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20    ICLS Paper_120
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30   ICLS Paper_130

31   ICLS Paper_131

32   ICLS Paper_132

33   ICLS Paper_133

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36   ICLS Paper_136

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38   ICLS Paper_138

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162   ICLS Paper_264

163   ICLS Paper_265

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165   ICLS Paper_267

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167   ICLS Paper_269

168   ICLS Paper_270

169   ICLS Paper_271

170   ICLS Paper_272
171   ICLS Paper_273

172   ICLS Paper_274

173   ICLS Paper_275

174   ICLS Paper_276

175   ICLS Paper_277

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177   ICLS Paper_279

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179   ICLS Paper_281

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184   ICLS Paper_286

185   ICLS Paper_287
186   ICLS Paper_288

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189   ICLS Paper_291

190   ICLS Paper_292


An optimization model for a two-stage perishable inventory problem

Considering the Influence of Mass Media and Safety Peformance in Logistics
Sustainability: A Pilot Study

A comparative investigation of entrepreneurship in Iran and countries of Global
Entrepreneurship Monitor

Design of intermodal freight flows to the hinterland in bundling networks

Optimization of Logistics and Energy for Collection and Transportation Waste using
Integrated Statistical Analysis

Challenges of supply chain -uncertanity in inventory fuel management

Assessment of technical necessities in rail services part of Iran

Apply Quadratic Models for Optimization of Logistics and Supply Chain
Management in IKCO

The Mediating Role of Purchasing Performance on the Relationship between
Benchmarking, Standardization, and Business Performance

A Survey of the Effective Factors on the Entrepreneurial Success and Its Impact on
the Development of Industrial Section by use of Fuzzy Dematel

Extended logistical factors for success in international trade

Improving the Practices for Post-Harvest Handling of Fresh Fruit Bunch in Malaysian
Palm Oil Industry

A Classification of (s, S) Inventory Policy for Seasonal Demand: a Case Study of a
Thai Restaurant

Vehicle Routing Problem Targeting CO2 Reduction under Cost Minimization Strategy

A model for minimizing production costs in a sustainable manufacturing environment

Purchasing Practices of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
An Empirical Investigation of purchasing services offered by third party logistics

Integration of Lean Manufacturing with Theory of Constraints
Optimizing Sparepart Inventory at PT Indocement Tunggal Perkasa, Tbk using
Sparepart Quantity Determination Technique (An Indonesian Case)
Restructuring the Global Supply Chain Logistics Network – The Case of a Wood
Board Trader
Independent third party managed supply chain: A risk mitigation strategy for
consumer products industry

The rise of Chinese ports and its impact on major ports in East Asia

Supply Chain Management Performance Assessment of Emergency Logistics for
Green Effects in International Supply Chains

An EOQ models for deteriorating items with a two-level market and stock dependent
selling rate

A Robust Facility Location and Transportation 1 Model for the 2 Integrated Biomass
and Bio-Energy Logistics Network
A Computer Program for Identifying the Maximum Number of Feasible Containers
Travelled between Thailand’s Deep-Sea Port and Industrial Estate

The integrated berth allocation and quay crane scheduling

Productivity Improvement in Motorcycle Belt Production Process with Simulation

A Study of Optimum Scheduling for Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning

The Development of Counting System for Frame Monk Business

Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance for Textile Machinery

Building a Sustainable Development Management System for Seaport

Lean, agile and leagile supply chain configuration issues in view of global warming


The study of suitable factor for physical property of EC formulation pesticides By
Design of Experiment method
Establishment of improvement model for pharmaceutical logistics service by using
Information Technology Capability and Corporate Performance: The moderating
effect of Buyer-Supplier Relationship on the IT Capability in relation to Firm

A study of implementing green logistics performance for logistics industry in Taiwan

Control of lead time for deteriorating items with product cancellations in the
production-inventory system

Determination of production level in a make-to-stock system with stochastic demands
and returns

The Proper Key Performance Indicators for Warehouse Operator

The Implementation of Online Order & Forecasting System for Asia Markets

The Optimization of a Supply Chain Considering Customer Demand and Information
Quality Level

A Replenishment Policy for a Product with Minimum Order Size Requirement and
Non-stationary Demand

Repositioning Empty Containers Using both Standard and Foldable Containers

Endosymbiotic Evolutionary Algorithm for the Combined Location Routing and
Inventory Problem with Budget Constrained

Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Customer Window using Hybrid
Particle Swarm Optimization

Approximate Solution for the Dynamic Multi-Route Transportation Problem

Cross-channel coalition in dual-channel supply-chain

Towards the firm value maximization considering the long-term sustainability of
enterprise-wise supply chain management
Pricing strategies for managing new and remanufactured products in a closed-loop
supply chain
Two Stage Approach to a Production and Transportation Problem of Automobile

A Study of Improvement and Analysis Points for HRP using Bayesian Networks

Improving Blood Inventory Management in Rajavithi hospital

Determining the optimal size of supply base and order quantity allocation considering
supply side risks under stochastic demand environment

The Readiness of Thai State Enterprises to Utilize Supply Chain Management

The Effects of Ecodesign Strategies on Financial Performance: An Empirical
A Study on a “SaaS”-Based Warehouse Management System in the Fashion and
Apparel Industry

Green Logistics in Homeplus

Effective Innovation Strategy of Korean SMEs for Emerging Markets: A Supply
Chain Management Perspective

Managing suppliers when going green: How a firm’s greening approach and its
relative power to suppliers affect

Effects of supply chain position on the motivation and practices of firms going green

Supply Chain Operation Analysis using seasonal ARIMA model

An Inventory routing problem considering patient safety in healthcare supply chain

Dynamic rescheduling strategies for vehicle routing problem with pickups

Supply Chain Contract Based on Revenue Sharing and Quantity Discount
Considering Price and Service Level

logistics network Optimization Considering ballanced allocation and delivery service

An Examination on the Transfer Center and the Transportation Mode for the Reverse
Logistics System: As for Recycled Goods Supply

Logistics Infrastructure Development Review: Chiang Rai as Thailand’s Gateway to
Greater Mekong Sub-region

Free Trade and Global Supply Chain Management: From Information Flow
Perspective of Korean Firms

The role of operational and market-based information sharing/joint planning in
collaborative relationship: a supply chain perspective
An Integrated E-Commerce System Value Creation Method: Taiwan Online Tourism
Companies as Examples

A Methodology for Determining Batch Sizes for Quality Assurance Products with
Material- and Process-Induced Variability under An Open Supply Chain Environment

Critical Success Factors for Successful SCM adoption in China Business
Application of Genetic Algorithm in Production Scheuling, A Case Study on the Food
Processing Business

Recycling and Disposal Policies of Industrial Waste with Nonlinear Recycling Rate

Estimating the productivities of container handling systems in container terminals

A large neighborhood search method with improvement algorithms for the team
orienteering problem

Intelligent Algorithm for Realistic Vehicle Routing with Time Window

Resource-Efficient Maintenance Logistics – an approach to a greener planet

Greening the Supply Chain : toward an integrated conceptual framework

Supply chain formation planning using agent-based simulation

A multi-criteria decision making approach for the comparison of hybrid production
planning and control strategies for supply chain management
Strategic Policy for Logistics Human Resources Development: A Case Study of Truck
Drivers’ Skill Standardization in Thailand

Cash Inventory Management for ATM Network Using a Benders' decomposition

The role of supply chain integration in the transmission of amplified disruptions.
Conceptual framework and preliminary empirical evidence


Design of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and AHP for PT XYZ Distribution Route

Evaluating Replenishment Systems under Perturbed Environments

Supply Chain Replenishment Optimization under Uncertain Demand

Optimal deteriorating items inventory model in a two-warehouse system considering
FIFO principle

A Multi-objective Reverse Logistics Network Design to Optimize the Total Costs and
Delivery Tardiness


The Impact of Distribution Platforms in Media Content Exports
Cox’s Proportional Hazards Model with Applications to Accelerated Life Testing
Using Burn-in Periods

RFID/WSN based u-Farm Enterprise Architecture for Integrated SCM Information
Management in the Agricultural Sector

A Novel Approach for Assessing Lead-Time Performance in Supply Chain

Roles of Senior Executive Leadership for Innovation: Case of Competitive Japanese

A Supply Chain Management Model for Fish Products Distribution

A Novel Probabilistic Savings Algorithm and Its Application to optimize the
Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Solving reentrant hybrid flow shop scheduling problem in hard disk drive industries
by Genetic algorithms

Sugarcane Harvest Scheduling to Maximize Total Sugar Yield with consideration of
Equity in Quality and Quantity among the Growers

The Estimation of Hotel Management Efficiency in Thailand by using DEA

Multi-stage SCM Network Design Method considering Production Control and
Inventory Problem using Hybrid Priority-based Genetic Algorithm

Transportation model for industrial logistics complex

Designing resilient supply chain: Focused on supply chain structure, disturbance and
Immune-inspired Framework for Dynamic Vehicle Dispatching Problems in Port
Container Terminal
Improved Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Weight Design Problem of 3D Truss

Enhanced Genetic Algorithm to Multi-stage Reverse Logistics Network Design for
Product Reuse

Enhancing supply chain operations through effective classification of supplier

Imperfect Predictive Maintenance with Virtual Age Model

Design and Control of the Rack-based Refrigerated Warehouses for Efficient
Operations using a Simulation Method
A Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Dynamic Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing


Airlines' strategies at competitive air transport market

Innovative green transportation system – The On-Line Electirc Vehicle system

The Integrated Method for Storage Charging and Re-marshaling Outbound
Containers in Container Terminals
Personal and environmental factors associated with travel to school in Abu Dhabi

Win-Win Collaboration Strategy and SCM/SRM System for Shipbuilding Business

DEA-based stepwise benchmarking for efficiency improvement of container terminals

Nesting Problem Using an Immune-inspired Optimization Algorithm

Rule-based Vehicle Routing Planning System for the Inbound Supply Chain


A Compromised Decision Making Model for Implementing Strategic Alliances in
Express Courier Services

Simultaneous determination of berth plan and quay crane in container terminals

General model of Cross-docking distribution planning problem

Control-flow detection in creating Process Reference Model

The impact of RFID implementation on Pharmaceutical supply chain management

A Cost Effective Virtual Reality System for Simulating Logistics Operations

On Mathematical Models of Multiple-Supplier Vehicle Routing Problems

A Safety Guard System based on IT for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Orchestrating for collaboration


Integrated Evaluation of Product Design and Forward Supply Chain and Reverse
Supply Chain Using FANP

A Design for Supply Chain Model for Supplier Selection in a Closed-Loop Supply
Chain Using a Mathematical Model

An Approach for Availability Assessment of Reconfigurable Manufacturing System

Optimal multi-period simultaneous purchase and storage decision of rubber latex with
deteriorate consideration

Modelling Port Competition Based on Network Flow Optimization. A Focus On East
African Ports

Optimal order allocation decision with multiple quantity discount schemes and
minimal monetary value penalty by artificial bee colony algorithm

Study on the Execution of Green Logistics throughout coordination in a Supply Chain

How to Perceive a Risk within Supply Chain Management?

The Beginning: Approach to design a more flexible material flow system in intra-

Analysis on how component commonality affects the supply chain performance

Optimizing Operator-machine Assignment for Manufacturing and An Empirical
Study in Semiconductor Test Facility

Adaptive genetic algorithm based on random key for the 3-D single container loading
problem with multiple constraints

An Examination of the Criteria used in Selecting Overseas Distributors: The Case of
the Firefighting Protection Industry
To RFID or not To RIFD: Are the Egyptian FMCGs ready for it?

An application of genetic algorithm for economic order quantity with discrete demand

Strategic Use of RFID in Apparel Retailing through Estimating Product

The Integration of Social Media into Supply-Chain Management

Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm for Multi-objective Inventory Routing

The Impact of RFID Utilization and Supply Chain Information on Supply Chain
Performance: Focused on the Moderating Role of Supply Chain Structure and Culture

Supply chain risk management in OTOP enterprises: a conceptual framework for
investigation and improvement

A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Deliveryman Problem

Nonlinear Multobjective Staff Training Problem by multistage Hybrid Genetic
Algorithm of 0-1 integer programming

A Study on Performance Evaluation of Carbon Dioxide Emission in Logistics
Operations -An attempt for Green Lean Supply Chain System-

On a New Product Development Procedure with TRIZ-assisted Approach in B to B
Supply Chain Environment

Airport Security Manpower Scheduling under the Multi-level Situations

Performance Measurement of Tandem-lift Quay Crane Scheduling

CONSUMER GOODS (FMCG) A Case Study of Nestle (Pakistan) Limited
Mass Marketing Strategies with Respect to Brand Preference of Rural Consumers in
Linking Supply Chain with Logistic Attributes for Supply chain Risk Management

Dynamic Allocation Strategy based on QC Operating Lines in Container Yard Space

A Study on Capability Evaluation of Business Units based on KAI and KPI -Focusing
on Automotive Parts Suppliers-
Performance Improvement of Distribution Centre based on the TCM-driven
Bottleneck Management -An Attempt of Leanization by Heijunka Method-

A Study on Performance Management of Sorting Operation by Multi-Functional
Automatic Warehouse System

Sensitivity Analysis on Supply Chain Portfolio for Car Parts Industry -An Attempt for
Construction of Disaster Management Procedure-
A Best-First Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Unconstrained Two-dimensional
Non-guillotine Cutting Problems Using a Staircase Structure

Long-Term Orientation (LTO) in Supply Chain Relationships: Its Mediating Role in
the Effect of Justice on Relationship Outcomes

Identifying Priority Attributes for Supply Chain Coordination

Winnowing Variables in Data Envelopment Analysis

On Integrals of Module Lean Technologies and Their Synergistic Impacts on
Management Performance -The Cases of Visual Management, POKA-YOKE and
KARAKURI Technologies-

On Optimized Order Quantity for Multi-period Newsboy Problem in Periodic
Reordering System


An Effect of Social Capital and Supply Chain Management on a Firm’s Performance
in Supply Chain Network

Improved Artificial Immune System for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem

Why is Uncertainty Theory Useful?

Elephant and Samurai: Differences between Indian and Japanese Supply Chain

Designing of Chiang Mai Tourist Hop-On Hop-Off Bus
The Effect of R&D CAI Capabilities on the Productivity of NPD: Focusing on the
Dynamic Capability Theory

Effects of supplier-buyer relationship on performance using structural equation
modeling: Evidence from Jordan
Examining effect of CCMS on overall customer satisfaction: A case of Jordanian
Simulation and ABC technique to improve the performance of emergency department
with cellular assignments

A study of corporate carbon strategy of a leading express parcel delivery company
                   Authors                     Affiliation               Nationality

Mohammad Asif Salam          Ryerson University                            Canada
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Sonia M. Lo                 National Chengchi University                  Taiwan

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                            National Cheng Kung University 3
Chung Yung Chuang 3
Chi Yang Tsai*,
                            Yuan Ze University                                 Taiwan
Hui Min Tang
Mai Ha Phan,
                            Pusan National University                          Korea
Kap Hwan Kim*

Byung In Kim                                                                  Korea
                            ohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Wookey Lee 1*,
James J. Lee 1,             Inha University 1,
Mingu Kang 1,               Korea Small Business Institute 2
Jumi Kim 2
Thomas Heller,              Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and
Thomas Anlahr*              Logistics IML
Ji Young Park,
                            Seoul National University                          Korea
Soo Wook Kim
Derek Wan Hin Chau*,
                            The University of Hong Kong                      Hong Kong
Henry Ying Kei Lau
                            Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Naoufel Cheikhrouhou                                                         Switzerland
                            King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Taweesak Kritjaroen                                                           Thailand
Supatchaya Chotayakul 1*,
John E. Kobza 1,            Texas Tech University1,                           USA 1,
Juta Pichitlamken 2,        Kasetsart University2                            Thailand 2
Peerayuth Charnsethikul 2
                            Department of Business Logistics University of
Artur Swierczek                                                                Poland
Aditya Tirta Pratama,
Tanika Dewi Sofianti,       Swiss German University                           Indonesia
Reinardus Aliwarga
Tanika D Sofianti,
Aditya T Pratama,           Swiss German University                           Indonesia
Indra C Tanjaya
S. T. Enns,
                            University of Calgary                              Canada
C.S. Grewal
S. T. Enns,
                            University of Calgary                              Canada
S. Saha
Chao Pen Yu*,
                            Takming University of Science and Technology       Taiwan
Yi Xuan Liu
Jeong Eun Lee 1,
                            Yonsei University 1,                              Korea 1,
Kang Dae Lee 1*,
                            Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 2                   Japan 2
Mitsuo Gen 2
Paul Hong 1,                The University of Toledo 1,                       USA 1,
YoungWon Park 2*            Waseda University 2                               Japan 2
Soo Wook Kim,
Sein Lee,                   Seoul National University                          Korea
Moonwon Chung
Manuel Ivan Rodriguez 1*,
                             Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez 1,
Manuel Rodriguez Medina 2,                                                 Mexico
                             Institute of Technology Ciudad Juarez 2
Victor Flores 2
Seungwan Ryu*,
Sei Kwon Park,               Chung-Ang University                          Korea
Ko Bong Choi
Lin Ying Hsu 1*,
                             National Kaohsiung University of Applied
Ming Hung Shu 1,
                             Sciences 1,                                   Taiwan
Wen Hsiung Wu 1,
                             Cheng Shiu University 2
Bi Min Hsu 2
Hideaki Miyajima 1,
                             Waseda University 1,                         Japan 1,
Paul Hong 2*,
                             University of Toledo 2                        USA 2
YoungWon Park 1
Kentarou ASHINO,
Mitsuyoshi HORIKAWA,         Iwate Prefectural University                  Japan
Mitsumasa SUGAWARA
Tantikorn Pichpibul,
                             Panyapiwat Institute of Management           Thailand
Ruengsak Kawtummachai
Chettha Chamnanlor 1,
                             Khon Kaen University 1,                     Thailand 1,
Gen Mitsuo 2*,
                             Fuzzy Logic System Institute 2               Japan 2
Kanchana sethanan 1
Kanchana Sethanan*,
Somnuk Theerakulpisut,       Khon Kaen University                         Thailand
Woraya Nuengmatcha
Yosapol Singhavollakul,
                             National Chung Hsing University               Taiwan
Chien-Ta Bruce Ho
Hisaki Inoue 1,              Miyazaki Sangyo-keie University 1,
Mitsuo Gen 2                 Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 2
Jae Young Shin 1,            National Korea Maritime University 1,
Woong Seop Kim 2*,           Graduation School of Korea Maritime           Korea
Jongwon Park 2               University 2
Young Lee,
                             Korea National Defense University             Korea
Seong Am Moon
Nicole, M. Y. Lee,
                             The University of Hong Kong                 Hong Kong
Henry, Y. K. Lau
Takeaki TAGUCHI*,
                             Ashikaga Institute of Technology              Japan
YoungSu Yun 1*,              Chosun University 1,
Mitsuo Gen 2,                Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 2,            Korea 1,3,4
ReaKook Hwang 3,             Samsung Economic Research Institute 3,       Japan 2
Jungbok Jo 4                 Dongseo University 4
Yee Ming Chen 1,
                             Yuan Ze University 1,
Meng Jong Goan 2,                                                          Taiwan
                             Kainan University 2
Chang Hung Chen 2
Alfonsus Julanto Endharta,
                             Pusan National University                     Korea
Won Young Yun
Gyu Sung Cho 1*,             Tongmyong University 1,
Ho Gyun Kim 2                Dongeui University 2
Lin Lin 1,2*,
                              Dalian University of Technology 1,              China 1,
Yan Liang 1,
                              Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 2                 Japan 2
Mitsuo Gen 2
Abdol Hossein Sadrnia,
                              The University Putra Malaysia                   Malaysia
Napsiah Ismail
Young Dae Ko,                 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Hark Hwang *                  Technology
Young Dae Ko,
                              Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Young Jae Jang *,                                                              Korea
Hark Hwang
Youn Ju Woo *,
                              Pusan National University                        Korea
Kap Hwan Kim
Masood A. Badri               Abu Dhabi Education Council                      UAE
Seung Uk So*,
                              DSME                                             Korea
Seong Hwan Han
Jaehun Park,
                              Pusan National University                        Korea
Hyerim Bae*
Rocky, H.K. Wong,
Nicole, M. Y. Lee,
                              The University of Hong Kong                    Hong Kong
Leith, K.Y. Chan,
Henry, Y. K. Lau
Kiyoul lee 1,                 POSTECH 1,
Kwangyeol Ryu 2,              Pusan National University 2,                     Korea
Moo young Jung 3*             UNIST 3,
Alptekin Ulutas,
Senevi Kiridena,              University of Wollongong                       Australia
Peter Gibson
Friska Natalia Ferdinand 1,
                              Pusan National University 1,
Ki Ho Chung 2,
                              Kyungsung University 2,                          Korea
Hyun Jeung Ko 3,
                              Kunsan National University 3
Chang Seong Ko 2*

Pyung Hoi Koo                 Pukyong National University                      Korea
Parida Jewpanya,
                              Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)             Thailand
Voratas Kachitvichyanukul
Bernardo N. Yahya 1,
                              Pusan National University 1,                   Korea 1,
Hye rim Bae 1*,
                              Soochow University 2                           Taiwan 2
Jei Zheng Wu 2
Yong ho Lee 1,
Hun wu Choi 2,                Gachon University of Medicine and Science 1,
Youn jung Kim 2,              Yonsei University 2
Kang dae Lee 2
Leith K. Y. Chan*,
                              The University of Hong Kong                    Hong Kong
Henry Y. K. Lau
                              King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Sorawit Yaoyuenyong                                                           Thailand
Jong Un Won,
Suk Lee,                      Korea Railroad Research Institute                Korea
Yongjang Kwon
Mark Goh,
Li Zheng-Peng,                                                                    Singapore
R. de Souza
Wapee Manopiniwes*,
Sakgasem Ramingwong,           Chiang Mai University                              Thailand
Vimolboon Cherapanukorn
Yuan Jye Tseng*,
Yen Jung Wang,
                               Yuan Ze University                                  Taiwan
Pei Ju Lee,
Feng Yi Huang
Yuan Jye Tseng*,
Yen Jung Wang,
                               Yuan Ze University                                  Taiwan
Chia Chi Chen,
Feng Yi Huang
Ashutosh Gupta,                Department of Mechanical & Industrial
P.K.Jain*,                     Engineering Indian Institute of Technology           India
Dinesh Kumar                   Roorkee
                               Uttaradit Rajabhat University 1,
Sutthinee Klomsae 1*,          King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Tuanjai Somboonwiwat 2,        Thonburi 2,                                        Thailand
Walailak Atthirawong 3         King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology
                               Ladkrabang 3
Jovin Mwemezi*,
                               Shanghai Maritime University                        China
Youfang Huang
Chiranya Chotyakul 1*,
                               Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University 1,
Charoenchai Khompatraporn 2,
                               King Mongkut's University of Technology            Thailand
Tuanjai Somboonwiwat 2,
                               Thonburi 2
Chorkaew Jaturanon 2

Jang hyuk Lim                  Myongji University                                  Korea

Seock Jin Hong 1*,             Bordeaux Management School 1,                      France 1,
Ik Whwan Kwon 2,               Saint Louis University 2,                           USA 2,
Jian LI 3                      Ocean University of China 3                         China 3
Lydia Margareta 1*,            TU Dortmund University 1,
Guido Follert 2,               Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and         Germany
Michael ten Hompel 2           Logistics 2
Kyung beom Min 1,
                               Yonsei University 1,
Ki bum Kim 2,                                                                      Korea
                               LG Electronics 2
Bong ju Jeong 1
Chen-Fu Chien*,
Jia-Nian Zheng,                National Tsing Hua University                       Taiwan
Yi-Jay Lin
Jia-Nian Zheng,
Yi Xie,
                               National Tsing Hua University                       Taiwan
Mitsuo Gen,
Chen-Fu Chien*
Sara Elzarka 1,                College of International Transport and Logistics
Islam El-Nakib 1*              1,                                                  Egypt
Ahmed El-tabaee 2              Wataneya Group 2
                                       College of International Transport and Logistics
Islam El-Nakib 1*,
                                       1,                                                   Egypt
Ahmed Sobhi 2
                                       FMCG Kabaa 2
                                       Faculty of Industrial and Technology
Parinya Kaweegitbundit                 Rajamangala University of Technology                Thailand
Jihye Kim,
Yoon Min Hwang,                        Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Min Jae Park,                          Technology
Jae Jeung Rho
Corinthias Pamatang Morgana Sianipar   Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)              Indonesia
A. Serdar TASAN 1*,
                                       Dokuz Eylul University 1,                          Turkey 1,
                                       Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 2                     Japan 2
Mitsuo GEN 2
Moon Gyu Kim*,
                                       Korea Advanced Institute of Science and
Yoon Min Hwang,                                                                             Korea
Jae Jeung Rho
                                       King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology
Walailak Atthirawong                                                                       Thailand
Cagla Cergibozan*,
                                       Dokuz Eylul University                              Turkey
A. Serdar Tasan
Chi Ming Lin 1,                        Kainan University 1,
                                                                                          Taiwan 1,2
Kenichi Ida 2,                         Maebashi Institute of Technology 2,
                                                                                           Japan 3
Mitsuo Gen 3                           Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 3

Tatsuki Nakayama 1*,
Nobuyuki Hayashi 2,
Tomo Sera 2,                           Waseda University 1,
orio Ishiwatari 2,                     Sankyu Inc. 2
Mitsunobu Yoshino 2,
Hiroshi Katayama 1
Toshihiro Ohkuma*,
                                       Waseda University                                    Japan
Hiroshi Katayama
Sangwon Seo,
                                       Korea University                                     Korea
Chulung Lee*
Dongwon Kim,
                                       Korea University                                     Korea
Chulung Lee*
Muhammad Abbas Choudhary 1*,           University of Engineering and Technology,
Amjad Saleem 2                         Nestle(Pakistan) Limited
Subas Chandra Das,                     Dhaneswar Rath Institute of Engineering and
Satyabrata Dash                        Management Studies
Chang Won Lee                          Hanyang University School of Business                Korea
                                       Shanghai University of Science and Technology
JianquanGuo 1,
                                       1,                                                 China 1,2
ChengjiLiang 2*,
                                       Shanghai Maritime University 2,                     Japan 3
Mitsuo Gen 3
                                       Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute 3

Erland Hejn Nielsen                    Aarhus University                                  Denmark

Takeshi Sato*,
                                       Waseda University                                    Japan
Hiroshi Katayama
Shota Ishikawa 1*,
Koichi Murata 1,
Nobuyuki Hayashi 2,
                            Waseda University 1,
Tomo Sera 2,                                                                  Japan
                            Sankyu Inc. 2
Norio Ishiwatari 2,
Mitsunobu Yoshino 2
Hiroshi Katayama 1

Tatsuya Kato 1*,
Koichi Murata 1,
Nobuyuki Hayashi 2,
                            Waseda University 1,
Tomo Sera 2,                                                                  Japan
                            Sankyu Inc. 2
Norio Ishiwatari 2,
Mitsunobu Yoshino 2,
Hiroshi Katayama 1
Takashi Ishikawa*,
                            Waseda University                                 Japan
Hiroshi Katayama
S. Ahn,
                            Hanyang University                                Korea
K. Yoon*
Jeong seob Kim*,
Mahn hee Yoon,              Daegu University                                  Korea
Dong bog Kim
Mithun J. Sharma1           Dibrugarh University 1,                          India 1,
Song Jin Yu2*               Korea Maritime University 2                      Korea 2

Mithun J. Sharma1           Dibrugarh University 1,                          India 1,
Song Jin Yu2*               Korea Maritime University 2                      Korea 2

Koichi Murata*,
                            Waseda University                                 Japan
Hiroshi Katayama

Keisuke Noda 1,
                            Waseda University 1,
Shiro Masuda 2                                                                Japan
                            Tokyo Metropolitan University 2
Hiroshi Katayama 1*

Danuta Kisperska-Moron      University of Economics in Katowice              Poland

Byunghak Leem 1,            Busan University of Foreign Studies 1,
Heuiju Chun 2*,             Dongduk Women’s University 2,                     Korea
Byungjin Yim 3              Yungnam University 3
Siwaporn Kunnapapdeelert,   Industrial Engineering and Management Asian
Voratas Kachitvichyanukul   Institute of Technology
Baoding Liu                 Tsinghua University                               China
Daewoo Park*,
Hema A. Krishnan,
Ravi Chinta,                Williams College of Business Xavier University    USA
Rashmi Assudani,
Mina Lee
Vimolboon Cherapanukorn,
Sakgasem Ramingwong,        Chiang Mai University                            Thailand
Jutamat Jintana*
Jae Eok-Shim,
Byung Sub-Cho,
                      Dankook University                        Korea
Soo Young-Yoon,
Jay In OH*
                      Department of Industrial Engineering,
Abbas Al-Refaie                                                Jordan
                      University of Jordan
                      Department of Industrial Engineering,
Abbas Al-Refaie                                                Jordan
                      University of Jordan
Abbas Al-Refaie*,     Department of Industrial Engineering,
Mohammed Shurrab      University of Jordan
Danny C. K. Ho 1*,    Hang Seng Management College 1,
                                                              Hong Kong
Eddie W. L. Cheng 2   Hong Kong Institute of Education 2
No.        Nationality     Paper Sum
       1    Australia                  2
       2     Canada                    5
       3      China                    6
       4      Czech                    1
       5    Denmark                    1
       6      Egypt                    2
       7     France                    1
       8    Germany                    4
       9     Greece                    1
      10   Hong Kong                   6
      11      India                    5
      12    Indonesia                  4
      13       Iran                    4
      14      Japan                 19
      15     Korea                  57
      16    Malaysia                   5
      17     Mexico                    2
      18   New Zealand                 1
      19     Pakistan                  1
      20     Poland                    2
      21    Singapore                  1
      22   Switzerland                 1
      23     Taiwan                 20
      24    Thailand                24
      25     Turkey                    2
      26      UAE                      1
      27      USA                      9
      28     Jordan                    3
                         total 190 papers

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