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                          Revised 3/2002
                                            NEW YORK STATE

                                  GUIDANCE DOCUMENT

The Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) [8 NYCRR 200.2(h)] is a state required
personnel development planning tool which aims to insure that personnel and stakeholders [CFR300.382
(j)] are adequately prepared to provide the supports needed for the education of students with disabilities
[34 CFR 300.224], [8 NYCRR 200.2(b)(3)]. This plan is due annually to the New York State Education
Department as a required component of the application to New York State for schools to receive flow-
through funds. (Attachment 4.1 and 4.3 are related to the NYS Grant).

Effective personnel development will assure that students with disabilities will be able to access the
general education curriculum and the educational, social and personal experiences afforded to all
students. Further, the CSPD aims to ensure that personnel are prepared to assist students in their
transition to their social, economic, political and personal responsibilities as adult contributing members of
their communities.

Three primary student outcomes identified in federal and state goals are:
1. Students with Disabilities (SWD) will achieve high standards.
2. SWD will have access to the general education curriculum and the physical and social opportunities
    of the educational experience.
3. SWD will transition to integrated political, social, economic and personal responsibilities of adult life.

To the greatest extent possible, this document has been aligned with best practices in comprehensive
planning. Districts who choose to include the CSPD Plan in the Comprehensive District Education Plan
(CDEP) or other comprehensive plans must address all the CSPD components within that plan.
The chart that follows compares the CSPD components and the CDEP components with a brief
descriptor of required information.
                               CSPD AND COMPREHENSIVE PLANS

               CSPD Component                                   CDEP Component
                                                           Required CSPD Information
Title Page                                                             Step1
                                              Evidence of Special Education representation
                                              on team (i.e. CSE Chairperson, SE teacher, SE
                                              parent, SETRC PDS signature)
Section I - Data Summary                                               Step 2
                                                      Current data on VESID's Key
                                                       Performance Indicators for students with
                                                       disabilities (SWDs)
                                                       Other Non-KPI factors and local district
                                                        data considered in developing the plan
Section II - Data Analysis                                           Steps 2&3
                                                      Evidence of analysis of special education
                                                      Evidence of root cause analysis of
                                                       special education issues
                                                      Selection of long-term goal areas that
                                                       will address special education gaps
Section III - Goals & Objectives                                       Step 4
                                                      Development of special education long-
                                                       term goals or annual goals or objectives
                                                       that will adequately address special
                                                       education gaps
                                                      Schedule of yearlong implementation
                                                       strategies to meet goals/objectives
Section IV - Continuous Evaluation                                     Step 5
                                              Intermediate (bimonthly) evaluation data on staff
                                              development activities impacting special
                                              education priority areas and students’ with
                                              disabilities achievement/progress
Section V - PDQI Matrix                                                Step 5
                                              Matrix summary of current staff development
Section VI - Communication Agreement                                   Step 5
                                              Description of how stakeholders will be informed
                                              of the plan's progress in meeting the special
                                              education needs
Section VII - Long Term Evaluation                                     Step 5
                                              Evaluation of special education initiatives at the
                                              end of Plan's 3-5 year cycle
Section VIII - CSPD Plan Review (optional)                             Step 5
                                              District's self-evaluation of Plan (optional)
                                                                          Notes for page 1 CSPD Plan
Directions for completing the CSPD Plan:


Fill in the plan range, indicating the number of years the plan will cover. The
range of the plan should be from three to five years. Developing a long range
planning approach allows for long term planning and trend analysis.
Complete the box marked DISTRICT with the name of the Local Education Agency, school
district, BOCES, etc. (For Buffalo, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, or Yonkers indicate the
name of the building rather than district name).

Upon completion of the plan, provide superintendent’s signature on the line indicated.

Indicate the name, phone number and email of the contact person.

Indicate the names and identify positions of team members who developed the CSPD Plan.
Team members should include representation from general and special education administrators
and teachers, related service providers, other support personnel, parents, and students with
disabilities. The district may also want to include personnel from Institutions of Higher Education
and other local agencies.

The SETRC Professional Development Specialist must review the CSPD Plan utilizing the CSPD
Plan Review Matrix in Section VII before the plan is sent to the State. The SETRC signature
indicates that the plan includes the required components, and that the plan is based on the
integration/achievement data of students with disabilities. In addition, the signature indicates that
the LEA has engaged in a process that has promoted the quality indicators named in the
Personnel Development Quality Indicators Matrix.

Please note that SETRC Professional Development Specialists are available to facilitate the
planning process.
Formatting Directions for CSPD Template. (The template has been designed
with reveal codes to assist you in formatting.)

Page 1
     When typing in Plan Range Date the word “to” will automatically shift to the right.

Page 7
     When typing in the table, the bottom line of table border will fall automatically. To add extra
      blank lines press enter as needed.

Page 8
     An automatic underline will appear when typing in Long Term Goal, As Is, Desired State, etc.
     When typing in the table, bottom line of table border will fall automatically.

Page 9
     To make more copies of this page follow these steps:
               put cursor after the page number
               go to Insert on menu bar
               click on Break
               click on Next Page under Section Break
               click OK – this will create a new page with the same format
               put cursor before the S in Section IV
               hold down mouse and highlight to end of table (do not highlight page number)
               go to Edit on menu bar
               click on Copy
               move cursor to new page
               go to Edit on menu bar
               click on Paste
     If other Page 9’s are inserted, please page number them 9a, 9b, etc.
     Type in the Annual Goal Number after the # sign. An automatic underline will appear when
      typing in the goal.

Page 12
     When typing in the table, bottom line of table border will fall automatically.
     Extra rows have been added. If you need more rows, put cursor in last table cell and press the
      TAB key.
Page 13
    Place cursor at end of each line to type in information.

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