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									                        Library and Information Technician Program
                                     Field Work I and II
                                 Placement Planning Form
Complete this form at least six weeks prior to the time when you hope to start your field placement.
Submit it to the instructor by fax (905-575-2381), mail (Mohawk College, Library and Information
Technician Program, PO Box 2034, Hamilton, ON L8N 3T2) or email

a) Student name: ____________________________________________________________

Mohawk student number: ____________________

For students who register at other OntarioLearn colleges: Your college: _______________

Your address: ________________________________________________________________

Your phone number: ________________________ Your email: _________________________

Towns/cities within commuting distance for you: _____________________________________

b) Select: ___ Field Work I (Mohawk WORKLT290)
           ___ Field Work II (Mohawk WORKLT490)

Prerequisites for Field Work I:
INFOLT390 (Personal Computer Support) OR INFO10172 (Info. Technology for Library Techs)
LIBRLT420 (Information Work II) OR LIBR10044 (Reference Processes)
LIBRLT320 (Subject Analysis and Classification) OR LIBR10039 (Library Classification)
LIBRLT215 (Collection Maint. & Inventory Control) OR LIBR10037 (Circulation and Inter-Library Loan)

Prerequisites for Field Work II:
WORKLT290 (Field Work I)              INFOLT402 (Electronic Publishing and Emerging Lib. Tech.)
INFOLT340 (Database Design)           LIBRLT350 (Acquisitions)
LIBRLT351 (Serials)                   HRESLT150 (Human Relations and Supervision)
LIBRLT435 (Client Services) OR LIBR10040 (Library Programming, Marketing and Advocacy)
LIBRLT325 (Indexing and Abstracting) OR LIBR10038 (Indexing and Subject Analysis)

Have you completed the prerequisite courses for the field placement? ___ Yes          ___ No

Field Work session – Select one:
Selection Term                   Session start and end             Registration start and end
           Fall session I        Sept. 7/12– Dec. 14/12            Aug. 14/12 – Sept. 13/12
           Fall session II       Oct. 1/12 – Jan. 7/13             Aug. 14/12 – Oct. 1/12
           Fall session III      Nov. 1/12 - Feb. 7/13             Aug. 14/12 – Nov. 1/12
           Fall session IV       Dec. 3/12 – Mar. 11/13            Aug. 14/12 – Dec. 3/12
           Winter session I      Jan. 11/13– Apr. 19/13            Nov. 20/12 – Jan. 17/13
           Winter session II     Feb. 1/13 – May 10/13             Nov. 20/12 – Feb. 1/13
           Winter session III    Mar. 1/13 – June 7/13             Nov. 20/12 – Mar. 1/13
           Winter session IV     Apr. 1/13 – July 8/13             Nov. 20/12 – Apr. 1/13
           Spring session I      May 10/13– Aug.16/13              Mar. 5/13 – May 16/13
           Spring session II     June 3/13 – Sept. 9/13            Mar. 5/13 – June 3/13
           Spring session III    July 2/13 – Oct. 8/13             Mar. 5/13 – July 2/13
           Spring session IV     Aug. 1/13 – Nov. 7/13             Mar. 5/13 – Aug. 1/13
c) Your Current and Previous Library Work Experience:

Library name       Your position             Employment dates      Total length of experience (in hours
                                                                   or full-time equivalent years)

d) Your career goals:

e) Your learning objectives for the placement:

f) Libraries/Information services where you would like to do your placement:
(These cannot be libraries or library systems where you currently work or have previously worked, and
they should be different types of libraries/library work that will help to broaden your experience.)

Date form completed by student:

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