�The College Track: America�s Sorting Machine�

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					                 “The College Track: America’s Sorting Machine”
                        National Engagement Campaign

Roundtable, in partnership with national organizations dedicated to supporting college-
going opportunities for all Americans, is spearheading a national engagement campaign
designed to support opportunities at the local level and to highlight the need to help all
students get on the road to college.

Community Connections Campaign
This year-long outreach campaign helps local college access programs connect with each
other so that they can better coordinate their services. The campaign offers free media, print
and online resources to participating communities. Already over 100 communities in 33
states have signed up as local partners. Among these participants are college admissions
counselors, faith-based support groups, business associations, government organizations,
parent/school support organizations and public television stations. The free resources
     Videos from the series (available in English and Spanish)
     Planning guides with an introduction by Julian Bond, chairperson, NAACP
     CD-ROMs with customizable print and publicity materials
     Web support at www.thecollegetrack.com

National Awareness Initiative
This visibility campaign is designed to help formal and informal community leaders and
education professionals bring their college-going messages to national, state and local
policymakers, researchers, education leaders and others working on systemic education
reform related to college access and success. Free resources include:
     Video excerpts from the public television series (in English and Spanish),
     Issue-oriented guides,
     “A Shared Agenda” booklet from the Pathways to College Network
     Web support at www.thecollegetrack.com.

Key Outreach Areas
The project anticipates the participation of 150 communities in this national campaign.
Events, ongoing coalition activity and widespread outreach are scheduled in the following
      Atlanta                                        Cleveland
      Central Valley, California                     Hartford
      Chicago                                        Indianapolis
      Cincinnati                                     San Antonio
                                                      Seattle
Lead Outreach Partner
Roundtable is working with the Pathways to College Network as its lead outreach
partner. The Network is an alliance of major foundations, non-profit organizations,
educational institutions and the U.S. Department of Education. The Pathways to
College Network is dedicated to improving college access and success for underserved
students through research-based reform of education policies and practices. The
members of the network include:
 ACT, Inc.                                      National Association for College
 American Association of                           Admission Counseling
   Community Colleges                            National Association of Secondary
 American Council on Education                     School Principals
 American Youth Policy Forum                    National College Access Network
 The Aspen Institute                            National Council for Community
 Association of American Colleges                  and Education Partnerships
   and Universities                              National Urban League
 The College Board                              Pacific Resources for Education
 Council for Opportunity in                        and Learning
   Education                                     State Higher Education Executive
 Education Commission of the                       Officers
   States                                        The Education Resources Institute
 Institute for Educational                      University of California, Office of
   Leadership                                       the President
 National Association for the                   Western Interstate Commission for
   Advancement of Colored People                    Higher Education

National Partners
Additional outreach partners include:
     The ASPIRA Association, Inc.
     Connect for Kids
     GE College Bound
     Girls Incorporated
     National Association of Urban Debate Leagues
     The Puente Project

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