CWSC Presents the College Recruiting Experience Workshop by VII9jovw


									   CWSC Presents the Playing College Soccer and the Recruiting Experience Workshop
                      Saturday February 13, 2010 10am – noon
                               TCYO Sports Complex

Welcome and Introductions                                         Bill Spraul, CWSC
                                                                  Director of Coaching

Review of our Agenda                                              Bill Spraul

Facts and Myths                                                   Bill Spraul

The Real Process                                                  Bill Spraul

       - decisions: academics, then athletics (student athlete)
              Major, Campus, Location, Cost, private / public

       - then the soccer program. The coach, the style of play, the roster
       - Player contact
       - Player profile
       - Role of your coaches and club (DOC)
       - Take your game to the coaches

Perspective of College Coach                                      Bryan Warman, CCU
                                                                  Men’s Head Coach

Perspective of Club Coach                                         TBA, or Bill Spraul

Perspective of Players                                            Kevin Spraul
                                                                  Sarah Leibel
                                                                  Danny Elmore
                                                                  Kaitlen Felton

Perspective of Parent                                             Bill Spraul

Perspective of CPOA                                               Tom Elias, CPOA

Questions and Answers                                             Bill Spraul and all

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