University College by VII9jovw


									University College

Person 1 (Male): “I can truly say that the two years at Durham so far, have
been the best time of my life”.

Person 2 (Female): “Everything makes it fun, the people, the castle, the
atmosphere – it’s just amazing”.

Person 3 (Male): “University College, more commonly known as the castle, is
situated in an 11th century castle and is currently a world heritage site. We
now have an undergraduate community of around 600 students”.

Person 4 (Female): “Well today is Castle day and we have this day every
year. It’s held on one of the first days in June and the whole College just turns
out. We get alumni back, and we just have a load of fun. We’ve got loads of
bands and loads of activities going on and it’s awesome”.

Person 5 (Female): “We do a lot of events from…basically from fresher’s
week to the end of June”.

Person 2: “We’re in the Castle. This is my bedroom and Becky’s bedroom,
and we’re in first year so we share. Not all the rooms are shared; most of the
third years have a single room unless they opt to share. There is other
accommodation which is in Owengate, Bailey Court and Moatside. The
furthest away is only about 3 minutes down the hill and they all have a lot of
fun together, they all get to know each other really well and they have lots of
socials and parties and there’s just definitely a bond between them. So it is
definitely not the end of the world if you’re not actually living in the Castle”.

Person 1: “At Castle we have a growing international community - more and
more international students decide to come here. And now at the moment we
have students from all over the world, most come from Europe, Asia, and
America. When I first arrived I was quite scared, I didn’t know how to set up a
bank account. Am I going to make any friends? But when I arrived at Castle,
there was initial support and that support has continued throughout the year.
My English has improved so much over the past two years. Now I don’t have
any problem understanding a Geordie or a person from Durham”.

Person 7 (Female) “Here at Castle we have an established welfare support
system from the Senior Tutor, the Chaplain and also a parenting system,
alongside a select group of students who are there to chat through any
problems that you may come across in your time here”.

Person 7 (Female): “Well this is the College Library, which is called the
Library and what’s really great about it apart from it being in the Castle, is the
fact it’s open 24 hours, which means if you’re up in the middle of the night and
you need to do something, instead of trekking to the main library, you can
come here and work here instead. You’ve kind of got everything here in one
place, it’s really handy”.
Person 8 (Male): “There’s a lot of kind of fun aspects, you know we’ve got the
Undercroft Bar which is the oldest student bar in the world. It’s kind of the
social hub of College, obviously everyone kind of tends to hang out there, go
for a few drinks before nights out or even just for kind of net social events,
where you might go there, you know to listen to some music and things like
that, so we’ve got a lot going on in and around college”.

Person 9 (Female): “At University College we have formals twice a week. It’s
a great opportunity to catch up with people from all different year groups and
also if you’re living out, everyone, we all arrange that we’re going to back in
on a Tuesday or a Thursday so we can all eat dinner together”.

Person 10 (Female): “So know we’ve got like a 3 hour meal in a marquee
which is a massive deal and we all go inside and we get a huge firework
display and we’ve got all rooms and secret passages open in the Castle. We
get spinning tea cups, we get magic mirrors – it’s all very exciting.
We’ve got survivors photo, where everyone comes out who is last of the entire
evening of 12 hours. So everyone goes out, gets really excited and then we
have a huge breakfast and everyone goes to bed”.


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