AMERICAN HISTORY
                           Unit IV – A Champion of Democracy
                               CHAPTER 15 Test Review-
          Put a + if you know it, ? if you might and Circle the item if you do not know it at all.
Vocabulary            Names                         Dates and Events
Section 1- The Iron   Section 1- The Iron           Section 1- The Iron Curtain Falls on Europe
  Curtain Falls on     Curtain Falls on Europe      Causes of the Cold War
  Europe              Stalin                              Philosophical Differences
                                                          World War II Conflicts
Justified             Truman
                                                          Post War Conflicts
Cold War              Josip Broz Tito +             Atomic Bomb and Soviet Spies
Iron Curtain           Yugoslavia                   Spread of Communism- Eastern Europe,
Containment           Churchill                     Iron Curtain Speech
                      George F. Kennan              Truman Doctrine
Section 2 – Healing                                 Marshall Plan
                                                    Crisis in Berlin and the Berlin Airlift
 the Wounds of War    Section 2 – Healing the       Formation of NATO
G.I. Bill              Wounds of War                Section 2 – Healing the Wounds of War
Baby Boom             Truman                        Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944- GI Bill
Fair Deal             Thomas Dewey                  Baby Boom
Human Rights          Henry Wallace                 Labor Unions after the War
                      Strom Thurmond and the        Racial Minorities after the war.
                                                    Executive Order 9981
Section 3- The         Dixiecrats.                  American GI Forum
 Second Red Scare     Eleanor Roosevelt             1946 Congressional Elections
Detonate              “Do-Nothing Congress”         1948 Presidential Election
Equivalent                                          Fair Deal
                      Section 3- The Second         United Nations- 1945 Charter
Blacklist                                                 Commission on Human Rights-
McCarthyism            Red Scare
                                                          Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
                      Mao Zedong                          World Bank
Section 4- The        Chiang Kai-shek                     Internation Monetary Fund
 Korean War           Hollywood Ten                       General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
Scope                 Truman                        Section 3- The Second Red Scare
Police action         Alger Hiss                    Communist takeover of China and the explosion of a Soviet atomic
                      Klaus Fuchs                     bomb.
                                                    House Un-American Activities Committee
                      Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
                                                    Truman’s plan for ensuring loyalty of government employees.
                      Joseph McCarthy               The Smith Act
                                                    The McCarran Act
                      Section 4- The Korean         McCarthy Hearings
                       War                          “soft on communism”
                      Kim IL Sung                   Section 4- The Korean War
                      Syngman Rhee                  Yalta Conference
                                                    38th parallel- North and South Korea
                      Douglas MacArthur
                                                    June 25, 1950- North Korea attacks South Korea
                      Gen. Matthew Ridgeway         US Role in Korea- stand against Communism
                      Panmunjom                     Role of the UN in Korea- Security Council
                                                    June 30 American ground troops into Korea
                                                    Key Battles of Korea
                                                             Yalu River and Chinese Troops
                                                             Retreat of UN forces- Chosin Reservoir
                                                             MacArthur Fired
                                                             Peace and the end of the war 1953

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