has been asked to leave the college as a result of internet misuse
       A learner has been asked to leave the college as a result of disruptive behaviour
       A learner appeals the grade gained in a Graded Unit
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Learner Appeals – Policy and Procedures                                                     CQ014
         2.4     FORM APP1 should contain the basis for the appeal including any new
                information which the learner wants to highlight.

         2.5    Learners requiring help to complete this form should contact a
                member of the Learner Services Guidance team.

         2.6    Once an Appeal has been received all related information
                concerning the appeal will be collated and logged by college staff on
                Form APP1.

         2.7    All written requests for an appeal will normally be acknowledged
                within 3 days of receipt.

         2.8     Where required, an Appeal hearing will then be held to allow the
                learner to explain the basis of the appeal.
                  2.8.1 The Associate Director, Curriculum and Academic Planning will
                        set up a Learner Appeals Panel which will consist of the
                        Associate Director, and up to a maximum of two other
                        appropriate members of staff. None of the members of the
                        Appeals Panel will have been involved in the original decision.
                  2.8.2 The learner may choose to be accompanied by a
                        representative or friend or by a member of the Learner Services
                        Guidance team.
                  2.8.3 After the appeal has been heard, the Appeals Panel will tell
                        the learner of their decision as soon as possible and confirm this
                        decision in writing to the learner normally within 7 working days.

         2.9    A copy of the written decision of all Appeals will be retained by the

         2.10      The decision made by the Appeals Panel is final.

          Flowcharts of the Learner process follow - the steps to follow during the
         Informal stage, and if required, the route through Formal Learner Appeals.

3.0      Bursary Appeals

         Learner appeals against bursary decisions should be made in writing to the
         Bursaries Officer for consideration by the Bursary Appeals Committee.
         For further information see Finance Department Procedures.

4.0      Request for Refund of Fees

Learner Appeals CQ014 -Oct 2009                  Page 3
Learner Appeals – Policy and Procedures                                                     CQ014
         Learners who have withdrawn from a course and who wish to enquire
         about possible refund of fees should be directed to Finance who will
         progress the enquiry via the college Refund and Withdrawal Policy.

5.0      Evaluation and Review


          Date of origin              Date of last review              Proposed date of review

          May 2000                    July 2009                        July 2010

Learner Appeals CQ014 -Oct 2009                  Page 4
Learner Appeals – Flowcharts                                                                                         CQ014

                Informal Learner Appeal Process (DRAFT)                            Learner dissatisfied                                   End
                                                                                  with College decision
                Appeals may relate to:
                • Admissions
                • Learner Behaviour                                               Informal discussion with                Refer to Bursary
                • ICT Conduct                                                     person concerned                        Policy to progress
                • Internal Assessment Decisions

                                                                                      Resolved?                        End

                                                                                         Is it a                              Is it a
                                                                                        Bursary              Yes
                                                                                        or Fee                               Bursary
                                                                                        Issue?                               Issue?

                                                                                               No                                  No

                       End                                                      Follow procedures in
                                                                                relevant policy eg ICT,                   Refer to Finance
                                                                                Learner Behaviour                         Procedures (Progress
                         Yes                                                                                              via Refund and
                                                                                                                          Withdrawal Policy)

                                          If not already done, discuss   No                               Yes
                                          with Curriculum Leader                      Resolved?                     End
                                          (records to be retained)

                                                                         No     Learner dissatisfied
               If not already done, discuss                                     with Informal Appeal
               with Head of Department                 Resolved?                decision
               (records to be retained)
                                                                                          2      2 = Go To Formal Learner Appeal Process

           Formal Learner Appeal Process (DRAFT)
           Appeals may relate to:
           • Admissions
           • Learner Behaviour                                     1     1 = Informal Learner Appeal Process
           • ICT Conduct
           • Internal Assessment Decisions

                                                      Learner submits FORM APP1
                                                      to Associate Director,
                          HOD Notified of             Curriculum & AP (within one                   Receipt of Form APP1
                          Formal Appeal                                               Max           acknowledged (to Learner)
                                                      week of Informal Appeal         3 days

                        All existing related
                        evidence passed to
                        panel by department              Appeals Panel Meets

                                                         Details recorded on
                                                         FORM APP1

                                                                                                    *Verbal/written confirmation
                                                           Final Decision                           of final decision to Learner

                             *NB: Final decision normally confirmed within 7 working days (from submission date).

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Learner Appeals – FORM APP1                                                         APPENDIX 1

 IMPORTANT NOTE TO LEARNERS - Before completing this form, you must check with your
 Lecturer/Assessor, Curriculum Leader and Head of Department that all stages of the
 INFORMAL APPEAL process have been satisfied.

 Subject of Appeal (please tick one):
 Admissions -        Learner Behaviour -                             ICT -                 *Assessment -
 Name of Learner                                                             Class/Course:

 To be completed by Learner. If you have gone through all stages of the Informal Appeal Process, please
 provide brief details of your appeal. When complete, you must ensure that you submit this form (signed) on the
 date recorded below as “Date Submitted”. You will receive a response within 7 working days.

 Learner Signature: __________________________________                  Date Submitted: _____________

 *If your appeal is against an Internal Assessment Decision, please give details of the unit etc below.

 Unit Code and Title: _____________________________________________________________________

 Assessment Date:         _____________        Assessor/Lecturer Name: ___________________________

 Response: (NB: The learner must receive your response within 7 working days from the submission date of
 this formal appeal)

 Signature: ________________________________________                 Date Responded: _________________

                                              FOR COLLEGE USE ONLY
 Acknowldeged by e-mail (Date): _________________                             (double-click inside box to select)

 DECISION BY APPEALS PANEL:                                                   Upheld:            Rejected:
 Outcome Communicated Verbally to Learner:                             Written Response to Learner:
 Response Date: ______________________ (MUST BE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF ‘DATE SUBMITTED’)

All Learner Appeals should be sent to Associate Director, Curriculum and Academic
Planning, Motherwell College - E-mail address learnerappeals@motherwell.co.uk
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