DRIVER’S LICENSE/DROPOUT PREVENTION                                                 Policy Code:           4354

Beginning August 1, 1998, a student will need to have a Driving Eligibility Certificate in order to receive a North
Carolina driver’s permit or license. The principal or Director of Driver Education is responsible for signing and
issuing a DEC. A parent/guardian must sign for and show a copy of their child’s birth certificate. The DEC
must be imprinted with the school’s seal and is only valid for 30 days once it has been issued. Students
attending school outside of North Carolina but are permanent residents of Wilkes County can request a DEC
from Wilkes County.

Adequate academic progress will be evaluated on the day report cards are issued in January and June. For
first term, progress for a student whose report card contains Incompletes (I’s), will be evaluated on the 30th
school day from the end of the first term. For second term, progress for a student whose report card contains
Incompletes (I’s), will be evaluated on the last weekday in June. A student must have passed 70% of his/her
courses at these times in order to be eligible to receive a DEC. Students not meeting these criteria will lose
their permit/license for the next semester/term.

A student who drops out of school will lose his/her driver's permit or license. A student who is not making
adequate progress and transfers to a community college or a non-public school cannot be granted a DEC for a
period of six months.

Once it has been determined that a student is a dropout or not making adequate academic progress, parents
will be notified within five working days by mail. If students possess a license as opposed to a permit, and wish
to appeal, parents will have ten (10) days to return the Driving Eligibility Hardship Form to the Director of Driver
Education. In all cases of hardship, written documented proof must be submitted.

A Hardship Review Committee consisting of one representative from each high school district and the Director
of Driver Education will meet semi-monthly to review the hardship requests. The Superintendent’s designee
(assistant or associate superintendent) will serve as a non-voting chairperson. The deciding vote from this
committee will be by majority. If it is determined that a DEC appeal should be granted under the conditions of
hardship, it will be issued by the principal. If it is determined that a DEC should not be granted under the
condition of hardship, the parent has the right to file an appeal with the Wilkes County Board of Education.
Only documentation presented to the Hardship Review Committee will be reviewed by the Wilkes County
Board of Education.

The Director of Driver Education will notify the Division of Motor Vehicles of all students not meeting the criteria
of this legislation.

Legal References:         House Bill 769

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Adopted: December 5, 2005

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