Sophomore class meeting Fall 2012 by VII9jovw


									CHS Class of 2015
A timeline and resources for high school sophomores
10th – 12th grade Counseling Center
 Mrs. Aikins          Mrs. Payne
 Mrs. Cool            Ms. Rubinstein
 Ms. Cottone          Mrs. Stephan
 Mrs. Hartman         Mrs. Stuelpe
 Mr. Mikesell         Mrs. Wise

 Social Worker: Mrs. Wildman

 College Counselor: Mrs. Christy
o Part-time  job postings
o Information about tutors, SAT/ACT tests,
o Information about summer programs
o College and Career Resource Center:
•     Mrs. Christy
•     Mr. Pettibone
College Info on Facebook &Twitter!
 Follow us on Twitter @CHSCollege411
 Like us on Facebook at “Carmel High
  School College Counseling”
   A great resource for:
    ◦ College Admissions Information
    ◦ Application Deadlines
    ◦ Scholarships
    ◦ Financial Aid
    ◦ College Rep Visits
    ◦ Summer Programs

•   “If you want to make sure your dreams come true,
    the first thing you have to do is wake up.”
                                  J.M. Power
 Plan for the year ahead
 Take the PSAT
 Get involved with activities
 Explore college options
 Explore career options
 Continue to STUDY
 Start preparing for SAT/ACT
 Create junior year schedule
 Learn about how to finance a college
 Continue to explore college options
 Study for AP exams
 Explore summer opportunities
 Take the End of Course Assessments in
  English 10 and Algebra I
 Participate in activities that will help with
  your goals
 Read
 Visit college campuses

“Think about the choices you are
making now as they really impact
your future.” - S. Rubinstein
Additional Information
   If you are struggling in a class:
    ◦   Talk to your teacher
    ◦   Work with a tutor
    ◦   Talk to your counselor
    ◦   Work with peers
Tutoring Opportunities
   Teachers are available during SRT: Students can request to see their
    teacher(s) during SRT for small-group help. Students must ask the teacher
    for a pass prior to the SRT.
   Late-Start Wednesdays: NHS students tutor during this time.
   SRT math help: Math help is available during SRT.
   National Honor Society peer tutors: National Honor Society
    students volunteer their time to offer peer tutoring outside of the school
    day. Students can get a list of NHS tutors from the Counseling Office.
   Adult tutors: Adults in the community offer tutoring services for an
    hourly rate. Students can get a list of adult tutors through their “myccs”
    accounts in the “Resources” widget.
Exploring Options for the Future
 Use the CHS Counseling Center website,
  college websites, and other college search
 Visit college fairs and college admissions
 Set up college campus visitations
 Attend the College Information Night
 Pay attention to announcements from the
  Counseling Center
Internet Issues
•   Set up a college admissions email account
    • do not choose usernames that are silly,
      inappropriate or immature
    • Use this account to communicate with college
      admission personnel
    • Review your online persona – what do people
      see when they view your Facebook page or
      other social networks*?

    • *From Purdue U. = “A good rule of thumb for students – if it’s not
      something you would want your mother to see, don’t post it online.”
Get Involved in Activities
 Community service
 CHS clubs
 Remember: It is the quality of activity, not
  the quantity of activities, that counts
 Leadership is valuable
Explore Career Options
   Interest inventories
    ◦ Indiana Career Explorer
   J. Everett Light Career Center
College Athletics
 Check NCAA eligibility requirements at
 If the college is an NAIA school:
 “I know the price of success: dedication, hard
   work, and an unremitting devotion to the
   things you want to see happen.”
                               Frank Lloyd Wright

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