AGENDA NTSC2008 02 13 by VII9jovw



              Network Technical Steering Committee Meeting
                          KOCO Office, Lacey
                        NTSC Conference Room
                           February 13, 2008
                              1:30 – 3:00

       1:30 Call to Order and Welcome
              Mike Scroggins

       1:40 Adoption of Consent Agenda
              a. Regular Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2008
              b. Washington State University - Intercollegiate College of Nursing,
                 Spokane - Baccalaureate Site
              c. Everett Community College – University Center at Everett Station,
                 Everett – CTC Site

       1:45 Desktop IP Video Conferencing Recommendation (Action)
              Michael Evans

       2:15 2009/2011 Biennial Budget Preparation
              Tom Carroll

       2:25 Secondary Transport Acquisition Update
              Frank Leeds et al.

       2:35 KOCO Report
              a.   Engineering
              b.   Operations
              c.   Administration
              d.   Maintenance
              e.   Provisioning

       2:50 Chair’s Report
              Mike Scroggins

       3:00 Adjournment
              Next Scheduled Meeting: March 12, 2008

Please Note: Times above are estimates only. The Committee reserves the right to
alter the order of the agenda. Reasonable accommodations will be made for persons
with disabilities if requests are made at least seven days in advance. Efforts will be
made to accommodate late requests. Please contact Tom Carroll at the KOCO Office
at 360-725-5102.

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