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									Job title:                 Senior Learning Supporter

Job family:                       Direct services

Reports to:                       Pathway Coordinator

Management of:             Leaning Support Staff

The key roles for Senior Learning Supporter are:

      Lead manager
      Manager of compliance and quality
      Practice adviser
      Lead practitioner
      Coordinator of resources

Lead manager
The SLS is accountable for the people management and development across their
teams. They will ensure effective performance and attendance through effective
implementation of performance management processes, meeting College KPIs.
They will coach and supervise first line managers and team members, ensuring
sound processes relating to the recruitment, performance and development of an
effective service team. They will perform to a high standard in their work, attendance
and team-working.

  Demonstrates and role models professional credibility, conduct and attendance,
    setting a standard for the team
  Meets agreed targets in the monitoring and management of staff attendance
  Has an active presence across their services and can demonstrate methods for
    engaging with team members through effective communication
  Provides guidance and support to direct reports in meeting KPIs and service
    targets through structured performance management processes, team
    meetings, quality reviews etc
  Uses honest feedback confidently to support effective team member
  Demonstrates effective judgement in recruiting the right staff
  Achieves compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements for the
    effective deployment, direction and support of staff delivering the service

What matters to me standards:
 People who work with me
 Managing my support

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   Doing the best for me

Measures: WMTM reviews, notifications, 360 feedback from staff, appraisal
completion rate, appraisal scores, training records, absence rates, turnover rates,
number of passed/failed probations, number on capability/disciplinary procedures,
number of grievances, number of vacancies, engagement measures.

Manager of compliance and quality
Takes responsibility for the quality of their services through effective monitoring of
service delivery. Samples and audits service compliance against regulatory/
contractual requirements and reports promptly to Pathway Coordinator on any
failures/critical incidents. Ensures internal quality processes are in place and working

  All services fully comply with regulatory and contractual requirements
  Takes responsibility for the quality of their services, leading on self assessment,
     and meeting performance targets for WMTM reviews
  Drives the development and review of continuous improvement plans to
     demonstrate good progression and achievement
  Can identify and evidence examples of best practice within service delivery
  Can evidence feedback from those using the service and how this promotes and
     achieves improvement in service delivery
  Takes lead on complaints and critical incidents which are responded to,
     accurately reported to Pathway Coordinator and resolved effectively within
     agreed time-scales with agreed actions/improvements undertaken
  Reviews service records and reports in timely way in line with business unit
     targets and contractual requirements

What matters to me standards:-
  Doing the best for me
  My paperwork
  Getting my support right

Measures: WMTM reviews, monitoring data, quality performance data, requirements
data, quality KPIs, 360 feedback from team, quality reviews, complaints data, critical
incident data,

Practice adviser
Supports team to raise their practice delivery so people we support achieve best
possible outcomes. Uses expertise across services to drive and implement effective
delivery tools and frameworks.

  Role models exemplary approach in engaging with students and their families,
     and other stakeholders
  Provides advice and guidance on practice issues to direct reports, and has
     established opportunities to observe individual and team practice

                                         2                                22 June 2010
    Can evidence effective application of agreed delivery tools and frameworks to
     support safe and effective service delivery
    Demonstrates active review of individual plans and ensures that these are
     responsive to individual needs and progression towards desired outcomes
    Undertakes individual service design to meet specific needs in line with agreed
     business unit models and service design frameworks
    Identifies any required specialist support needs to improve practice delivery

What matters to me standards:
  Getting my support right
  Helping me to make choices
  Keep learning, doing well
  People who work with me

Measures: WMTM reviews, observations undertaken, participation in team meetings,
evidence of innovative/good practice, 360 from team members, quality ratings.

Lead practitioner

The SLS has responsibility for supporting and guiding the practice of team members
using a role modelling and coaching approach. They have an active role in
undertaking observations and assessment of the competence of team members and
reporting on this to the manager.

  Role models exemplary approach to supporting people who use the service
  Promotes, guides and advises team members on agreed practice methods to
    issues within the service
  Demonstrates effectiveness as lead knowledge expert in service
  Can evidence effective application of agreed delivery tools and frameworks to
    support safe and effective service delivery
  Highlights any required specialist support needs to improve practice delivery to
    the manager
  Involves people who use the service in the recruitment of staff

What matters to me standards:
 Getting my support right
 Helping me to make choices
 Keep learning, doing well
 Feeling safe, taking responsibility

Measures: WMTM evidence records, observation, participation in team meetings,
evidence of innovative/good practice, 360 from team members, quality ratings,
number of recruitment interviews with LD panels member.

Co-ordinator of resources

Co-ordinates the day to day management of staffing and financial resources for their
team using agreed processes.

                                        3                              22 June 2010
  Understands what their team is expected to achieve and makes resources
     available to support delivery of service to students
  Demonstrates effective rota planning and management that responds to student
     needs and is within budget
  Ensures that all team members comply with training requirements linked to their
     role and to meet student needs effectively
  Demonstrates effective application and management of all processes within the
     team to support safe management of finances
  Highlights any financial issues to the Pathway coordinator for remedial action

What matters to me standards:
  Feeling safe, taking responsibility
  Managing my support

Measures: WMTM evidence records, use of relief/agency, rota planning, number of
vacancies, training records, financial recording and escalation of issues,

                                         4                           22 June 2010
Person Specification

Job Title:          Senior Learning Support
Responsible to:     Pathway Coordinator

In addition to the things below, in Mencap we expect our employees to:

      be positive about working for Mencap and to demonstrate this to all the people
       they come into contact with
      work well with all of their colleagues
      take responsibility for their own development

Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Knowledge of:
 Rights and needs of people with a learning disability
 Care home regulations - National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Adults
 Legislation, requirements and guidance in all areas relating to people with
  learning disabilities including funding and inspection requirements
 Legislation under child protection

Experience of:
 Supervisory/management experience in a further education/residential care
 Working directly with people with learning disabilities in a further education /
   residential setting
 Experience of working to strict deadlines

 Able to present clear written material
 Good inter-personal and communication skills
 Leadership skills and ability to motivate a team
 Good ICT skills
 Good organisational and personal management skills
 Good planning and negotiation skills

Personal qualities
 Committed to equal opportunities
 Well organised
 Flexible and adaptable
 Able to deal sensitively with staff personal issues
 Able to handle personal emotions and stress
 Constantly seeking to do better

                                        5                                22 June 2010
Desirable Qualifications:
 NVQ in Care
 First Aid at Work – 4 day course (in accordance with Health & Safety First Aid
  Regulations 1981)
 Stage 1 teaching qualification
 Assessor award
 NCFE certificate in basic counsellingLS edit 1.1

Personal Circumstances:
 Ability to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends, in accordance
   with the needs of the post including sleep in duties on a rota basis
 Ability to work on an on-call basis
 Ability to travel regionally as required

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