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									                       Seminar of Technology
C >>                   Innovation & Start-up

                                     Presented by:
                           PUCSSA & Chasette, LLC

                                     Sponsored by:
                Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA
             Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Chicago

                     Professor Jin Ma, Professor of Mathematics
          Professor Charlene Sullivan, Professor of Financial Management
     Professor Shailendra Mehta, Director of Krannert Entrepreneurship Initiative

 9/29/2012                          Chasette,LLC                                1
(Purdue University Chinese Student-Scholar Association)

 The largest and most active student
  organization on Purdue campus
 Presidential Excellence Award in 1997
 Mortar Board Award in 2000

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Chasette, LLC >>                   Chasing the Basics

 A portfolio of talents and innovations
 Tackle basic but challenging technology and
  management issues
 Value: Credibility ∙ Creation ∙ Communication
  Commitment ∙ Cooperation ∙ Contribution
 Founded by Purdue MBA Alumni and EE

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Our Business
 Technology Commercialization
 Operations Management Consulting
 International Trade

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 Business Strategy
 United States, China, Singapore, and Mexico.
 Technology, Capital, Market, and Human
 Technology transfer and repeated utilization of
 Synergy among business units (short-term cash
  flow and long-term growth potential)

 9/29/2012          Chasette,LLC              5
    Commercialization Platform
 BEST (Business Efficiency and Solutions Team)
 IF: Innovation/Investment Fellow
 Purdue Entrepreneurship Initiative
 Sample Ideas
 Current Project Portfolio
 Advisors

9/29/2012          Chasette,LLC             6
 Business Planning
 Market Research
 New Product Development
 Financial Planning
 Operations Management
 Venture Capital Structuring

9/29/2012           Chasette,LLC   7
Innovation Fellow
 From Invention to Innovation
 Vision, Passion, Persistence
 Make things better
 Wanted!!!

9/29/2012           Chasette,LLC   8
Investment Fellow
 Alex: MBA 2003, Chicago
 Andersen: MBA2003, Maryland
 David: MBA 2003, Krannert
 Helen: MBA2003, Harvard
 Javed: Mellon Investor; MBA1997, Kellogg.
 Jeremy: PhD2004, Economics, Krannert
 Leslie: Goldman Sachs, MBA 2000,NYU.
 Lillian: MBA2003, Stanford
 Liz: MBA2002, Harvard
 Mandar: MBA2003, Krannert
 Mark: MBA2003, UCLA
 Frank: MBA2003, MIT

9/29/2012               Chasette,LLC          9
Purdue Entrepreneurship Initiative
 Purdue Research Foundation
  and Gateways Program
 Purdue Discovery Park
  and Entrepreneurship Center
 Office of Technology Commercialization
 Krannert Entrepreneurship Initiative
  and Business Plan Competition

    9/29/2012        Chasette,LLC          10
Burton D. Morgan Competition 2003

 1st Prize: $50,000
 December 2, 2002: Mini-Business Plan due
 February 15, 2003: Full Business Plan due
 March 27, 2003: Burton D. Morgan
  Entrepreneurial Competition

9/29/2012          Chasette,LLC               11
More Competitions

 Carrot Capital Business Plan Challenge
 MBA Jungle Business Plan Challenge
 MIT Business Plan Competition
 Maryland Business Plan Competition
 The Inaugural Lee Kuan Yew Global
  Business Plan Competition
 More…

9/29/2012          Chasette,LLC            12
Sample Ideas
   Development and manufacture of direct methanol bio-catalytic fuel cells
    (DMBFC), which can replace batteries of low power electronic devices.
    DMBFC provides a longer operational time, faster recharging than
    batteries, and the eliminates the need for expensive and problematic
    platinum catalyst of other alcohol fuel cells.
   Development of a vibration dampening system for construction and
    industrial workers who use vibrating tools. Tool vibration causes Hand-
    Arm Vibration Syndrome, a deadening of the nerves, blood vessels, and
    tissue of the workers’ hands. Our solution, CounterShock, dampens the
    vibrations that cause the disease.
   Develop, produce and market the world’s first vision tester for personal
    use. The vision tester will be inexpensive and will thus enable screening
    of large groups. The Vision Tester will in a quick and simple manner
    cover the needs of all who wish to test their vision themselves and in
    this way identify and more regularly check for the most common vision
9/29/2012                      Chasette,LLC                            13
Current Project Portfolio
 Razamic razor
 DVD/MPEG video
 Tearaform software
 Smallpox biotech
 Solar heating

9/29/2012         Chasette,LLC   14
    Mr. Donald Blewett, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Center, Purdue
     Discovery Park
    Professor Mark Moriarty, Professor in Marketing Management and Marketing
     Strategy, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University
    Professor Logan Jordan, Associate Dean and Professor in Technology
     Commercialization, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University
    Mr. Alan Ferrell, Director of Management Placement Office, Krannert Graduate
     School of Management, Purdue University
    Professor Charlene Sullivan, Professor of Financial Management, Krannert Graduate
     School of Management, Purdue University. She serves on the board of directors of
     the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
    Professor Patrick Duparcq, Director of Center for E-business Education and
     Research (CEER), Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University
    Ms. Suzanne Platt, Senior Project Manager, Business Innovation Services, IBM
    Mr. Greg Cutchin, Managing Director, CIBER (Center for International Business
     Education and Research), Purdue University

    9/29/2012                       Chasette,LLC                              15
Razamic Razor
Delivering the Longest Lasting Razorblade to Consumers

 Won 7th place in the BDM competition 2002
 Managed by Matt, Yufeng, Sebastien, and Lei
 Prototype in the process
 What we have learned

9/29/2012              Chasette,LLC                      16
Tearaform Software: Cut the Red Tape

 Business Summary
 Technology Summary
 Product and Fulfillment
 Managed by Rusty, Yufeng, and Yixing

9/29/2012          Chasette,LLC          17
  Management Consulting
 Competitive advantage and brand name
 Partnership: INFORMS, DCMME, APICS
 Projects: HVAC, TCO
 Operations education, hunting, and agency

9/29/2012          Chasette,LLC               18
International Trade

 Projects: Candle, Wireless camera, etc.
 Agency: E-learning, Webhire, etc.

9/29/2012           Chasette,LLC            19
C >>           Q&A?


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