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									    SAT vs. ACT
What’s the Difference?
What we’ll cover today

1. SAT: Content and Strategies
2. ACT: Content and Strategies
3. Why do these tests matter, anyway?
4. Next Steps: Testing timeline and prep
The SAT Reasoning Test
                    Math 3                    Critical Reading 1
                    20 minutes                25 minutes

Critical Reading 3
20 minutes                                         Math 1
                                                   25 minutes

       Writing 2
       10 minutes

 Experimental                                       Essay
 Section                                            25 minutes
 25 minutes

              Writing 1
              25 minutes
                                                Critical Reading 2
                                                25 minutes
                                 Math 2
                                 25 minutes
     Total Time:
 3 hours, 45 minutes
SAT Scoring
•One raw score point gained for each correct answer
•1/4 raw point taken away for each incorrect multiple choice answer
•No penalty or gain for omitted questions or incorrect answers on grid-ins

                                  Leaving Them    Guessing      Using Process
                                      Blank       Randomly      of Elimination
                                  30 Questions   30 Questions   30 Questions
          # Questions Correct          0              6              10

          # Questions Incorrect        0             24              20

          Positive Raw Points          0              6              10

          Negative Raw Points          0              6               5

          Total Raw Points             0              0               5

          Total Scaled Points          0              0             30-50
SAT Math
 • Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry
 • … with a dash of Algebra II
 • I-S-M-E!
                   15. The least integer of a set of consecutive
                     integers is –72. If the sum of these
                     integers is 73, how many integers are in
                     the set?
                     (A)     72
                     (B)     73
                     (C)     144
                     (D)     145
                     (E)     146
SAT Writing : Multiple Choice
 • Grammar, structure, and style
 • You can drill the most commonly tested rules
 • Train your “Grammar Ear”!

                  26. Much of the literature on the Civil War,
                    particularly those works that characterize him as the
                            B                         C
                    perfect foil to Ulysses S. Grant, portray Robert E. Lee
                    as a grand anachronism. No error
The Essay

 • 25 Minutes, surprise prompt

 • Take a side and stick to it!

 • I-B-C is A-OK
CR : Sentence Completions
• Less about vocab, more about strategy
• Take CARE – Cover, Anticipate, Reveal, Eliminate

                6. Dante’s poetry is not as ------- as many assume; it is
                   actually quite loaded with spiteful vituperations and--
                   ----- against his contemporaries.

                  (A)peaceful . . accommodations
                  (B) contentious . . insults
                  (C)decorous . . invectives
                  (D)tense . . opinions
                  (E) genteel . . anecdotes
CR : Passage-Based Reading

• Unavoidably BORING and DENSE text

• Develop your Two-Track Mind!

• Process of elimination is also key
           35 minutes                                     English
                                                          45 minutes

     35 minutes

                                                 60 minutes

    Total Time:         Total Time with Essay:
2 hours, 55 minutes      3 hours, 25 minutes
The English Test

 • Nuts & Bolts (Commas, Pronouns, Verbs)
 • Style (Fragments, Modifiers, Tone)
 • Student as Editor (Revision, Sequencing)

                                               8   F. NO CHANGE
   This expressway resembles an ordinary           G. it is
   highway about as much as a space shuttle
   resembles an airplane. At ten lanes wide,       H. it was
   they are much larger than the bypass            J. they were
   loops I have driven around Indianapolis
   and Cincinnati.
The Math Test
 • Algebra, Geometry, & Trigonometry
 • I-S-M-E

         A      B      7A + 2B
  41   If    +      =             and A, B, and x
         30 105           x
       are integers greater than 1, then what must x

       A. 9
       B. 135
       C. 210
       D. 630
       E. 3,150
The Reading Test
• Prose Fiction, Social Studies, Humanities
  & Natural Sciences
• 4 Long passages, 2 key strategies
   1. Two-Track Mind
   2. Eliminating Wrong Answers

 Questions on the ACT deal with MAIN IDEAS and

The Science Test
 • Not a science test!
 • Ability to interpret charts and graphs
Passage I
Measles is an extremely contagious viral
   infection spread by the respiratory
   route. Figure 1 shows the course of
   measles from time of exposure to
   recovery from the infection.
After recovery from measles, the infected
   individual develops immunity or
   resistance to re-infection. Figure 1
   shows the development of immunity
   indicated by the antibody level.
The “optional” Essay
• 30 Minutes
• One essay prompt asking you to take a
  • Prompts are typically about a school-related

   1. Read the prompt
   2. Take a point & STICK TO IT
   3. Let I-B-C be your guide!
      PSAT vs. SAT vs.
           PSAT                         SAT                          ACT
 2 hours 15 minutes          3 hours 45 minutes          3 hours 25 minutes
 no science section          no science section          includes science
 no trigonometry             no trigonometry             Includes trig

 multiple-choice only        includes essay              essay optional

 guessing penalty            guessing penalty            no guessing penalty
 math accounts for 33% of    math accounts for 33% of    math accounts for 25% of
 your score                  your score                  your score
 questions follow order of   questions follow order of
                                                         random question order
 difficulty                  difficulty

 “reasoning” based           “reasoning” based           content-based

 Big challenge:              Big challenge:              Big challenge:
 tricky questions            tricky questions, length    time crunch!
SAT Subject Tests
 • Each test is one hour in length
 • Achievement-based tests, measuring knowledge
   learned from college-level courses in the following
   • ENGLISH: Literature
   • HISTORY: U.S. History, World History
   • MATH: Mathematics Level 1, Mathematics Level 2
   • SCIENCE: Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics

   • LANGUAGES: Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Modern Hebrew,
     Italian, Latin, Japanese, Korean
Why does Testing Matter?
                  Small Input
Everything else                  Testing = 10
  = 1,000 hrs.                       hrs.

                                Transcript =
                                 8,000 hrs.

    Standardized tests are the biggest “bang for the buck”
    part of the college admissions process.
Testing Timeline

Sophomore Year

    Junior Year

    Senior Year
Test Prep Options
Revolution Opportunities
Upcoming Mock Exams and Group Courses
  •   Prep for the May 7th SAT
  •   Poly HS (700 Building), Begins March 19th (six week course)
  •   Mock Exam: March 5th from 9am-1pm (SAT or ACT), only $15
  Private Tutoring
  •   Tutors’ Spring schedules are filling fast!
  •   To sign up, please call 1-877-REV-PREP or go to
 Please contact Kristen Bowman
Revolution Prep Regional Manager

        or (310) 745-9242

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