Admissions Application by VII9jovw


									                                       “BERIT Theological Seminary”
                                          Application for Admission

Indicate Tri-Semester     Enter the Tri-Semester # _____ of _______          ()   I am a New Applicant/Transfer Student
Which Enrolling:   >>>    for which Enrollment is Requested!                  ( ) I am a Returning Student

Indicate Degree           Check One:        ( ) DMin.      ( ) D.B.S. ( ) MDiv. ( ) M.B.S.            Date Submitted:
For Which Enrolling:      ( ) BA Theology        ( ) B.B.S.

Please indicate Method of Tuition Payment >   On Line:              Other:                     Amount:

Personal Information
Name:                                    Social Security Number:                     ()M    ()F      Nationality

                                                  Date of Birth:       Month          Day      Yr
Home Address:                                     E-mail Address:
City:                                                                                                         Attach Picture
                                                  Phone Number:
Zip Code:

If Married (Family Information)
            Name             Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)         Occupation                Relation     Highest Level Education

Academic Information and History of Church Work/Experience (Elder, Deacon, etc.)
Name Of College/University                              (Attach Transcripts)
Name of High School                                     Attach Copy of Diploma

Please Complete, Sign and mail this Application to the Office of the Registrar (Note: Student must include two
(2) Passport size photos and copies of all College and School Transcripts. BERIT must attain and keep on
record, formal copies of school transcripts for College and Post Graduate study. Please request your school to
forward official copies of these documents to BERIT.            Warning: this is the student’s responsibility and if
official copies of transcripts are not received by the end of the first term, no credit will be given for

I understand the requirements to provide supporting documentation that validates the entries I have
declare and that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.                        I willing provide
supporting documentation requested.

Signed:       ______________________________                  Date:    ________________

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