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									                              UC Santa Barbara
                                                             Fall 2012 Freshman Outcomes
                                                             29% of new freshmen are underrepresented
                                                             42% of new freshmen are first generation
                                                             college students
                                                             79% of ELC students admitted
                                                             330 students admitted from Wait List

                                                             Fall 2013 Outlook

                                                             No changes in selection process:
                                                             Comprehensive Review
Mid-size, 1022 acre campus on 2¼-mile stretch of coastline
                                                             Science majors should declare major
                                                             SAT Subject Exam Recommendations:
                                                             Math Level 2 for Engineers
                                                             Related subject for CCS
                                                             Accepting electronic transcripts from Docufide
                                                             and eTranscript CA

                       Donna Coyne, Ph.D.
                  Associate Director of Admissions
        UC Santa Barbara
                                    College of
                                Letters & Science
                               17,000+ undergraduates
                               80 majors and 40 minors
                               Selection by major ONLY for Dance & Music
                               (audition required)
                               Otherwise, major not considered in admission
                               New Minors in Theater and Theater Production
                                   College of
                               1,200+ undergraduates
                               5 majors
                               Selection by major
                               Maintain strong grades and progression in math
                                  College of
                                Creative Studies
                               ~400 undergraduates
                               8 majors
                               Supplemental application required; selection by
                               Students “Create” new knowledge

Undergraduate focus: Over 90% of the 22,000 students are undergraduates!
        UC Santa Barbara

                            •   UCSB is a residential campus, very
                                small commuter population

                            •   Housing is guaranteed! 5 residence
                                halls have ocean views!

                            •   Transportation is easy --- no need for a
                                car, but a bike is a MUST!

                            •   85% participation rate in activities
                                make UCSB an active campus!

Over half of graduating seniors have collaborated with faculty on research
               UC Santa Barbara
                      Spring Insight - Open House on April 13, 2013
                                  Virtual Open House April 2, 2013

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