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									                                SAM HOUSTON

                    P.O. Box 200963, San Antonio, TX 78220

        Deadline: May 22nd of current year

All graduating seniors of Sam Houston High School who plan to attend an
institute of higher education are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship recipients will be determined by the Scholarship Committee of
the SHCAA. The recipients will receive scholarships based on financial
need. Upon determination of the recipients, the scholarships will be
distributed to the institution upon verification of enrollment. The total
award amount will be divided into eight (8) equal amounts and will be
distributed at the start of each semester of attendance. Recipients will be
required to provide proof of continued enrollment as a full-time student at
the college or university of their choice and must maintain a GPA of 2.5 in
order to continue to receive the award.

In order to be considered for a scholarship, the applicant must:
      1. Write a 250-500-word essay. The applicant should write about
         how he/she plans to give back to the Sam Houston Community
         upon graduation from college.
      2. Obtain two (2) letters of recommendation: one (1) from the senior
         counselor and one (1) from a teacher.
      3. Complete and turn in an application.

The application, essay and letters of recommendation should be turned in to
the senior class counselor of Sam Houston High School by May 22nd of
current year.

See your counselor for a scholarship application or download one from:

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