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									                                                     Preston Kiddie Kollege
                                                     Tuition/Fee Agreement

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Child’s Name: ________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/__________

                                                                                                                              st     st
I agree to the tuition amount of $__________ to be paid on the each month. I have chosen to pay on the 1 or 1
and 15 (please circle one). I understand that an eight percent late payment fee will be assessed to my account any
unpaid balance that remains after the fifth (5th) and the fifteenth (15                 of the month. Tuition must be paid in full
without deduction for absences of any duration or for any cause, and without substitution of other days of attendance
as “make up” days. This is necessary due to staffing and operational costs that are incurred on the basis of fixed
levels of enrollment. There will be no reduced rates for illness, vacation, holidays or early school dismissal. Full

payment is expected. I understand that the obligation for full payment of tuition continues until the date I indicate the

date of withdrawal. Tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. However, infants will be required to bring
their own daily supply. I also agree to pay a supply/registration fee of $______ along with the first month’s tuition,
and the first month of the school year for each following year my child is in care. I understand that if tuition is not
received in full by the 30 of that month, my child will not be able to attend Preston Kiddie Kollege until the amount
owed is paid in full. If amount is not received by the 15 of the following month, we will no longer be able to hold your
child’s spot at Preston Kiddie Kollege. If payments have not been made within 30 days from last day of enrollment,
the total amount owed will be sent to an collections agency.

            A non-refundable Advance Reservation Fee of $150 allows Preston Kiddie Kollege to reserve a position for your child for
             the time frame you are interested to enroll. This fee is separate from the tuition. A non-refundable supply/registration fee
             will be due along with the 1st payment monthly payment. This payment will also be due at the beginning of each school
             year to replenish supplies. For infants and toddlers this fee includes bed sheets, laundry of soiled clothing and sheets,
             and basic arts supplies. For two-year-olds through preschool this fee covers school supplies, art supplies, and additions
             to basic curriculum (worksheets, etc.). The supply fees are listed on the tuition rate sheet.
            Preston Kiddie Kollege requires 30 day written notice of withdrawal. Tuition will be required for the 30 days following the
             date the written notice is given. This applies even if the child is no longer attending.
            If your check is returned, a fee of $25 will be added to your next payment.
            If your child is picked up after 6:30 PM, a $2 per minute late pick-up fee is expected for that day. This payment will be
             expected within 48 hours of the late pick-up.
            For our half-day program, there is a $2 per minute late pick-up fee after 2:00 pm and early drop off fee before 8:00 am.
             This payment will be expected within 48 hours of the late pick-up.

Parent Name: __________________________________                                    Date: _____/_____/________
Parent Signature: _______________________________________________________________________

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