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					Calculator Requirement: There is some flexibility with respect to what calculator
you use for math and other disciplines. Please read this information carefully.

Although the Texas Instrument (TI) BA II Plus financial calculator is listed in
Math Ten and Math 101, you may use any other financial or scientific calculator.
Specific video support is provided for the TI BA II Plus. There is a TI BA II Plus
app available if you use an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Students taking Business or Finance courses may be required to have access to the
special financial features of the TI BA II Plus in these courses. The financial
features in the BA II Plus are the same as the options under the APP (applications)
menu in TI 83, TI 84, and TI 89, so any of these are good choices if you already
have them. If you are taking College Algebra (MAT102) or plan to take
advanced mathematics courses, you may want to purchase a more advanced
graphing calculator (such as the TI 83, TI 84, or TI 89).

Please note: Efforts have been made to provide you with information here at the
beginning of your college journey, so you can purchase one calculator to last
throughout. However, some courses may require different calculators or

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