Values Auction by VII9jovw


          Work Values Auction
In this auction, you will be given $1000 in imaginary dollars. Decide which items you would like to
purchase and how much you are willing to pay for them:

I would value a career that provides:            Amount You       Amount     Items      Important
                                                 Plan to          Bid        You        Work Value
                                                 Spend                       Won

1. Earnings of a million dollars a year

2. Enough money to live comfortably

3. Peace of mind and good mental health

4. The opportunity to follow my passions

5. Good benefits

6. Time and money for vacations

7. Good use of my talents

8. Excitement and adventure

9. Stability

10. An opportunity to contribute to society

11. Time for social and family life

12. A beautiful geographical location

13. An organized work environment

14. Flexible work hours

15. Opportunity for travel

16. Health and well-being

17. Power and influence

18. A friendly work environment

19. Service to others

20. Opportunity to use my creativity

Based on this exercise and your own opinions, list the values that are most important in your ideal career.

                   From CollegeScope/College and Career Success by Dr. Marsha Fralick

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