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									                                                                                       Ronald M. Fay, Principal
                                                                                       Rangeview High School
                                                                                             September, 2012

               Dear Rangeview Parents and Guardians:

               Thank you for entrusting Rangeview High School to help educate your child. The staff at
               Rangeview is dedicated to ensuring your student receives the best possible education while
               enjoying fully the high school experience. There are three components to making your child’s
               education experience a memorable one: first is your involvement in their education, second is
               their choice to be involved in opportunities outside of the classroom and the third is for you as
               parents to support Rangeview High School when your student has made poor choices.

               Educating 2200 students is not an easy task, however the staff is ready and willing to meet this
               challenge. What I would ask of you is to help us help your student. What does this mean? It is
               quite simple. All high school students have homework, so if your student tells you they don’t on
               a consistent basis then you should be suspect and either make contact with their teachers or
               check Infinite Campus to make sure homework has not been assigned or that there are no
               missing assignments. Homework is practice and how students perform on homework allows
               teachers to modify their instruction based on what the student’s performance is telling them. If
               homework is not completed, then feedback and adjustments are not available to your student.
               This is a critical component in the teaching-learning cycle. If you don’t have an Infinite Campus
               parent portal account, please contact Rangeview at 303.695.6848 and ask how you can gain
               access to your student’s academic information.

               The high school experience can be enhanced for you and your student by getting them involved
               in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The school days can become long and tedious if
               there is not a balance between hard work in the classroom and enjoying time with friends and
               other students who have similar interests. Rangeview currently offers 24 varsity athletic
               programs and over 40 clubs, therefore the opportunities are plentiful. Research supports the
               claim that students who are involved with other activities through their high school are more
               likely to graduate, have better attendance and have better grade point averages. Please
               contact our Athletic/Activities office for more information about how your student can get
               involved with their high school.

               During our Welcome assembly held on August 8 in our large gym, I informed the incoming
               freshman class and reminded the upper classmen about our standards for behavior at
               Rangeview High School. My message is simple, “Your student will be treated like a young adult
               as long as they act like a young adult.” I know that throughout the year we will have to help
               educate students about their behavior and their choices. We are willing to do this and
               understand it is part of educating the whole child. What I would ask of you is to support us in
               educating your student when they have made a poor choice. Each student has received a
               student handbook, and while you may not have had a chance to read it, that does not excuse
               them from knowing what is expected of them. Discipline is never enjoyable, however it can be
               an opportunity for us to join together and show that neither the school nor the parents will
               tolerate those choices.

               I have high expectations for everyone involved with Rangeview High School. The staff is
               focused on what is best for students and how they can help them achieve academically. The
students are expected to attend classes, work hard to improve in all academic areas, and behave like young
adults. For parents, I need you involved with your student’s education and I need your support for what we are
trying to accomplish here at Rangeview.
                                             Ronald M. Fay, Principal
Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent Teacher Conferences are Wednesday, September 5. Conferences start at 4:30 and end at 8:00.
Students should be prepared and have a copy of their grades printed off to discuss with teachers. Progress
reports will not be printed by the school. Parents who wish to get Infinite Campus access through the Parent
Portal to track student progress can do so, outside of the main office with our Technology Coordinator, John
Witulski. Teachers will be located in the commons and gymnasium. Counselors will also be available to
discuss academic needs and concerns.

APS Board of Education Authorizes Ballot Question
At its August 21 meeting, the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education authorized a Mill Levy Override
question for the November 2012 ballot. The $15 million mill levy funds would be used to ease the burden of
more than $70 million in state funding cuts that APS has experienced over the past three years. If approved,
the mill levy would provide $15 million annually to restore partial funding for achievement, instructional
resources and to recruit and retain high quality staff.

The mill levy would cost APS homeowners an additional $5.71 per month for every $100,000 of actual home
value. Due to a 15 percent decrease in Aurora property values, the mill levy could be funded with property
taxes being about the same as they were three years ago.

District voters will decide on the mill levy measure on November 6. To participate in the election, citizens must
register to vote by October 9. For voter registration and election information, Arapahoe County residents may
visit or call 303-795-4511, and Adams County residents may visit or call 720-523-6500.

Whooping Cough Information
Our community is experiencing unusually high numbers of Pertussis (whooping cough) cases right now.
Maybe you know of someone who has been sick with this illness. It is known as the “hundred-day cough” and
is quite contagious. It causes people to miss school and work for several days.

Pertussis is a vaccine-preventable disease, with the primary series of shots being given at 2, 4, and 6 months
of age. Children receive the booster at 12-15 months and again at 4-6 years. Vaccine protection lasts for
several years, but not for a lifetime. Another booster shot is needed for students in 6th-12th grade.

If your child is not up to date with the Pertussis vaccinations, please obtain this booster shot as soon as
possible. Although pertussis can be a serious illness for people of any age, it is especially dangerous for
infants, who cannot receive protection from the disease because of their age. People who are ill with pertussis
can easily spread it to the unvaccinated baby.

The booster vaccination is also available for adults. If you have a primary care physician, please call for an
appointment to get everyone immunized. Children could also receive vaccines at the following places:

Tri-County Health Department Clinics, Serving Children Ages 0-18
Call (303) 451-0123 for information or an appointment.
Cost of $14.00 per immunization (no child turned away for inability to pay)
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, age 18 or older. Must bring a shot record.
15400 East 14th Place Aurora, CO 80011
Walk-In Clinics Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:00-3:00pm or until capacity is reached, 1st Floor
Appointments also available for other days.

Aurora Firefighters Shots for Tots & Teens Clinic
Aurora Fire Station #2 - (near Peoria & 6th Ave)
12600 Hoffman Blvd Aurora, CO 80011
Walk-in clinic – no appointment necessary for children’s immunizations
Must bring a shot record.
2012 Dates: 2nd Saturday each month 10:00am – 1:00pm or until capacity is reached

Kids Clinic at Crawford or Laredo Elementary Schools
Serving APS elementary school students, and their younger siblings.
Call 720-837-4761 for an appointment.

Other precautions to take, which can decrease the chance of becoming ill with an infectious disease:
    Cover coughs and sneezes with forearm (not your hand)
    Wash hands frequently
    Stay home when you are sick
    Avoid other people who are ill
Academic Lettering Ceremony
Students who finished last school year with a 3.66 grade point average or higher, will be recognized at our
Academic Lettering Ceremony on Wednesday, September 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rangeview HS auditorium.
Invitations will be sent out Friday, August 31 to students who have earned the required GPA. The ceremony
lasts an hour, and refreshments will be served afterwards.

Dress Code Reminder
Adherence to this policy will ensure that your student will not have any interruptions in their academic day due
to dress code violations. Due to the high volume of dress code violations, the following consequences are now
in effect:
        First Offense: Warning +change clothing
        Second Offense: Change clothing + in house all day
        Third Offense: Considered insubordination and a one day suspension will be issued
        Four or more violations are considered defiant behavior and a 3 day suspension will occur

    No hats, no headgear during the academic day: to include but not limited to, ball caps, stocking hats,
        bandanas, do-rags, hair nets, beanies, sweatbands, visors, and any other garment or article that may
        be worn on the head or around the neck. Exemptions must be requested through the deans’ office on a
        case-by-case basis.
    SHORT SHORTS / SHORT SKIRTS more than 3” above the kneecap may not be worn unless opaque
        leggings or opaque tights are worn. Leggings and tights are considered undergarments and cannot be
        worn alone.
        MIDRIFF OR SHOULDERS, PAJAMAS, or LINGERIE are not permitted and applies to both genders.
    Exposed underwear (boxers, bras, thongs, etc.) is not allowed.
    Clothes with offensive puns, language or graphics (including music groups or product names) or
        clothes which are alcohol or drug related are not allowed.
    Clothes that have gang affiliation or that are identical or similar to other students - other than school
        related - are not allowed.
    Certain belt buckles, “dangling” belts are not allowed.
    Shaved eyebrows are not allowed.
    Sunglasses, including dangling or on top of the head, may not be worn inside the school building.
    Gloves may not be worn or dangling from pockets, etc. inside the building.
    Students may wear graphic representations of flags but may not wear or display flags of any country.
    Students must wear hard-soled, street appropriate shoes. House slippers regardless of sole are not
    Student ID’s must be worn and visible at all times while on APS property.
Any attire determined by a staff member to be distracting to the academic environment or pupil behavior in or
about the school will not be permitted regardless of current fashion trends.

These rules apply any time a student is on campus or at any school activity. School approved uniforms or
costumes are an exception to these rules. These rules apply any time a student is on campus.

Welcome back students and parents. We are looking forward to another fantastic school year of good
attendance. As a reminder, parents please call the attendance office within 24 hours (303-326-1676) if your
child is to be absent. Here is Rangeview’s policy for excused absences…

The following absences will be considered excused:
  1)       Illness/injury documented by the student’s parent/guardian.
  2)     Appointments/serious circumstances which cannot be resolved before or after school hours. To the
         extent possible, the parent/guardian is encouraged to notify the school in advance.
  3)     A student’s request to participate in extracurricular experiences outside of the school building may be
         approved for up to five days under certain circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.
  4)     A student’s parent/guardian may request approval for an excused absence to attend to family
         business/family vacation (e.g. wedding, family trip). This excused absence is not to exceed three days
         per year and student must be in good academic standing (passing all classes), no unexcused
         absences, and have four or fewer excused absences in a semester.
  5)     A student’s parent/guardian may request approval for an absence to be excused to attend a funeral.
         This absence shall not exceed three days. Approval shall be left to the discretion of the building
  6)     After three days of consecutive excused absences or in the case of excessive absences, a medical
         note may be required.

Absences due to suspension are considered to be excused for the purposes of truancy

Annual Craft Show
                    The RHS Booster Club is holding their annual craft and gift show on Saturday, November 17
                    from 9 am to 4 pm. Make plans now to attend the don’t want to miss this one!
                    We will have over 150 crafters and vendors, snack bar and free parking. Parents or
                    students, if you would like to volunteer to work for the show, please contact Nancy Reid,
                    Craft Show Chair, at 303-680-8224 or at We need helpers on
                    Friday night, the 16th and all day on the 17th. The proceeds from the craft show booth
                    rentals go towards scholarships and towards the After Prom event in the spring.

Acuity Testing:
All 9th and 10th grade students will participate in Acuity testing this year. Acuity is a benchmark assessment
students will take each quarter in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
The assessments are given in a format similar to TCAP with both multiple choice and written (constructed)
responses. The questions are aligned with the state standards assessed by TCAP and will provide teachers
with information to determine where students are in relation to district targets and standards. Teachers will
then be able to design focused instruction in areas where students most need it. All 9th and 10th grade
students have recently completed the first quarter of Acuity testing in the areas of Language Arts and
Mathematics. Students will be participating in Science and Social Studies in the upcoming month.

Athletics and Activities
The Rangeview Athletics and Activities programs are in full swing. All fall sports programs are competing,
rehearsals for the drama department’s fall production of “1984” have begun and a club open house was held
on August 23 to recruit new members for the over 40 clubs available at Rangeview. Needless to say,
Rangeview is off to a busy and productive start to the new school year.

Parents: please remember athletes have 15 minutes from the end of their practice to leave RHS property.
Students should make appropriate arrangements to leave campus promptly! Loitering on campus is not
Homecoming is always a special time at Rangeview. The Homecoming festivities begin with the Kick-Off
Homecoming Assembly on the football field Thursday, September 6. Homecoming week begins September 10
and ends with the Homecoming dance on September 15. Check the RHS Web site for more information.

Media Center
Parents – did you know the library is open 30 minutes before and after school
for students? The only exception is Wednesday (Resource and Late Start
Day) when we open at 8:20. While these are our “official hours” you might
have heard from your students that the library has been closed recently
outside of our normal schedule. This is due to beginning of the year Acuity
Testing which previously took place in the classrooms but is now computer
based. Subsequently the library’s computer lab is being used and we have
had some significant closures. We understand this is not ideal, but with
limited access to technology we must utilize all available computers in the
building. We hope to be returning to our regular schedule by month’s end. Thanks for your help and
understanding. As always, if you have any questions and/or concerns about the library in regards to policy,
resources, book recommendations etc., please do not hesitate to email me or give
me a call at extension #27666. My direct line is (303)326-3795. I look forward to hearing from you.
 - Jacqueline Yuknas, Teacher/Librarian

Welcome to the Rangeview Art Department
                   We are off to a creative new year! The RHS art department offers courses in painting,
                   drawing, design ceramics, jewelry, photography and 2D Advanced Placement and 3D
                   Advanced Placement. All classes do carry a materials fee and we ask that parents pay their
                   student’s fee with the bookkeeper as soon as possible.

                 We have two great teachers joining our art program this fall; Katie Layman a recent graduate
                 from Metro State and Jacquie Ryan is joining us from a sister school. Both are Rangeview
                 Alum and are excited to be a part of the Rangeview Family. Kyle Riggins, Mandy Stringer and
Jennifer Minor continue to help students produce award winning work with statewide recognition and we look
forward to what our new team can do together.

The art department will continue its traditions of art shows throughout the year. We are still in need of a large
space to host Catalyst, the league art show in the spring of 2013 for a week. If you or your business is
interested in hosting our show, please contact Mandy Stringer via email or Jennifer
Minor at

World Language Department News
French - French club is gearing up to start with our first meeting, Thurs. Aug 30. We will be electing officers
and planning our agenda for the year. We are looking forward to immersing ourselves into as much French
culture as we can!

German - The Germans are coming! This year marks the 5th exchange program between Rangeview and the
Heimschule-Lender located in the Black Forest region of Germany. In mid-October 15 students and two
teachers from this university-preparatory school will arrive and begin their three-week experience with
15 Rangeview families and two RHS teachers, Mr. Randy Mills and Ms. Patrice Dovas-Hudson. The German
students will live with their host families and attend classes at Rangeview in order to improve their English
language skills and learn about the American way of life. The families plan several special activities for the
German group, such as a weekend in Estes Park, a visit to downtown Denver, and the celebration of
Halloween. In June of 2013 the Rangeview group will travel to Germany for three weeks and each participant
will live with his or her exchange partner's family. The German hospitality equals that of our families. Our
students will attend classes in Germany, visit historic towns, such as Heidelberg and Strasbourg, and dine on
the local cuisine including fresh breads, cheeses, cherries, and chocolate. The success of
the program is reflected in the number of repeat participant families on both sides of the Atlantic. This
exchange experience is truly "wunderbar."

Spanish - The World Languages Department is currently recruiting for a student trip to Guatemala during
Spring Break! Participating students need to have studied two or more years of Spanish and be willing to work
as part of a team and stay with a Guatemalan family. Travel dates are March 23-31, 2013. Please see Mrs.
Galindo in room 135 or email her at if you are interested.

News from the Science Department
Rangeview High School’s science department is happy to announce the addition of two new teachers to the
department. Please welcome Laura Archibald and Tyler Twardoski to RHS science. Laura Archibald is a
physics graduate from CU Boulder and teaches Physics 1 and Physics 2. Tyler comes to us from CU Boulder
as well and teaches Physics 1 and Biology 1.

Also, our department is proud to host the MESA science club and a Science Bowl team. Bill Petry sponsors
MESA, which is an organization dedicated to stimulating interest in mathematics, engineering, and science
within underserved populations: women and minorities. In the past, we have competed successfully in two
state-wide engineering competitions, and in one regional robotics competition. We have won competitions in
web design, structure building, oral presentations, and boat building. We have also participated in knowledge
bowls in science and mathematics. Alec Barron sponsors the Science Bowl team, which participates in a
nationwide academic competition that tests students' knowledge in all areas of science. Students are quizzed
in a fast paced question-and-answer format similar to Jeopardy. For more information on MESA or the
Science Bowl team, please talk with any science teacher at Rangeview.

Cyber Boot Camp
                  During the heat of July, the Rangeview High School CyberPatriot program hosted a Cyber
                  Boot Camp for incoming STEM students as well as some returning students. The boot camp
                  offered students a series of workshops on some very advanced software, technologies and
                  cyber security. Sessions included topics on:

       Corporate Cyber Security / Hacking & Ethical Hacking – conducted by Chipotle Corporate IT team.
       Animation and Graphic Design – conducted by Randy Mills - coach of the Rangeview Cyber Patriot
     Cyber Security and Network Structures - conducted by Jim Schatzman of Northrop Grumman.
     Linux Code and Server Structures – conducted by Chris Retford – Department of Defense employee
        and mentor for Rangeview Cyber Patriot program
     Python Programming Language – conducted by Lucas Nicodemus, Isaac Grant and Luke Robinson –
        members of Rangeview Cyber Patriot teams. Grant was a member of the team that traveled to
        Washington, D.C. in 2010 and took sixth place in the nation for the CyberPatriot competition.
Students had the opportunity to work with experts and learn skills at an advanced level and pace. They worked
with, built and protected servers donated by the Aurora Public Schools IT Division.

A special thank you goes to the community members who made this program happen:
    IT Division of the Chipotle Company spearheaded and organized by Lisa Walker
    Jim Schatzman and Northrop Grumman for their continued support of the Cyber Patriot Program
    Chris Retford and the Department of Defense
    Aurora Public Schools Chief Information Officer Steve Clagg and the IT Division

English Department News
This year the English department welcomes two new teachers, Jacquie Ryan and Angela Wolfe.

Angela Wolfe moved to Colorado a few months before the start of school. She used to visit Denver often, and
loved it so much she decided to trade in the flat plains of Texas for the rocky mountains of Colorado. She
enjoys exploring the area parks and hiking paths with her dog. This is Ms. Wolfe’s seventh year of teaching;
she is thrilled to have joined such a passionate, committed group of educators.

Mrs. Ryan (formerly Ms. Van Dyk) moved to Colorado many moons ago. She originally hails from Broomfield,
New Jersey, and she misses decent pizza desperately. In addition to teaching English, she teaches art and
sponsors the Junior Class and National Art Honor Society. In her spare time, she can be found creating artful
things, playing video games, grading papers, cooking, and occasionally playing Jeopardy against herself. This
is Mrs. Ryan’s fourth year teaching, and she is quite excited to be working with the RHS staff.

From the Social Studies Department
The Social Studies Department is excited to announce a new course offering- Advanced Placement
Geography. The course, taught by Mr. Melendez, gives students an opportunity to prepare for college, receive
college credit, and learn advanced concepts in the field of geography.

Tips from the Math Department
        Psychologists Harold Stevenson and James Stigler found 15 years ago that in countries that
        produce a lot of math whizzes, parents and teachers believed that math ability is like a muscle
        you strengthen with good instruction and practice. In the USA, where kids don’t do as well,
        parents think of math ability as a talent, not a skill.
        Peg Tyre - The Good School: How Smart Parents Get Their Kids the Education They Deserve

If you’re asking yourself: “How can I assist my student in strengthening that muscle now?” after years of
mistaken beliefs about math, here is a list of things you can do even now, to support your teenager in building
the math muscle.
    1. Make learning a priority. Be specific about the learning, however. Getting good grades is great, but
        hard work is perhaps even more valuable.
    2. Track your student’s progress. Ask questions like “What did you learn in math class today?” not
        “How was school?” The first elicits a specific response and a conversation where as the latter asks
        only for a one-word answer: “Fine.”
    3. Provide a place to do homework. Yes, you’ve heard that one since the first grade. It’s still important.
    4. Remove distractions, even at the defense of your teenager. No, students do not learn better when
        they’re multi-tasking (Facebook, texting friends, scrolling through their music options on their iPod),
        despite what they think. If music is a hill you are not willing to die on, have your student choose his or
        her music ahead of time and then not touch the device once math-time has started.
    5. Check homework. Make sure you see your student’s work. Better yet, ask him to explain it to you.
        Research shows students retain 90% of what they explain to others and you can be a catalyst in this
Finally, be sure you know when your student can come in for help from her teacher. Math Café is a small-
group tutoring environment that takes place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 264A (3:25-
4:25pm). In addition, each math teacher has their own times of availability, so don’t hesitate to ask when your
teenager’s teacher is available for help. See the Rangeview Staff Web page for email addresses and voicemail
extensions (

Upcoming Performing Arts Department Events
September 24 and 25 the APA class will be holding auditions for the musical “Legally Blond.” The musical tells
the story of Delta Nu Sorority sister Elle Woods, and her amazing trip in pursuit of Warner Huntington III. Along
the way she meets friends Emmett, Paulette, and all her Delta Nus see her through. Performance dates will
be January 31, February 1 and 2, 2013 at 7:00pm in the RHS Theatre.
Directed by Tammy Strouse

September 27, 28, 29 at 7:00pm Rangeview Theatre department will be performing “1984” The story unfolds
on a cold April day in 1984 in Oceania, the totalitarian superpower in post World War II Europe. Winston Smith,
employed as a records editor at the Ministry of Truth, drags himself home, depressed and oppressed. He starts
a journal of his rebellious thoughts against the Party. If discovered, this journal will result in his execution.
Directed by Randy Mills

October 3 is the fall choir concert at Rangeview High School at 7:00pm. Songs will include a Veggie Tales
theme, Tears in Heaven, songs from Glee and a Hunchback of Notre Dame medley.
Directed by James Laguana

Smart Music Returns to RHS
The instrumental music department will once again be using Smart Music to complete homework and music
assignments. Smart Music is a software program that allows students to complete assignments outside of the
classroom instructional time. This is perfect for students who are absent from class as well as those who like a
little more time to complete assignments in order to get the best grade possible.

                  With this software, students are not limited to classroom assignments or projects. There are
                  over 80,000 titles of music and exercises ranging in difficulty from very easy to professional-
                  level arrangements. After completing class assignments students can explore the vast library
                  and find music to satisfy their own personal liking.

Visit for more information and informational videos as well as instructions for purchasing
a year-long subscription to use at home. Please contact Mr. Gregory at if you would
like information on how to use your ISA to make a subscription purchase.

RHS Counseling Information
We are off to another school year, and the RHS Counseling Department would like to
inform students and parents about some of the news and events pertaining to our
community. First and foremost we are glad to share with everyone that our department
was awarded a national designation this last spring. We are a Recognized American
School Counselors Association Model Program (R.A.M.P.) school.

Receiving this recognition was a long process. We had to demonstrate how the RHS
Counseling Department positively impacts students. We collected data, lessons, student and parent input to
add to our narrative about how students are affected by our actions. Our mission “… to provide a safe and
supportive environment where we maximize the skills of all students for their academic achievement, career
knowledge, and personal-social development in order to pursue a variety of post-secondary goals in a diverse
world and global society” guided our efforts as we met with and advised students individually as well as in
classrooms regarding educational opportunities and post-secondary planning.

The American School Counselor Association established RAMP in 2003 to promote exemplary school
counseling programs. To date, more than 400 schools across the country have received RAMP status.
Currently, there are nine RAMP designated schools in Colorado. Two are APS schools.

Great News
Five Rangeview students were selected as recipients for the Mile High United Way Pathway Scholarship,
which covers all unmet needs for students for up to five years of college. Winners Include
Brianna Dottson, Shayna Hutcheson, JoAnna Lee, Makenna Lee, and Dante Moore.

The Mile High United Way Pathway Scholarship was designed to help students of color, primarily African
American, afford and attend college. Students receive mentoring and support in order to ensure they have the
support and resources they need to earn a Bachelor’s degree. These students will start at CCA and then
move to Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Rangeview was also the host site for the Save Our Youth Summer program. Dedrick Smith, graduate of
Central High School, completed this application through the SOY program and was also a recipient.
Standardized Test Opportunities
Rangeview students are encouraged to take advantage of standardized test information and preparation
opportunities. Counselors are available to assist students and parents with understanding test results for
academic advising, course placement and college and career readiness.

Test Prep
Aurora Public Schools has purchased a new comprehensive curriculum and individualized test prep program
for our students. PrepMe is an education company that has designed a program where students take
diagnostic tests which help them build an individual study plan where they identify their academic strengths
and weakness, build skills, and take full-length practice tests. Counselors encourage students to login to their
Naviance accounts to begin their test prep experience.

ACT programs and services are designed to help students explore options and prepare for their post
secondary education and career plans. The tests, EXPLORE, PLAN and the ACT, are curriculum-based
assessments where students demonstrate knowledge in the areas of English, mathematics, reading and
science. The results allow students to determine their college readiness. The interest inventory and
information components help students identify relevant career skills and options.

Rangeview will offer the EXPLORE test for freshmen, the PLAN test for sophomores, and a practice ACT for
juniors and seniors on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

What is the ASVAB? The Department of Defense developed the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
(ASVAB) program. It is a multi-aptitude test that helps students identify skills and competencies and may be
used for career exploration, technical or vocational school, military careers, college and a host of other civilian
world-of-work opportunities. Students will receive results in Verbal Skills, Math Skills and Science/Technical
Skills. Students may take the ASVAB at RHS on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

What is PSAT? The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) is a program
co-sponsored by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). It is a standardized
test that provides first-hand practice for the SAT. This test measures critical reading, mathematical reasoning
and writing skills. Sophomores and juniors are encouraged to take the PSAT. Juniors who take the test may
be eligible to enter NMSC competitions for scholarship and recognition.

Rangeview will offer the PSAT on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. The cost of the test is $15. Students may
sign up by visiting the bookkeeper, Ms. Watkins, by October 8th to make their payment and receive their
student study guide. Late registration is available October 9-16 and the test fee increases to $25. Space is
limited, so please register early. If you are a junior who qualifies for free/reduced lunch, please contact Mrs.
Lanier in the Counseling Office to register with a fee waiver. We have a limited number of fee waivers
available, so this is a first-come, first-serve basis. Mrs. Lanier may be reached at or

College Fair
Would you like to learn more about college curricula, college admissions, college standards and financial aid?
You may receive information and ask questions at the Day/Night College Fair. The Colorado Council on High
School/ College Relations organizes annual college fairs at area high schools across the state. Hinkley High
School will host on behalf of Aurora Public Schools this year. We encourage you to attend this free opportunity
for parents, students and educators on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 from 6:00-7:30pm.

Credit Recovery Update
Rangeview High School is currently using the online credit recovery program ED2020. This self-paced
computer program allows students to recover credits the student did not earn due to failing a class. This does
not replace the original grade earned on the student’s transcript but it does allow the student to repeat a class
and regain that credit towards graduation. Seniors will be working with their assigned counselor to sign up for
the credit recovery option and all other students will need to schedule an appointment with Mr. Willis in the
counseling office. Please visit the website for more information and

Pre-Collegiate Development Program
The University of Colorado at Denver’s Pre-Collegiate Development Program is continuing their partnership
with RHS. This is an excellent opportunity for our students and their families. Typically they start their
recruitment at the end of first quarter and accept about 30 freshmen. These are some of the benefits and
services the Pre-Collegiate Program offers:
            Monthly High School Meetings                 Academic Support Services
            Career Exploration Seminars                  Leadership Development
            Financial Aid/Scholarship Assistance         Parent Alliance Meetings
            College Preparation Seminars                 Free College Classes
            Study Skills Workshops                       And MORE…

In order to qualify for this program, you must:
     Be a first generation student - (Neither parent has earned a 4-year college degree)
     Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
     Meet one or more of the following:
           o Be a member of an under-represented group in higher education
           o Be a member of a one-parent family
           o Be the eldest child in the family
           o Have the desire to continue education beyond high school

A message will be sent through Naviance as well as KVUE, letting students know that applications are
available. Ann Atencio is the counselor who coordinates this program. Feel free to contact her with questions

Hispanic Parent Group – Monday, September 10, 2012 – 6:00-7:00pm – CCR Rm 120
Last year, a group of Hispanic parents asked for an opportunity to start a Hispanic parent group at Rangeview.
Please join us to learn more about Rangeview and the issues facing our Hispanic students. Your voice and
ideas are very important to our school.

El año pasado, un grupo de padres Hispanos pedido la oprtunidad de que se empiece un grupo de padres
Hispanos en Rangeview. Por favor acompáñenos para aprender más de Rangeview y los problemas que
enfrentan nuestros estudiantes Hispanos. Su voz e ideas son muy importantes para nuestra escuela.

Concurrent Enrollment (CE)
Concurrent Enrollment at Rangeview High School is an opportunity for students to earn both college credit and
high school credit for the same course. CE may occur at the home high school or at the Community College of

Registration has just completed for the five courses that are identified as guaranteed transfer at Rangeview for
the fall semester, meaning that all Colorado public colleges will accept the transfer credit. These courses are
Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, American Government, Women in US History, and General Psychology
I. The Counseling Team has reviewed and submitted over 190 applications which equates to over 465 college
credits saving parents over $77,000!

The next window of registration will be for students who are interested in enrolling in a class on the CCA
campus for the spring semester. Once students have applied to CCA and received an S# and have available
scores from either the ACT or Accuplacer, students may begin making appointments to see counselors for the
registration packet and course selection. For step by step directions to begin, visit the RHS Web site
( and click on the “Counseling” tab.

In November the RHS Counselors will visit the Business Department to distribute CCA packets to students
enrolled in Intro to PC, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Accounting, Entrepreneur & Management, and
Intro to Business. For students who have never applied for CCA credit, the application process mentioned
above is necessary.

Accuplacer dates and times will be established and advertised on the Web site and in student classrooms.
Any student who does not have qualifying ACT scores must take the Accuplacer to indicate college readiness.

Workshops from the RHS Counseling Department
RHS Counselors will be hosting a series of workshops. Each workshop is limited to 40
participants. Please see the Counseling Calendar or log into Naviance to view dates and
times for each of the following workshops.

College Application Workshop – If you need help applying to college, this is the workshop for you. Colleges
prefer that students apply on-line. We will show you how to apply on-line, request transcripts, track information
in Naviance and help you get organized. Some colleges require support material, such as letters of
recommendation or a school profile. It is recommended students apply to college early. By applying early, you
can increase your chances for admission and scholarship money.

Naviance 101 Workshop– Naviance is a great online tool to help students navigate their college and career
opportunities. Learn what resources are available, including the document library, ACT test prep, career
searches, college searches, scholarship information, personality testing, resume building, college visits,
summer programs and more…

Career Workshop – Do you know what you want to do after high school? Some jobs require a high school
diploma, a certificate or a short training program and others require many years of college. Come learn about
a career that is right for you. Students will learn how to use a personality test and a questionnaire to explore
careers that match their strengths. Students will also learn how much money they can make and what level of
education they will need to get the job they want.

Scholarship Workshop – Do you need money for college? This workshop will help you get organized so you
have what you need ready to apply for scholarships. Students will learn what goes into a scholarship portfolio
and why you need one. Students will learn how to look for scholarships in Naviance, on the internet and
through college websites.

Military Opportunities Workshop – Have you thought about joining the military? There are different levels of
commitment and opportunities for graduating seniors. This workshop will be offered by the local Army, Navy,
Air Force and Marine recruiters.

How do I sign up?

                Students can sign up for as many workshops as they would like, however they must sign up to
                guarantee their spot in the workshop. Space is limited to 40 participants.

Step 1 -- Sign in to Naviance
Step 2 – Go to the “Colleges” Tab
Step 3 – Click on “College Visits”
Step 4 – Find the workshop you want to attend and click on “Sign Up”
Step 5 – Print your confirmation
Step 6 – Attend your workshop
Curtis Cotton Jr. Memorial Tournament
On Saturday, August 11th, the Rangeview Boys’ Basketball Program volunteered their services in hosting the
first annual, Curtis Cotton Jr. Memorial Tournament. Curtis Cotton Jr. was killed in a car accident on May 7,
2010 at age 23. Cotton Jr. was an explosive 6-foot-3 guard who still ranks fourth on Rangeview’s all-time
scoring list with 1,036 points scored between 2000-04. He averaged 25.2 points per game for the Raiders as a
senior in the 2003-04 season, in which he made the starting five of the Aurora Sentinel’s All-City Boys
Basketball Team and also played in The Show All-Star Game at Pepsi Center as part of the top 20 players in
the state. The event provided an opportunity for kids in the community to come together, develop bonds and
exhibit sportsmanship. This is an event Coach Shawn Palmer and the Rangeview Basketball Program hope to
continue in future years, to honor Cotton Jr. and continue to promote a fun and competitive event for youth in

The Cotton Family, have provided a charitable donation to the Rangeview Basketball program in memory of
their Son, Curtis Jr.

Career Explorations Student/Parent Event
Coming to Aurora Hills Middle School, Saturday 29, 2012: “Career Explorations”, a student/parent opportunity
to visit with resource professionals with expertise for the path of your careers. The open house will be held
from 10am-1pm. Aurora Hills MS is located at 1009 So. Uvalda St. Come join us.


      Date                          Event                                Place                        Time
September 6            Homecoming Kick-off Assembly              See revised bell           2:00 pm
September 14           Homecoming Game                           Aurora Public Schools      6:00 pm
September 15           Homecoming Dance                          Rangeview Gym              8:00 – 11:00 pm
September 17           Booster Club Meeting                      Community Room             8:30 pm
September 19           Academic Lettering Ceremony               Auditorium                 7:00 pm
September 20           Parent Advisory Council                   Community Room             6:30 am
Sept 27, 28, 29        Play – 1984                               Auditorium                 7:00 pm
October 3              Dinner/Choir Concert                      Commons/Auditorium         5:00 pm
October 8              First Quarter Ends
October 9              Teacher Workday – No Classes
October 17             College & Career Day / Testing
October 18             Parent Advisory Council                   Community Room             6:30 am
October 20             PSAT
Oct. 29 – Nov. 2       Fall Break – No School
November 7             National Honor Society Induction          Auditorium                 7:00 pm
November 15            Parent Advisory Council                   Community Room             6:30 am
November 17            Craft Sale                                RHS                        9:00 am – 4:00 pm
November 21            Exchange Day – No School
November 22-23         Thanksgiving Break – No School
December 7             Band Concert                              Auditorium                 7:00 pm
December 14            Choir Concert                             Auditorium                 7:00 pm
December 20            Second Quarter Ends
December 21            Teacher Workday – No Classes
Dec. 24 – Jan. 4       Winter Break – No School

           Ronald M. Fay, Principal
       Brian Duwe, Assistant Principal
  Michelle Suttle Killian, Assistant Principal
     Eryn Osterhaus, Assistant Principal
Victor Strouse, Athletic and Activities Director
       DeLisha Boyd, Dean of Students
   Yvonne Cunningham, Dean of Students
      Tom Severtson, Dean of Students
Rangeview High School
Events Calendar
                                                       September 2012
How do I sign up for workshops?
Students must pre-register for all workshops in Naviance.
can be found under the "College" in "college visits".
    Monday                 Tuesday                 Wednesday             Thursday       Friday       Saturday

           Day                                               P-T
   3       No             4                        5         Conferenc   6          7            8
           Classe                                            es
                          Patriot                                                           Homecomi            Homecomi
10              11        Day
                                        12                     13                   14      ng Game
                                                                                                           15   ng Dance

                                                  Academic                                                      Autumnal
17   Hasha      18                      19        Lettering
                                                               20                   21                     22   equinox
                                                              Scholarship           Deadline to register
             College Application
                                                              Workshop              for
                                                              PGC - 2:25-3:25
             Workshop                                                               October ACT test
             PGC - 1:20-2:20 (p.6)

24              25                      26        Kippur       27                   28                     29
             Career Options          Health Careers Panel     College Application
             Workshop                of Speakers              Workshop
                                                              PGC - 2:25-3:25
             PGC 1:20-2:20 (p.6)     7:30-8:30 am - Rm 120
                Rangeview High School

                                                                October 2012
                Events Calendar
How do I sign up for
Students must pre-register for all workshops in Naviance.
can be found under the "College" in "college visits".

Sunday            Monday                Tuesday             Wednesday   Thursday   Friday Saturday
      1                   2                              3                          4                5     6

7     8                   9                            10                          11                12   13
                                   Workday No
                         Workshops in PGC &
                                                                                  Workshop - PGC
                         8:00 - College App/                                      Military Options
                         Naviance 101                                             Workshop
                         9:00 - Scholarships/College                              1:20-2:20 - PGC
                         Apps                                                     (p.6)
       Last Day - Q1     10:00 - Choosing a Career
                                                                   College &
14   15                  16                            17          Career
                                                                                   18                19   20       PSAT

                                                       Workshops in PCG and
                                                       8:00 - Naviance
                                                       9:00 - College
                                                       10:00 - Choosing a

21   22                  23                            24                          25                26   27
                                                                 United Nations
                         APS College Fair - In-
                                                                                                          ACT test date
                         State Schools
                                                       7:30-8:30 Career
                         Hinkley High School
                         6:00-7:30pm                   21st Century Careers
                                                       Community Conf Rm -
                                                       Rm 120

28   29                  30                            31        Halloween

     Fall Break - No
Aurora Public Schools
Aviation Ground School
What can you expect to learn?
How to become a pilot
Plan your own flight mission
Fly your planned mission on flight simulators
Fly an actual aircraft after attending the course

September 8th – November 3rd, 2012
Every Saturday from 10:00-12:00

8th-12th Grade Students

Mr. John Barry - Superintendent of Aurora Public Schools
Willie Daniels - President/CEO for Shades of Blue
Branden Graves – Shades of Blue

This opportunity results from communitywide collaboration between Wings Over
the Rockies Air and Space Museum in partnership with Shades of Blue and a
sponsorship from Jeppesen.
****Signup for FREE today!****
See your counselor for registration
Please visit the following link to register:
Engineering General
Overview Course
 What can you expect to learn?
General overview of engineering
o Engineering a Noble Profession
o Earth and ITS Coordinates/Orbital Mechanics
o Civil and Structural Engineering
o Raytheon’s Perspective
o Launching Learning

September 8th - November 3rd, 2012
Every Saturday from 10:00 AM-12:00 Noon

8th-12th Grade Students

Ralph Dergance - Retired engineer from Lockheed Martin
Willie Daniels - President/CEO for Shades of Blue
Dave Lewis - Civil Engineering
Stef Petryszyn - Engineer from Raytheon
Lee Hogan - Communications from United Launch Alliance (ULA)
Gino Chery - Engineer from Boeing

****Signup for FREE today!****
See your counselor for registration
Please visit the following link to

Aurora Public Schools
And Sol-Via Modern Arts Present:
What can you expect to learn?
The use of songwriting as a tool for communication
Popular music song form and techniques
Lyric writing
Basics of music theory
Introduction to the music business

September 29 – November 10, 2012
Every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

(No class on October 27th)
Students in grades 8 – 12

APS Professional Learning and Conference Center

15771 E 1st Ave., Aurora, CO 80011
Regina Flores-Dunda, President / CEO of Sol-Via Modern Arts
Special guests from the music industry

For more information e-mail Carol McBride:
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Click on the following link to register:
The time is now
Aurora Public Schools is proud to
announce a
Pathway Experience built with
you in mind!
   Do you LOVE money?
   Do you want to own a BUSINESS?
   Do you like HANDS-ON experiences?
   Do you have the urge to EARN?
This opportunity results from communitywide
collaboration between
UMB Bank in partnership with Junior Achievement.
September 8th—November 3rd, 2012
8th—12th grade students
Classes are
** FREE **
Register Today!
         or contact your school counselor

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