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Why Advertise On Facebook The Pros And Cons by roloretail


Learn all about how to advertise on Facebook

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Seriously? Advertising on Facebook for free? Well, technically, there are paid ads in Facebook.
But fortunately, yes, Facebook gives anybody the chance to do ads that are free. And this
revolutionized the world of advertising as we know it.

Like any other aspect of business, every advertisement you make involves some amount of
money. There are lots of advertising sites online that collect considerable amount of dollars from
the advertisers. Advertisers who pay a lot in these sites for their advertisement may not always get
what they pay for. Social networking sites including Facebook are now stepping into the
advertising scene to provide small time business owners an opportunity to promote their company
or brand at very affordable costs.

Since Facebook was launched on 2004, it has grown bigger and bigger up to the present because
of its nice features that appeal to the users. Advertising on Facebook at an affordable fee can gain
advertisers big returns. It is a simple, yet proven effective method to market your business and to
make money online through advertising. Advertising on Facebook is certainly cheaper than that of
other advertising sites and methods.

It is not new to us that Facebook has 500 millions active users who are interacting all over the
world. And everyday, more than 250, 000 users are joining. These are the crowd that you can tap
from. With these numbers of potential customers, it is a big loss if you don't use Facebook's Ad
service to reach out these users with pinpoint accuracy.

All you need to do is tap them into the social marketing innovation with your free Facebook page
to your blog or business. Yes, you can do advertising on Facebook for free using your Facebook
page. Facebook page is different from your personal of default page of Facebook which is for your
personal page. It is a page on Facebook called the business page wherein you can see the
streams of business advertisements.

If you have a large business that maintains a big marketing budget to create a community on
Facebook, now it is absolutely free. This is how the Facebook page help you reach those people
you think they will become your potential customers.

Here's how to do advertising on Facebook for free:

• Create your own creative business page.
• Choose a catchy and attractive title.
• Make your ad direct to the point.
• Attached relevant and imaginative picture.
• Make friends to everyone on Facebook.
• Provide them a test for them to keep interested.
• Create a contest and give rewards.
• Post articles, blogs, promotion, etc that link to your main site of your business.
• Keep updating and posting latest issues. If possible, make this twice a day.

When your presence is always visible in the scene, they will be motivated and get interested in
you since they know that you and your product is true and trust worthy. They will never leave you
hanging; instead they will boost your popularity by telling others about you. By applying these, you
will be certainly given the vast amount of exposure to the public and more importantly, generate
more revenues. You see, advertising on Facebook for free is really a helpful program for the
smallest of users wherever they are in the globe, but that doesn't mean the big business can't
benefit from it, too. It just takes some creativity, and constant monitoring to make it as effective as
paid advertising!

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For more information about Advertising on Facebook visit Facebook Marketing Information here:

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