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									HLFPPT/HRIS/RFP/01                                                            Date: August 03, 2012

               Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust

Request for Proposal for HRIS

Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust or HLFPPT (A Trust Promoted by HLL Lifecare Limited)
was born in the year 1992 with the sole aim of providing complete and compassionate care for people
from all walks of life. Over the years we have undertaken numerous pioneering projects, that have helped
us empower and help many communities understand the basic necessity of a healthy lifestyle and thus
contribute to the achievement of national health and population development goals. HLFPPT is promoted
by HLL Life care Limited and has over the years, grown and matured into a professional services
organization that spreads smiles and the message of good health among the populace of this great

Inviting Proposal:-
HLFPPT is looking for agencies to develop an integrated software for HLFPPT where all functions of HR to
work on a single platform. To automate our HR processes and manage HR & Payroll related information
within the organization for faster delivery and increased efficiency.
Interested agencies are requested to respond to the request for proposal (RFP) with detailed proposal
specifying the deliverables of the Software system, time line for completion and Financial Proposal. The
Financial Proposal may be submitted in a separate sealed cover in annexure 2, which will be opened only
if the technical proposal is found acceptable.

Due Dates:-
All proposals are due by time as per schedule of events below. Any proposal received at the designated
location after the required time and date specified for receipt shall be considered late and non-
responsive. Any late proposals will not be evaluated for award.

Event                                                          Date
1. RFP Distribution to Vendors                                 03 August 2012
2. Written Confirmation of Vendors with Bid Intention          09 August 2012
3. Questions from Vendors about scope or approach due          09 August 2012
4. Proposal Submission Last Date                               16 August 2012
5. Target Date for Review of Proposals                         17 August 2012
6. Final Vendor Selection Discussion(s)--Week of               22 August 2012

7. Anticipated decision and selection of Vendor(s)             24 August 2012

8. Anticipated commencement date of work                       29 August 2012

Intent of Request for Proposal

HLFPPT is to be provided with customized HRIS system which should be easily integrated with our existing
technology platform. The proposed HRIS system should help in automation of entire gamut of HR
functions starting from
       Recruitment and Application Management Module
       Employee Master Database Module
       Reporting Relationships & Department Heads
       Process, Projects & Team Module
       Performance Appraisal Management Module
       Increment & Promotion Module
       Confirmation & Contract Renewals Module
       Transfer Module
       Training and Development
       Payroll Management Module
       Disciplinary Action Module
       Exit Management
       HR Letters
       Employee Self Service etc.
       Office Property Modules

The desired deliverables are:

S.No           Module Category               Deliverables
1              Recruitment & Application     Automate the entire Recruitment process from
               Management Module             Manpower Requisition to receiving Resume, Short
                                             listing, Interview details and Ref Check
                                                    Manpower Requisition: Enable to raise
                                                        manpower requisition specifying various
                                                        criteria like qualification details, skills sets and
                                                        responsibilities details, experience, gender
                                                        and age group requirements among other
                                                    Resume Master: Enable to capture all
                                                        important information about a candidate
                                                        here like contact details, all addresses, DOB,
                                                        father name, all past experience details,
                                                        qualification details and References
                                                    Short listing of Candidates: Able to do short
                                                        listing of candidates based on various criteria
                                                        like qualification, age group, city, gender,
                                                        experience etc
                                                    Interview: Set up and conduct interviews and
                                                        record results.
                                                    On Hold and Rejected Candidate Database:
                                                        Able to See database of On Hold and Rejected
                                                        Candidates. These can be purged as per our
                                                    Reference Check: Enable to create a database
                                                        of questions that need to be asked during Ref
                                                        Check and conduct Ref Check
2              Employee Master Database      Enable to capture as much as important information
               Module:                       about an Employee. These information to be the
                                             backbone of an Employee Database
                                             Employee General Information: All basic information
                                             about an Employee such as -Name, Emp. Code, Fathers
                                             name, all Contact Addresses, Email Addresses, Mobile
                                             Numbers etc

                                    Employee Salary Structure: Complete Employee Salary
                                    Structure details covering all Earning and Deduction
                                    heads and Benefits
                                    Employee Dependent Details: All information about
                                    Employee Dependents that is required from Payroll
                                    and Reimbursement perspectives
                                    Employee Payroll Information: Important information
                                    like Bank Details, Account Number, PF and ESIC
                                    Number, PAN Number, Blood Group etc.
                                    Past Employment Details: Important information of
                                    past employment including Employer Name, Salary
                                    Structure and Positions held
                                    Past Training Details: All information on Trainings
                                    attended by the employee.
                                    Membership Details: Details of memberships held by
                                    the employee.
                                    Attachments: Facility to attach Resume, Increment
                                    Letter, any other letter. Facility to scan photograph or
                                    signature and attach the same to the HR software.
                                    Health: Facility to enter health information of an
3   Reporting Relationships and     Configure Head of Departments and Employee
    Department Heads                Reporting Relationships.
                                    HOD Configuration: Enable to configure Head of
                                    Reporting Relationships: Who is reporting to whom?
                                    Let us have more than 1 supervisor for an Employee

4   Process, Project & Team         Define as many Processes, Projects and Teams as
    Modules                         possible:
                                    Processes: Define as many Processes as required. Let
                                    us have the facility to add and remove Employees
                                    to/from a Process
                                    Projects; Define as many Projects as required and then
                                    add & remove Employees to an Project
                                    Team: Define as many Teams as required and then add
                                    & remove Employees to a Team
5   Performance       Appraisal     KPI's: Define as many KPI as required, define
    Management Modules              measurement criteria, weight age and ratings as
                                    required. These can be designation specific or
                                    Employee specific.
                                    Potential Traits: Define as many Potential Traits as
                                    required, define measurement criteria, weight age and
                                    ratings as required. These can be designation specific
                                    or Employee specific
                                    Appraisal: We should be able to record complete
                                    Appraisal records. Can record achievements against
                                    each KPI set, conduct Self Appraisal, do Performance
                                    Review Planning, Potential Appraisal and Overall
                                    Performance Appraisal
6   Increment     &     Promotion   Define as many Increment Types as required - Annual,
    Module                          Performance and Ad Hoc Increment to meet our
                                    organization needs. Flexibility to give Increment WEF
                                    date, Declaration date, Arrear giving date. Flexibility to

                                     give Increment as Amount or Percentage
                                     Annual Increment: Allows us to do Annual increment
                                     Performance Increment: Increment based on
                                     Ad hoc Increment: Increment that can be given any
                                     Promotion: Give Promotion to Employees. Facility to
                                     define Promotion Date
                                     Re-designation : Facility to redesignate an Employee
7    Confirmation   &     Contract   Confirmation: Facility to confirm an Employee
     Renewals Module                 Probation Extension: Facility to extend Probation of an
                                     Contract Renewal: Automate Contract Renewal of
                                     Employees: Pop up (alarm) the contract renewal date
                                     in advance.

8    Transfers Modules               Facility to Transfer an Employee to any other Office or
9    Training & Development          Training Masters: Masters driven software and enable
                                     us to define various masters like Training Needs
                                     Identification Sources, Training Types and also define
                                     as per our needs fields that shall come when we
                                     collect Employee feedback.
                                     Trainers Details: Define as many Trainers as possible,
                                     categorize them and collect as much information
                                     about them as required
                                     Training Budget: Define Training Budget in terms of
                                     money value and hours
                                     Training Calendar: Plan out Training Calendar
                                     Training Record: Facility to record details of Training
                                     Attended by Employees
                                     Training Feedback: Facility to record Feedback given
                                     by Employees.
                                     Supervisor Feedback: Facility to record Supervisor
10   Payroll Management Module       End to End Payroll Management
                                     Completely Masters Driven Payroll Software: Define
                                     our own rules / business logic. Payroll Software to be
                                     designed in a manner so that it can take care of
                                     variations in business logic / rules.
                                     Powerful and Flexible: Define our business logic for
                                     Earnings, Deductions, Salary Rules, Arrears, Leave and
                                     Attendance, Income Tax, Professional Tax, PF and ESIC
                                     and other important areas. So we can create rules that
                                     exist in our organization. A powerful Organizational
                                     Structure module that lets us create multiple office
                                     types and offices. Define the Organizational Structure
                                     as applicable in our organization. Create multiple
                                     Divisions, Departments or Sections as well as Multiple
                                     Grades, Levels, Bands or Designations
                                     CD Generation: Create CD for Bank Transfer, PF, ESIC,
                                     Insurance and TDS
                                     Linking with Attendance Machine: An in built import
                                     module which should help us import Attendance data

                                  from any Attendance Machine. Also can import data
                                  from any DBF or MDB file that is commonly used by all
                                  Attendance Machines
                                  Powerful reporting capabilities: Unparalleled Payroll
                                  Reporting capabilities. User should have the control on
                                  selecting reporting criteria. An advanced Report
                                  Designer that allows us to create reports the way we
                                  want. We decide which fields we want to select and
                                  then take out a report as per our specific needs.
                                  Managing multiple documents in multiple locations /
                                  systems. We can attach any Windows document to
                                  Payroll Module. Payroll Module should give us facility
                                  to attach any document be it Word, Excel, Notepad or
                                  any other document and then open it from HRIS
                                  Payroll itself. Scan photographs and signatures and
                                  attach to HRIS Payroll module
                                  Facility to export all Reports : Export all Reports into
                                  Excel, Word and many other formats
                                  Multi Company Multi Location Payroll Software: A
                                  Multi Company, Multi-Location Payroll Module. We
                                  should be able to create multiple offices.
                                  Windows based Easy- to- use Payroll Module:
                                  Module/Software should be built using Microsoft
                                  Technologies and easy to use and operate.
                                  Backup and Restore Module: A Robust Backup
                                  Module that enable us to create our own backups and
                                  specify where we wish to take backup
                                  Alerts: Enable us to create Automatic Alerts so that we
                                  can get timely reminders of important events at times
                                  we want. So we can get reminders of Increments due,
                                  Important statutory date etc.
                                  Facility to Email Salary Slips: Email Salary Slips to all
                                  Personalized Salary Slip Printing: We choose between
                                  common messages for all Employees on Salary Slip or
                                  personalized messages for individual employees. So
                                  enable us to go ahead and wish our Employees "Happy
                                  Birthday" and Happy Anniversary" on their important
                                  Powerful Security Module: An advanced Security
                                  Module that lets us create Roles and then assign these
                                  to as many users as possible. Create form and report
                                  level security. Restrict access to each Form and in that
                                  too we can specify for each user these activities -
                                  Whether he / she can view the form, modify data or
                                  delete data.
11   Disciplinary Action Module   Record any Disciplinary action incident, action taken
                                  and other details and helps us build its history
12   Exit Management              Separation Details: Record separation related
                                  information - date of resignation, type of separation,
                                  notice period details, reason etc
                                  Exit Interview: Conduct exit interview.

13   HR Letters                   Centralize all important letter creation through our

                                                   software. We can take out Offer letters, Appointment
                                                   Letters, Increment Letters, Award Letters, Transfer
                                                   Letters, F&F letters etc from HRIS software
14              Employee Self Service Module       Employee login, Tour Apply, Leave apply Festival
                                                   Advance request etc.
15              Office Property Modules            Office Property Masters: Create as many categories of
                                                   Properties as required and then create multiple
                                                   Office Property Issue: Facility to issue Office Property
                                                   Office Property Return: Facility to return Office

100% customizable. In case we have any special needs Agency can customize the Software as per our
specific needs at a nominal cost. In case we require any special report specific to our organizational needs
that too shall be done.

Implementation Support:
     Selected Agency shall help us in entering all Masters and shall understand our business logic and
       guide you in inputting these in HRIS
     Shall guide us in building up the Employee Masters. Keeping our time deadlines in mind Agency
       shall guide us with the fastest way of building up Employee Masters.
     Shall help us in entering Leave and Attendance related data. These shall be imported from our
       Attendance machine also.
     Shall hand hold us in entering all Payroll data in the first month of installation. That’s way we
       shall get valuable insight on usage of the software and various features available
     Shall provide onsite support on the first salary processing day where your experts shall assist us
       while processing salary. You shall help us in matching our salary.
     Shall support us in Data Entry in case our organization wishes to outsource the same.
     In case we have data in Excel and wish it to be ported in HRIS system, agency shall support there
       too. Shall provide us with pre defined Excel formats and then import the same.

      Training Support:
      Selected Agency shall provide extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest
      possible time. At the start of the implementation charts out the Training Map and by the end of
      Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software.

Procedure for submission of bids and terms and conditions

a) The proposals are to be submitted on two-bid basis with separate technical (annexure-1) and financial
bids (annexure-2) sealed in separate envelopes clearly marked on the respective envelopes and then
submitted in a sealed cover clearly marked “Bid for HRIS for HLFPPT, Noida.

b) Bid responses must be addressed and submitted at the following address:-

      Mr. Alok Singh
      Sr. Manager -IT
      Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT)
     (A Trust Promoted By HLL Lifecare Limited)
      B-14A, Second Floor, Sector-62, Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar -201301,
      Uttar Pradesh. Ph: 0120-4673673, Fax: 4231065

c) Bids, both technical and financial, should reach the above address before 15:00 hours on 16 August
2012. Late bids will not be considered. It shall be responsibility of the bidder to ensure that the bid has
been received on time and at proper place before the deadline. Bids submitted through fax and e-mails
will not be considered.

d) All bids are to remain valid for a period of one month from the date of submission.

Eligibility Criteria

a) The bidders must have successfully integrated HRIS in organization of repute and should submit
documents in their support.

b) The bidder must have PAN (Permanent Account Number) and registered with the Sales/Service Tax and
the documents for the same is to be attached.

c) The bidders must provide after sales support for implementation and integration.

The specifications below are to be considered an outline of the desired services. HLFPPT will consider any
recommended changes in the specifications and will issue amended specifications as needed. At the
option of the vendor, proposals for more extensive services may be quoted. However, any deviations
from the specifications for more limited services must be indicated on the proposal or by explanatory
letter. Otherwise, the submitting company will be bound by the terms of the specifications.

Conceptual Approach
Each bidder must submit as a part of its proposal a narrative describing the conceptual approach it will
take to providing HRIS/Payroll services to HLFPPT. The conceptual narrative should address the firm’s
capability with regard to serving an HLFPPT agency’s needs using a creative approach to secure
affordable, broadly worded coverage from financial stable providers.

Proposal Format
The proposal should be submitted using the following format and should be based on the activities of
your office, unless otherwise directed by HLFPPT.

General Information
1. Name of firm:
Web site:
Contact’s email address:

2. Corporate History
A. Describe the history and growth of your company. Specifically, how long has your company been in
B. Define your company’s mission statement.
C. Describe the corporate structure of your company.
D. Is your company privately or publicly owned?
E. Please highlight any technological leadership, awards, innovative products, and support and customer
care programs.
F. What makes your company unique from your competitors? What competitive advantage and/or
specialization do you feel your company possesses?
G. Please provide an audited copy of your company’s financial information along with an annual report.

H. Please indicate the size of our account relative to your other clients.

A. Total number of clients or accounts:
B. Number of years working with not for profit clients:
C. List membership or participation with professional associations and/or not for profit organizations:
D. Describe your experience with not for profit organizations generally and HLFPPT in particular.

4. Account Service Team
A. Support Staff/Service Team: List the personnel who will be assigned to work on this account in support
of the assigned principal, including their job title and primary area of responsibility or expertise. Include
brief information on the professional qualifications of each service team member.

5. Services
Overall Approach to this Account: In this section of your proposal we ask that you describe your firm’s
proposed overall approach to this account.
Services and Time Estimate: Please answer the questions below to help demonstrate how you would
manage HLFPPT Inc’s account.
  How would you manage a transition process to your company?

 What is the training method and process plan for new clients?

 Describe the services offered to convert data from the current system to the proposed system.

  What security measures do you currently have in place during implementation to protect from
unauthorized access or use of sensitive employee information?

 Provide a transition timeline

  How would you assist HLFPPT, Inc. in administering all group insurance plans and responding to
questions from staff on a day to day basis?

 How would you assist HLFPPT, Inc. in complying with laws and regulations related to employee benefits?

 How would you assist in reviewing claims experience, claim service and administration to ensure
maximum benefit to HLFPPT, Inc?

  Please explain how you would determine and recommend the most economical funding methods for
our employee benefit plans.

  How would you assist HLFPPT, Inc. with the implementation and communication of new programs or
changes to our existing program?

 Please explain your involvement during our open enrollment process.

 Please explain how our renewal process would work.

  How would you interface with insurance carriers to resolve adds/deletes, billing issues and other
problems associated with our benefit program?

 What technology tools would you use to manage our employee benefits program to include training and

  What is your procedure for evaluating cost and risk when making changes related to plan design

 What is your process to help us review employer/employee premium contribution structure?

 How would you help us with wellness initiatives?

  How would you help us to ensure we are in compliance regarding human resources laws and

 Provide a list and describing services you propose and the annual fees.

 How often should you obtain competitive bids on employee benefit plans?

 How would you assist in the creation of an overall benefits compensation strategy?

 Demonstrate Cost Management – Performance Outcomes

 Provide samples of open enrollment materials

 Provide samples of legislative updates over the past 12 months

 Have you or your organization had any claims or lawsuits filed against you?

 Designations assigned to our account that shows a specialization in health & welfare benefits industry -
describe how this benefits our organization

 Provide proof of E&O insurance

6. HLFPPT: Please list by name (and include websites) for your three largest not for profit agency
7. References: Provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of at least three
references from current not for profit accounts.

If, prior to or following submission of your proposal, you discover any perceived, potential or actual
conflict of interest between you and a party (lies) from the list below, you must promptly disclose the
perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest in a written statement to the Chief Financial Officer.

Parties of Potential Conflict
1. Members of the Board of Directors
2. Senior Management
3. Members of the Evaluation Committee
4. Employees

                                TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT
                                   (To be enclosed with technical bid)
Terms & Conditions

   1.   The bidder should have an annual minimum turnover of Rs 50 lacs per annum as average of last
        three financial years.

   2.   Proof of certificate for turnover is required to be submitted with the technical bid (CA certificate
        or a copy of the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account of last three years).

   3.   The bidder should be able to work as per agreed terms and conditions mentioned herewith.

   4.   At any time before the submission of Proposals, HLFPPT may, for any reason, whether at its own
        initiative or in response to a clarification requested by any Consultant, modify the RFP
        documents by amendment. Any amendment shall be issued in writing through addenda.
        Addenda shall be posted on the website of HLFPPT at for information to the
        consultants and will be binding on them. HLFPPT may at its discretion extend the deadline for the
        submission of Proposals.

   5.   Consultants/company must be registered under sales tax/ value added tax and service tax
        authorities, and the registration certificates must be enclosed along with the Technical Proposal.

   3    Consultants/company is requested to submit proposals written in English language with indelible
        ink. It shall contain no inter-lineation or overwriting, except as necessary to correct errors made
        by the firm itself. Any such corrections must be initialed by the person or persons who sign(s)
        the Proposals.

   4    The Technical proposal should provide the following information using the attached formats:
           Executive Summary
           Approach and Methodology
           Project Deliverables
           Project Management Approach
            References
            Project Team Staffing with CVs
            Company Overview

   5.   In preparing the Technical Proposal, consultants are expected to examine the documents
        comprising this RFP in detail. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested may
        result in rejection of a Proposal

   6.   The Technical Proposal shall not include any financial information.

   7.   The Financial Proposal should follow the standard format attached. It lists all costs associated
        with the Assignment, including (a) remuneration for staff, and (b) reimbursable such as
        subsistence (per diem, housing), transportation (for mobilization and demobilization), services
        and equipment), etc. If appropriate, these costs should be broken down by activity. Cost should
        be quoted only in Indian Rupees (INR) & Payment Terms.

8.   For each Proposal, the Consultants shall prepare 2 copies. Each Technical Proposal and Financial
     Proposal should be marked “Original” or “Copy” as appropriate. If there are any discrepancies
     between the original and the copies of the Proposal, the original governs.

9.   The original and all copies of the Technical Proposal (annexure-1) shall be placed in a sealed
     envelope clearly marked “Technical Proposal” and the original and all copies of the Financial
     Proposal (annexure-2) in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Financial Proposal”.

10. The completed Technical and Financial proposals must be delivered at the submission address
    mentioned below by registered post/ courier/ by hand on or before the 15.00 hours on 16
    August, 2012. Any Proposal received after the closing time for submission of proposals or not
    received in the mode/ address mentioned shall be rejected. Technical proposals will be opened
    immediately after receipt; however, the financial proposals would be opened only after
    evaluation of the technical proposals and meeting with the consultants and seeing the demo of
    the software.

11. HLFPPT shall without prejudice to its other remedies under the contract, deduct from the
    Contract Price, as Liquidated Damages a sum equivalent to 2.5% of the price of agreed
    unperformed Services or for delay of each day until actual delivery or performance, up to a
    maximum deduction of 20% of the contract Price. Once the maximum is reached, HLFPPT may
    consider termination of the contract/work order.

12. Proposals must remain valid for 90 days from the last date of submission of the proposals.
    HLFPPT will make its best effort to complete negotiations within this period. If HLFPPT wishes to
    extend the validity period of the proposals, the consultants who do not agree have the right not
    to extend the validity of their proposals.

13. Please note that the costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the contract, including a
    visit to HLFPPT, are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the Assignment.

14. Consultants or any of their affiliates shall not be hired for any assignment which, by its nature,
    may be in conflict with another assignment of the consultants. The consultants should disclose
    other assignments being carried out or those proposed to be carried out by the consultant
    having potential conflict of interest with the current assignment.

15. In the event of award of contract the bidder shall be able to complete the work within 60 days of
    award of contract as per the schedule provided by HLFPPT. If the work not completed within
    specified timeline penalty clause will be applicable as per HLPPT norms.

16. The desired timeline for completing the HRIS software is two months from the date of award of
    the contract.

17. The proposals will be evaluated by a committee formed by HLFPPT

18. Selection of agencies would be done by the committee on the basis of Evaluation for Technical
    70 marks & Financial 30 marks.

19. Agencies who will obtain 70% marks or more in Technical evaluation would be considered for
    opening of financial bids.

20. Award of the contact shall be made to the consultant with best experience, professionally
    qualified staff, technically strong approach/ methodology and least cost. If due to any
    circumstance, the selected lowest responsive consultant is not willing to accept the assignment
    after award of contract, the contract would be awarded to the next lowest responsive consultant.

21. Final Selection of the agencies would be done on the basis of total marks obtained in the
    Technical & Financial Evaluation.

22. HLFPPT reserves the right to accept or reject any quotations and to cancel the bidding process
    and reject all quotations at any time prior to the award of contract.

23. HLFPPT reserves the right to accept /reject/ select one or more consultants, and to annul the
    bidding process, any or all proposal at any time prior to award of contract without incurring any
    liability to the affected consultant.

24. The agencies not qualified in the technical evaluation by the committee will not be entertained
    for financial bid.

25. Agencies would not be allowed to further subcontract, partial/full of the work will be assigned to

26. Any effort by the consultant to influence HLFPPT in its proposal evaluation, proposal comparison
    or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of the consultant’s proposal.

27. Information relating to evaluation of proposals and recommendations concerning awards shall
    not be disclosed to the consultants who submitted the proposals or to other persons not
    officially concerned with the process, until the winning firm has been notified that it has been
    awarded the contract.

28. The Technical proposal should follow format attached in Annexure 1

29. The Financial proposal should follow format attached in Annexure 2

30. The bidder has to submit along with his technical bid a copy of the Terms and Conditions (all
    pages) and the technical bidding format duly filled, signed by the authority and stamped on all
    pages indicating their unqualified acceptance.

31. The Agencies should also submit an undertaking (Annexure-3) duly signed & Stamped. We agree
    and abide by all terms and conditions as mentioned above including the validity of the offer.

32. Documents required to release the payment:
                  Bill / Invoice mentioning Permanent Account Number of Income Tax.
                  Documentary proof of the deliverables as per work order.
                  The payment shall be made after delivery of HRIS software.
                  Other details as required for the activities.

33.     RFP received after the closing date will not be considered.

      Utmost confidentiality of the data provided shall be maintained.
          Name, Designation & Signature of the bidder with the Seal

                                                                                                Annexure 1
                                          Technical Proposal Format
                                   (To be enclosed in separate sealed cover)

Please maintain the flow of the format while furnishing to the detailed information

    1.   Name of the Bidder

           a.     Full postal address
           b.     Telegraphic address
           c.     Telephone and fax numbers
           d.     Year of starting of organization

    2.   Organizational Profile and capability statement with Organogram

    3.   Number of Clients Worked in the last 3 years-2009-2012 (Pl give client wise details)

         Client                        State                                    Work Period

    4.   Concept Paper which contains the appropriate methodology, sampling technique, tools and
         software to be used.
    5.   Execution plan including Data Collection, data processing and report submission plan.
    6.   Details of team with specific role and responsibilities (detailed CV’s for each of the proposed
         team members should be attached as annexure).
    7.   Data processing management including data entry, cleaning and Analysis (with the required
         software packages that are proposed to be used should be specified)
    8.   Time line with deliverables.

                                                                           Signature and seal of the bidder

                                                                                                    Annexure 2
                                           Financial Bidding Format
                                   (To be enclosed in separate sealed cover)
 S.No.       Description                                       Qty.                         Amount
 1           All Administration module
 2           Analysis modules
 3           All Data entry and linking Modules of HRIS &
 4           Customization
 5           Installation
 6           Support package for 12 months


             Service Tax ( As applicable)
             Grand Total

Sl.                                                                                                     AGENCY’S
no.                     SPECIFICATIONS (FINANCIAL)                                                      RESPONSE
1.    The rates quoted will be inclusive of all taxes/Levies/ etc.

2.    The human resource, transportation, lodging & boarding cost of the Field staff should be
      mentioned separately in the financial cost sheet (all the costs should be mentioned in the
      financial quote)

3.    Penalty clauses will apply as per the company’s policy, as per terms of the work order: the
      decision of the HLFPPT/Project Management shall be final and binding in this regard.

4.    No advances will be given to the agency.

5.    Constitution of the agency whether Proprietor ship/ Partnership/Company. Give details of
      Proprietor/ Partner/Directors.

6.    Name of firms wherein party/ proprietor having the same interest.

7.    Final payment adjustment shall be made after completion of the evaluation work and
      after the submission of the final report

8.    The payment will be done through Local Cheque/NEFT/RTGS.
9.    TDS as applicable will be deduced as per I.T. rules.
10.   The Agency will work in close consent of the HLFPPT-Noida office and will not take
      independent decision on any matter.
11.   Penalty clauses will apply as per the company’s policy, as per terms of the work order: the
      decision of the HLFPPT/Project Management shall be final and binding in this regard.

12.    Payment will be released after 45 days of submission of final bill and successful
      implementation & testing of software by the HLFPPT.
14.   PAN

15.   Service Tax/VAT Number
16.   Last 3 years balance sheets ( attested by a CA)

                                                            Signature and seal of the bidder

                                                                                              Annexure -3

                                       Undertaking from Vendors.

This has reference to the RFP published in the website of HLFPPT on………….… ….In response to the RFP,
we have submitted           our technical & financial bids on………………at your office
………………………………………………………………. In connection with the above bids, we hereby declare as under:-

i- That we are neither related to any of your Trustees, Officers and other employees nor do we have any
financial, commercial or other interests with any of the above persons in any capacity whatsoever.

ii- That we have submitted the bids in the name of M/S…………………….......................and declare that no
other bids have been submitted by us in the name of any other firms/companies/proprietors/individuals
which comes under the same management and related parties.

iii- We herby undertakes that in case of any violations to the above declarations at any stage of the
contract , HLFPPT reserves the sole right to cancel the contract and recover the full value of the contract
from us.

For and on behalf of ……………..
(Authorized Signatory with company seal /Stamp.)


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