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									                                  114 N. Main Street ~ Goshen, IN 468526

                                            Mid Year Report 2012
                                             DUE: July 31, 2012
                                   For the Program Activity Funded by the
                                         Drug Free Community Fund

Program Name:
Agency or Corporate Chief Executive Officer: (include address, phone & email)

Project Coordinator:

Fiscal Officer:

Federal Identification Number:

Report Period (Check One):
   January 2012-June 2012          July 2012 – September 2012             October 2012- December 2012 & Year End

To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this report are true and correct:

Signature: ___________________________________________________ Title: ____________________________

Date: ________________________________

Copies of your report must be sent to each of the following people:

Jessica Koscher                                        Kris Krueger
United Way of Elkhart County                           Elkhart County Commissioners
P.O. Box 3048                                          117 N. 2nd Street
Elkhart, IN 46515                                      Goshen, IN 46526

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                                            Budget Page

                        Please use your DFCF Grant you submitted for reference.

DFCF Original Grant Amount:
Amount Claimed:
Balance: (unclaimed amt)

Below please report expenses from this quarter and YTD which pertain to the DFCF monies. (Do not
include your total program budget with other revenue sources. We only wish to understand how you have
spent down the DFCF monies.) These figures should match your approved allocation and/or grant

Expenses:                                        Mid Year                                                 YTD
Personnel Benefits
Office Supplies
Other (as outlined and approved in
your grant)
Total Expenses:


A representative of my (grantee) program attended LCC meetings on the following dates:

General Membership Meeting:
Committee Meetings:

This person is a member of the following committee (check one):
   Criminal Justice              Prevention           Treatment                                        Board of Directors

Drug Free Partnership                            Page 2 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc

In your original grant proposal you were asked to list “activities”, “key outputs”, “methods”, and
“indicators” in order to establish the benefits of your program in measurable terms. Please
comment on your progress in these areas. Specifically discuss your work with the “key outputs”
stating to what extent these items have been fulfilled. Also indicate if there have been any
changes in your methods or implementation of the project that is different then what was listed in
the original proposal and the date which those changes were approved by the Partnership.

Drug Free Partnership                          Page 3 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
Demographic Data/ Statistics

Section A: All funded programs. Please respond as appropriate to your organization and

                                                                 This Quarter                                          YTD
Number of participants in program
Number of classes/ treatment hours, etc
Publicity:                                                   Newspaper                                         Newspaper
                                                             T.V.                                              T.V.
                                                             Radio                                             Radio

Please include the following:
            A blank copy of any pre/post test used including participant surveys (only
               required once)
            Copies of press releases, newspaper articles, etc.
            Copies of workshops/conference brochures if we funded training (cover is

Comprehensive Plan Goals

Section B: All funded programs. Any organization receiving DFCF monies must address a
recommended action from the approved Comprehensive Plan. The following section pertains to
your work within these action items. This section of the report must be complete and detailed.

In your approved grant, you stated you would focus on one of the following recommended
actions. Please check which recommended actions you originally stated you would impact.

Problem Statement:
The production of Methamphetamine is a continued concern in Elkhart County.

Recommended Actions:

       Explore new ways to address the meth production problem in Elkhart County including working with local
       law enforcement groups and the prosecuting attorney’s office to create a special investigation team similar
       to the FACT team (Fatal Alcohol Crash Team).

       Assist in educating the public about mobile meth labs and how to handle mobile (bottle) sites.

       Explore proactive meth lab prevention and interdiction activities such as more active monitoring of
       ingredient logs and related proactive interventions by law enforcement and community.

       Increase the number of local officers who are trained in meth lab clean up and OSHA clean up protocols.

Drug Free Partnership                                 Page 4 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
Problem Statement:
Alcohol use and misuse remains the leading precursor to treatment referrals and indicates an ongoing and
persistent ATOD issue in Elkhart County.

Recommended Actions:

        Explore tracking systems for DUI/DWI arrests, convictions and related accidents for countywide analysis
        and reporting.

        Educate the community on the dangers of impaired driving and break-down the misnomer that because it is
        “legal”, alcohol is harmless.

        Support quality treatment within Elkhart County for individuals whose lives have been negatively affected
        by alcohol.

        Provide public service type campaigns highlighting the harmful effects of alcohol use/abuse for
        Elkhart County residents.

        Encourage and provide innovative, hands on, prevention activities focused on alcohol misuse and being
        “buzzed” while operating a motor vehicle and other activities.

Problem Statement:
Marijuana use is an ongoing issue in Elkhart County. It remains the second highest drug of choice for those
in treatment and is perceived by many as non harmful.

Recommended Actions:
      Support marijuana eradication programs and publicize the cost to our county.

        Expand public awareness in Elkhart County focused on marijuana as an illegal substance that negatively
        impacts our community.

        Explore and support treatment modules which focus on marijuana addiction, family values and beliefs
        around marijuana use and other marijuana social issues.

        Work with area schools and colleges to address youth perceptions of marijuana including support of
        Student Resource Officers, social service organizations and student anti-drug groups addressing this same

Problem Statement:
We suspect prescription drug misuse and abuse is a problem in Elkhart County based on national data and
antidotal local information.

Recommended Actions:
      Provide quality training for professionals in the community around the complexities of prescription drug
      misuse/abuse including those who work with seniors, chronic pain patients, youth and other at-risk

        Establish new partnerships in order to understand the depth of prescription drug abuse in our county
        including those who work with the elderly, medical personnel and pharmacies.

        Assist in county public awareness events including drug-drop off days and create our own public awareness
        campaigns where lacking.

Drug Free Partnership                                  Page 5 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
In the space below (include extra pages as needed) outline how your funded program has
made an impact on the “recommended action” you picked above. Please include any
relevant statistics which will make your “case”.

If you have a:
        ~ Criminal Justice grant => go to Section C
        ~ Prevention grants => go to Section D
        ~ Treatment grants => go to Section E

Drug Free Partnership                          Page 6 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
                                        Demographic Data/ Statistics

Section B: Criminal Justice Grants
Answer the area which applies to activities requested for in your grant. i.e. additional man hours for increased OWI
patrols would answer # of roadside stops, # of contacts and # of additional man hours.

                                                                                          This Quarter                  YTD
Number of roadside stops/citations (camera/video equipment grants)
Number of other contacts/ citations/etc.
Number of additional man hours.

Drug Free Partnership                                   Page 7 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
Section C: Prevention Grants

Research: please include one outside source/reference which links wht you are doing in your
program to ATOD prevention. (i.e. The National Bureau of Economic Research found that removing alcohol
ads and doubling prices would reduce underage drinking by 25% and would reduce underage binge drinking by
51%. Source: Alcohol Advertising and Alcohol Consumption by Adolescents) Include information where
source can be found. This only needs included in your 1st report.

Participants: Please indicate the ages of your participants in your program. This must be
included each report.

                                                                             This Quarter                         YTD
Age 6 and under
Age 7-8
Age 9-10
Age 11-12
Age 13-14
Age 15-16
Age 17
Age 18
College Age
Adults (25+)
Older Adults (65+)

Victims Impact Panels:
Number of VIP Panels
Number of adult offenders participating (VIP)
Number of youth offenders participating (VIP)
% of VIP participants who reported attitude change

Drug Free Partnership                                Page 8 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
Section C: Treatment Grants (Treatment scholarships must fill out additional form).

Symptom Reduction: % of participants who report substance use:
Last 30 days prior to treatment                End of services                          30 days after service

Prevalence of Substance: # of participants who reported the below as “primary drug used”
                          This Quarter                   YTD
                              (currently in tx)           (in tx this year/ unduplicated)
Prescription Drugs
Other Narcotics
Other Psychedelics
Other Stimulants

Age of Onset: # of participants who reported their first use at the below ages:
                            This Quarter                      YTD
                              (currently in tx)              (in tx this year/ unduplicated)
Under 10 years of age
Between 10-15 y/o
Between 16-20 y/o
Between 21-25 y/o
Between 26-29 y/o
Between 30-39 y/o
Between 40-49y/o
Over 50 y/o

GAF Scores: Average (Mean) Pre/Post GAF scores for participants
                         This Quarter                   YTD
                                  (currently in tx)          (in tx this year/ unduplicated)
Average Pre GAF Score
Average Post GAF Score

Drug Free Partnership                                 Page 9 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc
Please use this section to provide any other information you deem important or relevant. Please
feel free to include short success stories (150 word max), further explanations pertaining to
program changes or reasons the program has been altered from the one proposed.

Drug Free Partnership                        Page 10 of 10 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\448cfcce-ed25-4b7d-ba22-dfbedb415a96.doc

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