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									                                                                                                       Attach College
                                Request for Letter of Recommendation                                 Form and Stamped
                                  Asheville High School Counseling Office

  Student’s Name: ____________________________ Today’s Date: _______________
  Cell Phone Number: ________________________ Email address: _____________________________

  Dear Student:
  Your high school academic record will be the most important factor in determining your readiness for college.
  However, the admissions officers also ask for supplemental information in the area of extracurricular activities,
  awards or honors, work experience, and community activities. It is better to have a few well-chosen activities in
  which you are a contributing member, rather than listing a great many to which you “just belong.” A complete
  and accurate report of these activities will enable your counselor to adequately support your application for
               Return this form to your Ms.Boswell along with any forms from the college.
                    No recommendation can be completed until all forms are received.

                                    Colleges to which you are applying:
                     *Please star colleges listed that will email the form to your counselor.
  1. ____________________________               2. ____________________________
  3. ___________________________                4. ____________________________
   Intended college major and career goal: ____________________________________

                                       Deadline for this letter:
                             (Remember to give 10 days to complete letters.)

                        College Admission       Date         Reading       Math       Writing     ACT
                              Tests             Add future                                        Composite
                                                dates too.
                        SAT / ACT
                        SAT / ACT
                        SAT / ACT

                    Current GPA: _______                           Current Rank:___ out of _____

                    1. List at least eight adjectives or personal characteristics that describe you.
                  a. _________________________                 b. ________________________
Personal:         c. _________________________                 d. ________________________
                  e.__________________________                 f._________________________
                  g.__________________________                 h._________________________

  2. What do you consider your greatest strengths?
       3. If you were writing your recommendation, what would you write so that the colleges knew
          about you and wanted to accept you?

       4. What life experience has been especially meaningful? Why? Please list any unusual
          circumstances: (financial need, divorce, loss of income, health, number of
          brothers/sisters in college or at home, etc.)

              Please feel free to attach a resume or separate sheet, but please answer each question in it’s entirely.
Extra-            1. Please list your honors and awards (academics, sports, etc.)

   1. What Sports and Clubs are you a part of? Please list any roles in them.

   2. What is your Work and Volunteer history?

   3. Describe a situation in which you have used your leadership skills. (Please describe
      your leadership roles.)

   4. What are your proudest accomplishments?
      Prior to graduation I hope to accomplish . . .
      After high school I hope to accomplish . . .

                      Any additional questions to ask Ms.Boswell?

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