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									                             Provisional Agenda

                Skills for Life and Functional Skills Forum

                               Tuesday 1st March 2011
                                 Grosvenor House

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Additional Learning Support
   Gaynor Bray, Richmond Adult Community College

   How will the new ALS funding formula impact on your provision of ALS?

   What issues will it throw up?
   - Types of ALS allowed
   - Assessing ALS needs
   - New thresholds for ALS Provision

   How are these issues being tackled in your college or provider?

3. Quality Improvement through LSIS

   Abigail Lammas is a Regional Development Manager at LSIS and will be talking about
   the Support for Literacy, Language and Numeracy Programme and the range of support
   they offer around ESOL and Functional Skills.

   She will also be talking more generally about how you can get the most benefit from
   LSIS accounts whether you want an off the shelf package or a training programme to
   meet your specific needs.

4. Updates & Discussion Items

   - Spiral Curriculum Training through LSIS/LLU+
   - Eligibility for Concessions across Learner Responsive provision

   If you would like items added to the list of discussion items / have current initiatives or
   are working on something you think would be of interest to the group, please let
   Graeme Kerr know and they can be included as updates or discussion items on the final

5. Date of next meeting

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