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Exam 1
Part 2

Put your name in the space provided at the top of this page. Answer the questions below
in the spaces provided. All FIGURES needed to answer these questions provided in a
separate packet.. Please do not write on the figures.

1.   (1 point) Circle: True/False
     Chicago would appear larger on a map with a scale of 1:50,000 than on a map with
     a scale 1:1,000,000.

2.   (5 points) Compare and contrast Middle America's "Mainland" and Rimland". In
     your comparison discuss haciendas and plantations and locate the mainland and
     rimland on the map below
3.   (8 points) My wife teaches first grade and when her class studies Africa they study
     the whole continent, from Morocco and Egypt in the north to South Africa in the
     south. But most college world regional geography textbooks divide the continent of
     Africa into two different chapters or realms with (1) North Africa and Southwest
     Asia in the north and (2) Sub-Saharan Africa in the south. See figure below.

                           First Grade Region:                            College Geography Region:
                            African Continent                                Sub-Saharan Africa

     Use the maps provided in the “African Atlas” (NOTE: the “African Atlas is the
     colored figures handout) to explain WHY geographers divide Africa into NORTH
     AFRICA and SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. Which of the criteria help explain why
     geographers often divide Africa into two different realms? Discuss the
     DIFFERENCES between North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

     Organize your answer according to the 4 class themes (see below) and refer to the
     maps found in the “African Atlas” in your answer.



4.   (2 points)Why do geographers use REGIONS?

5.   (20 points) DEFINE each of the following concepts and GIVE AN EXAMPLE
     form the chapters studied in this unit. Briefly EXPLAIN your example so I know
     how it relates to the concept.

     a.   land alienation

     b.   growth-pole

     c.   forward capital

     d.   insurgent state
e.   archipelago

f.   culture hearth

g.   landlocked state

h.   cultural diffusion

i.   stateless nation

j.   buffer state
6.   (5 points) Use the map below to find what PHYSICAL CRITERIA helps explain
     where most people in the world live (we discussed five in our lectures)?

        List them here and give examples from the map below:






             The dot map shows where people live in the world. Each dot on the map
             represents a number of people.
7.   (7 points) Select a word from the list below that BEST applies to the scenarios that
     follow. Do not use a word more than once.

                acculturation                               transculturation
                culture                                     irredentism
                centripetal force                           centrifugal force
                nation                                      state
                nation-state                                plural society
                stateless nation                            exclave

        a. Lesotho, a small country in southern Africa, is an independent country made
           up of a single cultural group


        b. “The sum total of the knowledge, attitudes, and habitual behavior patterns
           shared and transmitted by members of a society”

        c. When Europeans colonized Mexico there was a two-way exchange of
           culture traits resulting in a unique Mexican culture


        d. The Kurdish cultural group live in parts of several different countries
           including Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

        e. The independent country of Nigeria.


        f. When the Arabic speaking people moved into north Africa their culture
           replaced that of the indigenous African peoples.

        g.. The Islamic Shi’ite government of Iran threatens the government of
            neighboring Iraq with military invasion IF Iraq continues to persecute the
            Shjit’ite people living in Iraq.
8.   (4 points) Use this data for the hypothetical country of Sudan to answer the
     questions that follow.
             GDP = $9,000,000,000 (9,000 million)
             population = 30,000,000 (30 million)
             urbanization = 27%
             population growth rate = 2%

     a.   Calculate the GDP per capita for Sudan.
     b.   About how many years will it take for the population of Sudan to double?
     c.   Would Sudan be classified as a less developed country (LDC) or a more
          developed country (MDC)? Give three reasons why based on the data

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